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Nunca Vemos Nada
Searching For Jerry Garcia
Searching for Jerry Garcia
Tricks of the Trade, Vol. 2: The Money Is Made

I Miss the Hip-Hop Shop
Bullet-Proof Apr 20, 2019
Raise your glass everyone! It’s 25 for our drummer today! Happy birthday to him! #happybirthday #drummer #bulletprooftm
Bullet-Proof Apr 02, 2019
Bullet-Proof guitar Picks! Who needs one? \m/ #killpick #signature #bulletprooftm #richardhupka #thrash #thrashmetal #BP3
Bullet-Proof Mar 17, 2019
A taste of old school #bulletprooftm #again #lyricvideo #2015
Bullet-Proof Mar 14, 2019
We're back folks! We are working harder than ever to give the best you can get! Still, we've been missing that flame of being on stage, therefore, we embraced the opportunity to play the DOLOMETAL FESTIVAL 2019. It'll be a unique show, the only one for a while, so you can't miss it. Come to raise some hell with the Bulletz! \m/ #BPIII #bulletprooftm #thrashmetal #thrash #dolometal #dolometalfestiva
Bullet-Proof Feb 17, 2019
Just click the link below and you can easily listen to every song!
Bullet-Proof Feb 09, 2019
Check out our best tunes on Spotify! #bulletprooftm #thrash #thrashband #spotify #spotifyartist Direct Link :
Bullet-Proof Dec 18, 2018
's cover photo
Bullet-Proof Sep 15, 2018
Habemus Metallum
Bullet-Proof Jul 08, 2018
Kalla is the best! Grazie !!
Bullet-Proof Jun 24, 2018
This is gonna be a blast! Necrodeath Ulvedharr and many more \m/ #bulletprooftm #necrodeath #ulvedharr #graveparty2018 #graveparty
Bullet-Proof Jun 04, 2018
Talking with Mr. Gene Hoglan ''Official Page'' during our soundcheck back in 2016! Great memories \m/ Pic by Annalisa Russo Photography #bulletprooftm #degeneratour #testament #testamentofficial #milano #genehoglanofficial
Bullet-Proof May 20, 2018
GRAZIE A Connie Sciarrone PER LE FOTO!!!
Bullet-Proof May 15, 2018
Big thanks to Metal In Italy for this one! We'll se you all there this saturday. Be ready to MOSH! Diesanera Sick N' Beautiful TARCHON FIST #bulletprooftm #wackenmetalbattle2018 #thrash #thrashers #thrashmetal
Bullet-Proof Feb 12, 2018
Your Forsaken T-Shirt soon available! Stay tuned!
Bullet-Proof Feb 12, 2018
Bullet-Proof Feb 03, 2018
Another “old” one from our debut album De-Generation See the green rain fall down!
Bullet-Proof Feb 01, 2018
Hey maniacs!! We have another fast piece for you, recorded live by Moviedel Productions This time it’s a song from our first album De-Generation, entitled AGAIN. Enjoy and share! 👊 Sleaszy Rider Records Eagle Booking Centrale Rock Pub Carlo Meroni
Bullet-Proof Jan 18, 2018
Our best wishes today go to our “little big lion” bassist Federico!!! Happy birthday to him! 👊
Bullet-Proof Jan 16, 2018
Pics from saturday @ Comunità Giovanile Thank you Sabi Morwen Barbaglini!
Bullet-Proof Jan 14, 2018
all the new dates will be announced soon
Bullet-Proof Jan 11, 2018
Che dire qui?! Cazzo! Questa è davvero tanta roba!! Essere classificati in una posizione come quella assegnataci da Andrea Bacigalupo della significa davvero molto per noi! E ci obbliga di dover lavorare sodo per portar avanti questo "progetto musicale" ! G R A Z I E !!! \M/
Bullet-Proof Jan 11, 2018
Le classifiche di persone della redazione di Tra questi c'è da ringraziare da parte nostra sopratutto a Kennet Kilmister per il suo "amore" nei nostri confronti! :-) Grazie di cuore amico!!!! \m/ \m/
Bullet-Proof Jan 07, 2018
's cover photo
Bullet-Proof Jan 03, 2018
It seems like the human race won't ever become human...