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Professor Elemental Jun 14, 2019
Hey @patreon friends- to celebrate making it to $1500- I have just sent you a new song, a new compilation of storytelling hip hop and an exclusive album of really weird songs that I made. Check in and enjoy right here
Professor Elemental Jun 13, 2019
GEOFFREY YOU DAMNED FOOL! GET OUT OF THAT TREE BEFORE YOU HURT YOURSELF! And stop throwing pine cones at your only hope of rescue!
Professor Elemental Jun 10, 2019
Now that's what I call Steampunk... #brassscrewconfederacy #Steampunk #splendid
Professor Elemental Jun 09, 2019
Still rocking internally from the boat party with these miscreants last night. Brass Screw Confederacy, you are everything great about #Steampunk, thanks for a great show.
Professor Elemental Jun 09, 2019
A malted chocolate milk, a large sausage and good company. Three cheers for America! @ Port Townsend, Washington
Professor Elemental Jun 07, 2019
Ah marvellous. Made the local American newspaper front page again... but hang on..whats this? 'arguably one of the best performers in the genre' A genre with me and one other act in it. 'arguably' @ Port Townsend, Washington
Professor Elemental Jun 06, 2019
Been awake for over 25 hours now. And Im fine. COMPETELY FINE. *sob*
Professor Elemental Jun 04, 2019
How Im planning to spend tomorrows ten hour flight. ("after all I am drinking for two men")
Professor Elemental Jun 03, 2019
KGH Charity Fund
Professor Elemental Jun 03, 2019
Brace yourselves! This year at #Glastonbury I have teamed up with amazing @area51crew to create our own stage. Each night of the festival, there will be live prof shows, amazing acts, weirdness and dj Nick Maxwell on the decks. Its going to be ridiculous. Join us. #glastonburyfestival #theatreandcircusfields #bellasfield #hiphop #cabaret #whimsy
Professor Elemental Jun 03, 2019
Professor Elemental Jun 02, 2019
What a lovely way to celebrate! With my fave ape in a cake! cheers @mrjamiekeys
Professor Elemental Jun 01, 2019
Sharing a birthday with my Dad has always been the very best of presents. Can we all wish @fatheroftheprof a very splendid birthday today!
Professor Elemental May 26, 2019
So Much New Tea #nevertoomuch
Professor Elemental May 24, 2019
Never mind all those silly films, #Marvel marketing peaked in the mid seventies.
Professor Elemental May 20, 2019
BEHOLD! Limited preview copies of the new Tales Of Wrong book are exclusively available via the Professor Elemental Patreon page today. Packed with glorious @toadbriar art and design by @imrobstephens, I am chuffed to bits to have this book finished. (Contains adult scenes of swan eating, bad puppets and murderous grandmothers. May not be suitable for those with a nervous or overserious disposition)
Professor Elemental May 20, 2019
happy times on the set of the Chronicles of Professor Elemental, 7 (!) years ago now...
Professor Elemental May 20, 2019
Splendid artwork from Professor projects!
Professor Elemental May 19, 2019
Filey, you were everything good about Steampunk in one lovely package. shout to Madam Misfit for joining me on stage x
Professor Elemental May 17, 2019
Very excited to be playing at the #fulfordarmsyork with these beautiful rogues tonight. Three cheers for Biscuithead and the biscuit badgers!
Professor Elemental May 15, 2019
Some of my favourite #Steampunks, all spotted at #watchcity in #waltham last weekend. What a fine bunch of folks they all were too.
Professor Elemental May 15, 2019
Badgermingos and labradonkeys are one thing, but this is a step too far.
Professor Elemental May 15, 2019
Now here's a chap who could work well in a Professor Elemental collabo.
Professor Elemental May 14, 2019
A lovely stay with fine company and the best guest bedroom of all time. Thanks for introducing me to your many creatures @toadbriar and Andy.
Professor Elemental May 12, 2019
Im not saying that I have got a reputation for being underprepared, but when I do occasionally rehearse it makes the local headlines