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Professor Elemental Aug 17, 2019
Dear Geoffrey, Holiday in France going splendidly so far. So far: Have made a new friend, eaten own weight in cheese and apologised to around 150 locals for Brexit. Will be home in several months. Please remember to put the bins out and feed the thing under the stairs. etc etc sincerely & so forth Professor Elemental
Professor Elemental Aug 09, 2019
Things i have bought for the #boomtownfair show tomorrow: Paper plates shaving foam weird hat and ball game tiny broom flute still need to find a confetti cannon or one hundres party poppers. wish me luck.
Professor Elemental Aug 08, 2019
This weekend in #boomtownfair Join us. It will be messy. @boomtownfairofficial
Professor Elemental Aug 07, 2019
Is your town infested with swans, squirrels or freaky people in need of a party? Just call Prof Elemental and his magic flute. Prof Elemental: Leading weird and wonderful folk astray since 2008 #awamufestival
Professor Elemental Aug 01, 2019
"Its so epic to grow up because you can see new things. I guess growing up can be scary but thats ok. So have a good time having fun and growing up" - wise words from Alice's best friend in her birthday card this year.
Professor Elemental Jul 31, 2019
It really is a very lovely compilation.
Professor Elemental Jul 31, 2019
Red hot underwater harpoon prof action to spice up your morning. Thanks to leafy for the very awesome pic.
Professor Elemental Jul 31, 2019
I might have to contact the writer and ask if they wouldnt mind me using some* (*all) of these names in a future song. Pure- imaginary tea created by robots- poetry.
Professor Elemental Jul 28, 2019
Seven shows in nine days. I am done. Time to retire to the bed chamber of my airship, The Flying Susan and to bid you good night.
Professor Elemental Jul 27, 2019
Splendid day out with the doktor amd my steampunk chums at crofton! come and join us tomorrow for more #steampunk tomfoolery...
Professor Elemental Jul 22, 2019
Molly (10) has written a novella that we want to illustrate with a children's book/ manga-ish style and then we're going to publish. Any recommendations or suggestions of artists you know and like? (This is a paid job) Thanks lovely friends.
Professor Elemental Jul 22, 2019
Hey you lot - I have a brand new website and am celebrating by making all my stuff super cheap for one week only. Do have a look and let me know what you think (I make no apologies for the colour choices):
Professor Elemental Jul 20, 2019
Very much enjoyed the inflatable dinosaur racing at the Kettering Hospital fundrasing gig last night. Which is a sentence I am fairly sure no on has ever typed before. #dinosaurracing #Steampunk #Shenaigans
Professor Elemental Jul 18, 2019
Professor Elemental
Professor Elemental Jul 18, 2019
Delighted to announce that I'll be joined by Dj Nick Maxwell this Saturday- so expect a whole lot of fresh new stuff and a big fat dancey set....
Professor Elemental Jul 18, 2019
TWO show at Crofton. Both very different. Both in the daytime. Do join us. x
Professor Elemental Jul 18, 2019
GEOFFREY IN COMBAT MODE. Beware an ape with sticks Armed and trained by Karl Savage
Professor Elemental Jul 18, 2019
Hey gang- just dropped some good stuff on Patreon this morning, with more goodies coming. Expect a new compilation, free exclusive merch and links to some brand new secret stuff. Check it all out here, why dont you:
Professor Elemental Jul 18, 2019
What a handsome portrait! Thanks to Bethany (aged 8) for brightening my day with this lovely fan art
Professor Elemental Jul 16, 2019
Delighted to have my own card in the latest #DrLucky game from @cheapassgames Even if it does mean I have to play alongside that insufferable cheat...
Professor Elemental Jul 15, 2019
Excellent model sheet from @amberly_ferrule, who will be animating one of next year's music videos. You should all follow her on Instagram as her art is ace.
Professor Elemental Jul 14, 2019
This? Oh its just a pair of dolls I saw in a haunted brickyard, who slowly drink and then regurgetate ribena when you turn a handle. Nothing to worry about. #haunteddollsofinstagram
Professor Elemental Jul 13, 2019
There were a lot of wonderful things at the #burlesdonbrickworks show last night. But for me, this was the most wonderfullest. #HitlersTeeth
Professor Elemental Jul 11, 2019
More fun this month, with a gorgeous charity do in Kettering next week, its for a good cause and promises to be rather special x
Professor Elemental Jul 11, 2019
STEAMPUNKS! This one isnt for a few weeks, but it will be very great. TIckets selling fast, so do join us while you can...