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Piano & a Microphone 1983
Anthology: 1995-2010
Purple Rain (Deluxe) [Expanded Edition]
Purple Rain (Deluxe)
94 East (Bonus Track Version) [feat. Prince]
HITnRUN Phase Two
Indigo Nights / Live Sessions
Planet Earth
Prince - The Early Years (Vol. 1)
The Slaughterhouse (Trax from the NPG Music Club Volume 2)
C-Note (Live 2002)
The Chocolate Invasion (Trax From the NPG Music Club Volume One)
One Nite Alone... The Aftershow: It Ain't Over! (Up Late with Prince & the NPG) [Live]
One Nite Alone... Live!
One Nite Alone... (Solo Piano and Voice by Prince)
The Rainbow Children
For Collectors Only (feat. Prince)
The Very Best of Prince
Rave In2 the Joy Fantastic
Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic
The Vault: Old Friends 4 Sale
Crystal Ball
The Truth
Chaos and Disorder
The Hits/The B-Sides
Love Symbol Album
Graffiti Bridge
Sign O' the Times
Parade (Music from the Motion Picture Under the Cherry Moon)
Around the World In a Day
Purple Rain (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture)
Dirty Mind
For You
Prince Rama Aug 23, 2019
Just reissued our first three records on the digital sphere (spotify, itunes, etc), from back in the days when we were still "of Ayodhya", playing in basements, self-releasing music on furry cds, and handing out jingle jangles to audience members... was a really magical time. There was a purity, innocence and an unabashed sense of wonder. We were just kids trying to figure out this new emotional language. To this day, I think these albums still capture some of my favorite music we ever made, so happy to share with you... photo by Will Rahilly
Prince Rama Aug 22, 2019
RAGE IN PEACE IS OFFICIALLY SOLD OUT. I am absolutely blown away-- heart totally melted--- by all the comments and sweet messages we've been getting the past few days. Some of the messages have come from people who came to see us ten years ago, and some from people who have written to say their lives have literally been saved by our music. I literally can't read them without tearing up. It is so incredibly powerful and overwhelming and reaffirms everything I believe about the power of music and makes me want to continue making this shit til the day I die. So humbled and blessed. We sold out of the EP in under 8 hours. Insane. You guys ROCK
Prince Rama Aug 21, 2019
One night when I was feeling rather despondent I decided to sit down and have a long talk with the spirit of Prince Rama and asked how it wanted to die. The answer was clear; It would die with gusto! With enthusiasm! With joy! It wouldn't just rest in peace... it would RRRRage!! I thought to myself, hey. The spirit of Prince Rama is pretty cool. I spent so much time worrying about trying to make it fit into some sort of "cool shell" that I hadn't spent enough time just hanging out with its spirit and appreciating how cool it was all along, in its own bastardized weirdo way. I needed to do that more. The spirit of Prince Rama was gonna help me die. We were gonna die together because the spirit of the music longed to be set free and so did I. On the day Jesus Christ was crucified, I made a bonfire in the center of an old stone cairn and made a circular arrangement around it with the various stations of Prince Rama's life cycle-- almost like the face of a clock or mandala-- with the letters "NOW" set up where the end and the beginning meet. There were eight stations in all, each corresponding with an "era", replete with albums, flyers, Pitchfork reviews, etc. I also wore show outfits representative of each era-- around 15 in all, nestled one inside the other like a Russian nesting doll-- and a charcoal beauty mask that we used to put on as a dumb post-show ritual. When I had them all on, I was so constricted I was barely able to move or breathe. When I arrived at each station I would make whatever movements / sounds / choreography that was necessary to release the clothes off my skin, so that as I worked my way clockwise around the fire I was gradually shedding skin and moving closer and closer to the underlying form beneath it all. At the end of the ritual, when all had been burned, I was left naked and alone in an empty womb. I dipped my hands into a bucket of white paint inside the NOW letters and painted my body white, like a blank canvas. I then threw the paint can in the fire, followed by each of the letters... starting with "O", then "W", "N". The ritual was completed. I felt like what was dark about my past, I had brought to light, and what had been abandoned, I now OWNed. With these ashes, I pressed vinyl 7"s so that the flesh of Prince Rama could be buried in you and its spirit could be set free. Video by Matthew Hoffman. VFX Will Rahilly.
Prince Rama Aug 20, 2019
THIS IS A SUPER LIMITED EDITION AND IS ALMOST SOLD OUT--- "Rage In Peace" is a tender relic and ritualistic sculptural object in itself, each vinyl disc a sonic coffin to house the cremated remains of Prince Rama in the form of an ash record. To make the record, Taraka built a bonfire in the Catskills and on the day Jesus Christ was crucified, burned all Prince Rama’s old records, stage outfits, video props, make-up, show flyers, manifestos, Pitchfork reviews, energy drinks and all other physical remains until nothing was left but ashes. She then sent the funerary ashes out to be pressed into vinyl 7”s and hand-painted each record sleeve as an “emotional epitaph to express that which can’t be spoken or sung” Get yours here:
Prince Rama Aug 20, 2019
Prince Rama's cover photo
Prince Rama Aug 20, 2019
Prince Rama
Prince Rama Aug 20, 2019
It is with a bittersweet heart that I am writing to say that after ten incredible years, Prince Rama is breaking up and I am going solo. A little while back, Nimai called to tell me she was retiring from the music scene to explore who she was outside the band. Took months for that phone call to sink in. It was a heartbreak beyond anything I had experienced before. I went back and listened to all our old albums and found myself flashing back to our first tour when we were playing basements and backyards, sleeping on trampolines and beer-stained floors, barely out of high school so full of wonder and joy. I truly believed music could save the world, and there is a part of me that still does. It saved me, anyway. Writing these songs, playing them with my sister and friends, and sharing them with each one of you has saved me time and time again and infused my life with immeasurable joy, sorrow, celebration, mystery and awe-- saying good-bye feels like saying good-bye to my arm or leg. Prince Rama has been a part of my flesh, my blood, my soul. Yet, I realized that continuing Prince Rama without Nimai would be like continuing Guns n Roses without Slash; it's just wrong. So even though this has been perhaps one of the most difficult decisions I have ever had to make, I have chosen to fully embrace the death of the band so that the music can be free to be re-born and evolve into new forms. After making this decision, we still had a few half-orphaned songs I had written some years ago for a new album. To give the band a proper farewell, I finished them and pressed them into an EP along with the ashes of all our old destroyed albums, flyers, reviews, show outfits, and manifestos so that each record serves as a sonic coffin, to be buried in the hearts and minds of each of you. It is being released today, and I feel humbled to be able to share it. To everyone who has ever laughed or cried listening to one of our songs, who has given us a floor to sleep on, who has shared a stage with us, worn some glitter or continued to support us and believe in the magic over the years-- thank you. You have made our lives beautiful and this whole adventure possible. When I listen to the music, this magic spirit is still very much alive and supportive like an old friend, one that will continue to be there for me whenever I need it most, just as I hope it is for you. I look forward to carrying this spirit with me into the next phase of the music, and am excited to go wherever it may lead. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart, and look forward to sharing much more music and magic together in the next chapter.
Prince Rama Jul 08, 2019
invisible mountain tour so so fun, wow thank you everyone. turns out the summit was on top of the bed all along ! 🎥 Ben Russell
Prince Rama Jun 22, 2019
Happy Solstice! A time for new beginnings and new adventures. I am hopping on a plane to Helsinki today to be part of a film following some musicians across eastern Europe in search of Rene Daumal’s infamous “invisible mountain”. If you have any clues how to go about finding it, do come and tell me... . 6/23- HELSINKI, FINLAND- Hard Rock House w/ Greg Fox and Olympia Splendid . . 6-25– TALLINN, ESTONIA- Sveta Baar w/ Greg Fox and Olympia Splendid . . 6-26– RIGA, LATVIA- Ģertrūdes ielas teātris w/ Greg Fox and Olympia Splendid . . 6-27– VILNA, LITHUANIA- Kirtimų kultūros centras w/ Greg Fox and Olympia Splendid
Prince Rama May 20, 2019
Just finished up an extended artist residency at the Wassaic Project, although “artist residency” doesn’t really do it justice. “FUCKING JOURNEY” feels more like it, or personal odyssey in songwriting, painting, detoxing from social media, reconnecting with myself, long walks in nature, taking risks, failing, succeeding, growing, laughing, crying, and of course, learning how to roll a cigarette ;) Jim Morrison once said “A friend is someone who gives you total permission to be yourself” and that’s what Wassaic is for me; that kind of friend. Thank you Wassaic Project for giving me the space to explore, the time to grow, and the creative fodder to add to the eternal song. Excited to share the fruits with yall soon... <3
Prince Rama Mar 23, 2019
Just published on The Talkhouse— Nimai wrote this album review about our dear friend Avey Tare’s new album Cows on Hourglass Pond. 🐄⏳🌊 Hope y’all enjoy!
Prince Rama Feb 08, 2019
New York friends! I miss yall. I have been deep in hermit creative whirlwind tornado zones upstate and off the social media (which is AWESOME btw-- highly recommended) but I am poking my head back here for a second to let you know I am in town for a few days DJ'ing and would love to see you and share a laugh and be dumb together. Also here's a photo of me looking unimpressed by some blasé unknown minimal art at DIA. Feb 8 & 9 -- Baby's All Right (7-11pm) Feb 12 -- Noisey + Vice Night of Joy (8-late) 📷@frndsofours
Prince Rama Dec 20, 2018
glass plate photography @brett_henrikson
Prince Rama Dec 01, 2018
Timeline Photos
Prince Rama Nov 09, 2018
Prince Rama was the musical guest on a tv pilot that just got released for this absurd-nihilistic variety show, Uncle No Rules, hosted by Marky Ramone. It's kind of like a kid's show that will fuck your kids up for life.
Prince Rama Nov 07, 2018
Prince Rama Oct 26, 2018
live now, procrastinate later. djing tonight @babysallright 7-11pm
Prince Rama Oct 26, 2018
if you are still unsure what you're gonna be for halloween, will and danny from the wassaic project are LIVING PROOF that dressing up as prince rama is a sexy and viable option. stoked to play out there again this saturday!
Prince Rama Oct 22, 2018
for the vast majority of this year, I have been doing an extended artist residency at the wassaic project writing new jams and taking time to reconnect with nature, internally and externally. inspired by my travels to peru and the writings of dan graham, I have been exploring my own bastardized hybrid of american shamanism and trance ritual through the lens of punk rock. I will be performing some of this new material around a campfire on saturday, 10/27 at the wassaic project monster ball. bring something to sacrifice. . . . . . . . 📷 victoria gonzalez mayoral
Prince Rama Oct 18, 2018
djing this crazy opening tonight at 263 Bowery with post-red pill inspired paintings by Lena Viddo
Prince Rama Oct 09, 2018
somewhere above france, the earth is a beautiful painting
Prince Rama Oct 08, 2018
wow so cool... thanks to romu coolos for making this sweet drawing and bringing it all the way to the show🛡🐸🌀
Prince Rama Oct 07, 2018
french shopping malls kind of make american shopping malls look like dogshit
Prince Rama Oct 05, 2018
day 3 in france, still jetlagged af... it's 5:30pm and I'm still in my pajamas rehearsing out my window to all the unsuspecting people passing by on the street. had one old lady shut her curtains in disapproval and a child start dancing. excited to try out these new songs tomorrow!
Prince Rama Oct 04, 2018
dream keyboard