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All Points East All Points East 2019
Venue: Victoria Park (London, UK) Find tickets
George Ezra and Richard Ashcroft with Primal Scream, The Vaccines, and 7 more… at Victoria Park (May 25, 2019)
Venue: Victoria Park (Warrington, UK) Find tickets
Neighbourhood Weekender Neighbourhood Weekender 2019
Venue: Victoria Park (Warrington, UK) Find tickets
Primal Scream Dec 18, 2018
'The release of their original Memphis sessions accompanies a confession that "we lost our way", though certainly their intent is evidently purer here.' - Classic Pop
Primal Scream Dec 17, 2018
Cover shoot for Another Man 2015 Photogram by Harley Weir Styling by Alister Mackie Make up by Lucia Pica
Primal Scream Dec 14, 2018
Tower Record "Top" magazine - December/January 1997/8... Insterview to promote "Echo Dek", the "Dub version" of our "Vanishing Point" album produced by the great ADRIAN SHERWOOD ✊🏾If u don't know it check it out, its up on Applemusic and Spotify
Primal Scream Dec 14, 2018
We are really excited to announce that we will be playing Primavera on the 1st of June 2019 in Barcelona! Get your tickets here --->
Primal Scream Dec 14, 2018
Witnessed a great show by Johnny Marr at EartH London. Johnny and his band played a high energy set of new solo songs mixed with Smiths and Electronic classics. He hit the stage running with guitar strapped on and ready to rock like Mick Jones used to do in the Clash - wham bam thank you mam style straight to the front of the stage guitar held high - he wasn’t messing about. The show was inspiring on a number of different levels. What a great night. Polaroid by Sonny Marr.
Primal Scream Dec 14, 2018
'For years, its original Memphis mix was but a legend. Not a reissue, and a BBC documentary, has brought it back from the dead, along with the ghosts and fables - not to mention the attempted murder - attached to its creation' - Mojo
Primal Scream Dec 13, 2018
Roger McGuinn at Byrds press conference 1966 to announce / promote / play their astonishing new "Eight Miles High" single to American music journalists. Her spoke about the influence of Ravi Shanker & John Coltrane and announced their new, revolutional 'Raga Rock' sound.
Primal Scream Dec 12, 2018
Surry University, Gilford, 1986. Photograph By Lauren
Primal Scream Dec 11, 2018
This film is about a bunch of working class guys from Glasgow who set off on an adventure to Memphis, Tennessee to make the most beautiful rock and roll record that they can' - Bobby Gillespie
Primal Scream Dec 10, 2018
1989 Sheffield 2nd album tour
Primal Scream Dec 09, 2018
Been listening non-stop to this absolute classic recently. So great that Sony finally released the original New York "Blood on the Tracks", sessions. The works hit even truer and harder as one gets older...
Primal Scream Dec 08, 2018
Aberdeen 1985 photograph by Kevin Sutherland.
Primal Scream Dec 07, 2018
Primal Scream Dec 06, 2018
Andrew Innes & Robert Young when he was bassist, Nottingham Garage, 1987, "Sonic Flower Groove" tour.
Primal Scream Dec 04, 2018
My first reaction was, can we do this? Then, I realised that, whatever happened, it was going to be a musical education.' - Martin Duffy
Primal Scream Nov 29, 2018
SCREAM ALERT for Czech Republic! Everyone who will be in Prague next 21-22 June, see you at the @Metronome Festival Prague. Get your tickets - - ->
Primal Scream Nov 26, 2018
T-Shirt Day BBC Radio 6 Music Painting by Mark Dethrow #royaltrux
Primal Scream Nov 22, 2018
'Hearing these songs after all this time has made everything right again. I feel redeemed.' - Bobby Gillespie
Primal Scream Nov 19, 2018
If you missed the ‘Primal Scream: The Lost Memphis Tapes’ documentary on Friday, it is available on BBC iPlayer now!
Primal Scream Nov 16, 2018
Premiering on BBC4 tonight at 9pm, the brand new Primal Scream documentary, ‘Primal Scream: The Lost Memphis Tapes’. Follow the story of the how the album was made, how the band discovered it all these years later and what it means to the band now…
Primal Scream Nov 16, 2018
Tickets for Neighbourhood Weekender, Warrington are now live, get tickets here -
Primal Scream Nov 15, 2018
SCREAM ALERT ! This Friday night ! on BBC 4 at 9pm! “Primal Scream : The Lost Memphis Tapes” a documentary film directed by Clare Lewins which tells the story about our #giveoutbutdontgiveup album. 🎸⭐️🎸⭐️🎸⭐️🎸 Photograph by Stuart Luck. #theoriginalmemphissessions
Primal Scream Nov 12, 2018
Primal Scream will be playing Neighbourhood Weekender, Warrington next summer! Tickets go on sale 9.30am Friday 16th November
Primal Scream Nov 12, 2018
This Scottish ‘Actor’ recently took part in a fund raising dinner organised by “Friends of the Israeli Defence Force” in NYC last week. They raised $60 Million towards the continued systematic land grab , violent oppression, bulldozing of homes, destruction of schools and hospitals and all the rest of the daily humiliations suffered by the Palestinian people at gunpoint by the ‘brave soldiers’ of the I.D.F. As a Scotsman who’s ancestors were subject to centuries of oppression and English colonial rule, he should be ashamed of himself colluding with such a sinister, inhuman operation. Or maybe he’s just stupid? #prayformalibu Gerard Butler #freegaza #freepalestine #everythingispolitical
Primal Scream Nov 09, 2018
Bobby featured on ‘Midnight Chats’ presented by ‘Loud And Quiet’ to talk about all things Primal Scream and what happened in Memphis back in 1993. Click here to listen -