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16.6 (Before the Devil Knows You're Dead)
Metal Is Forever - The Very Best of Primal Fear
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Jaws of Death
Primal Fear
Primal Fear (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Master Of Rock Master Of Rock 2019
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Vagos Metal Fest Vagos Metal Fest 2019
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Primal Fear Feb 19, 2019
primalfearofficial #metal #metalcommando #fearnation #primalfear #primalfearofficial #nuclearblast
Primal Fear Feb 16, 2019
In progress 🀟🏽
Primal Fear Feb 14, 2019
Are you ready to rock? We're working on a new video clip - stay tuned!
Primal Fear Feb 13, 2019
Next Primal Fear show - April 18, 2019 in Sofia, Bulgaria Joy Station with Sinner - lets rock 🀘🏽
Primal Fear Feb 10, 2019
A rocking Sunday to all Primal Fear supporters & fans! #primalfear #metal #metalcommando #heavyrock #fearnation #apocalypse
Primal Fear Feb 07, 2019
TBT Six Time Dead video shoot! #primalfear #metalcommando #fearnation #metal
Primal Fear Feb 05, 2019
Please join us and wishing our own Ralf Scheepers a Happy Birthday πŸΎπŸ€πŸ₯‚πŸ’™
Primal Fear Feb 02, 2019
On Feb 02, 1998 we've released our debut album on Nuclear Blast records. Lets have a drink together on our fantastic start into the world of metal 🀘🏽
Primal Fear Jan 30, 2019
Primal Fear on tour and a crazy shot ☠️ #primalfear #metalcommando #fearnation #metal #apocalypse
Primal Fear Jan 29, 2019
NUCLEAR FIRE was released on January 29, 2001 - happy anniversary 🍾
Primal Fear Jan 28, 2019
Primal Fear Jan 26, 2019
Lets rock! #primalfear #metalcommando #metal #apocalypse #fearnation
Primal Fear Jan 24, 2019
Update on the Vagos Metal Fest in Portugal in August!
Primal Fear Jan 22, 2019
Primal Fear Dec 2018 @ Knock Out - cool pic by Frank Weichert
Primal Fear Jan 20, 2019
On Jan 20, 2012 we've released "Unbreakable" incl. the songs Strike or Where Angles Die! Have a nice Sunday!
Primal Fear Jan 19, 2019
Time to remember a very special song we've recorded with the amazing Simone Johanna Maria Simons Official - enjoy and have a great weekend!
Primal Fear Jan 15, 2019
Back from a great weekend in Greece and time to send out some thanks and respect to our team Neil Witchard, Michele Sanna, Michael Spiess, Aky Roar Kosmidis, Harry Katinakis, Elias Aravides and of course Gus G, Dennis Ward & Felix Bohnke - you guys rock!
Primal Fear Jan 15, 2019
Review of the show in Athens - enjoy 🀘🏽
Primal Fear Jan 14, 2019
Thank you Athens & Thessaloniki πŸ‡¬πŸ‡· - we had a wonderful time and will be back soon!
Primal Fear Jan 10, 2019
Preparing for the Primal Fear trip to Greece - hope for less snow 😎 - cu on Jan 12 in Thessaloniki and on Jan 13 in Athens! Are you ready?
Primal Fear Jan 09, 2019
Happy Birthday to one of the most influential and unique guitarists in history - Jimmy Page, today 75 years old and looking brilliant! Here's our version of Led Zeppelin's "The Rover" - enjoy and have a beautiful day!
Primal Fear Jan 06, 2019
Our soundtrack for a rainy cold Sunday - enjoy!
Primal Fear Jan 03, 2019
Lets rock into the new year - enjoy Primal Fear @ Wacken Open Air
Primal Fear Dec 31, 2018
Primal Fear Dec 27, 2018
Knock Out Festival video review - enjoy!