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Angels of Mercy (Live in Germany)
Best of Fear
Delivering the Black
The History of Fear
16.6 (Before the Devil Knows You're Dead)
Metal Is Forever - The Very Best of Primal Fear
Seven Seals
Devil's Ground
Black Sun
Nuclear Fire
Jaws of Death
Primal Fear
Rage with Primal Fear, Eclipse, Sickret, and 4 more… at Senkel (October 25, 2019)
Venue: Senkel (Stans, Switzerland) Find tickets
Primal Fear Aug 21, 2019
Primal Fear next stop @ BALTIC OPEN AIR - rehearsals on Thursday, showtime Friday 21h - lets rock!
Primal Fear Aug 20, 2019
Metal Hammer Paradise is on the list for this years shows!
Primal Fear Aug 19, 2019
The Primal Fear #summertour continues on Friday @ BALTIC OPEN AIR GER - showtime 21.00h 🤘🏽
Primal Fear Aug 13, 2019
Nexr stop @balticopenair_rockfestival August 23 @primalfearofficial @mat.sinner @ralf_scheepers_official @tom_naumann_official @alexbeyrodt @michaelehre @ninelivesentertainment @nuclearblasteurope #summertour #metal #metalcommando
Primal Fear Aug 10, 2019
One more cool pic from the fantastic show last night in Portugal 🇵🇹
Primal Fear Aug 10, 2019
What seems to be a Mission Impossible turned out to be an amazing experience! @vagosmetalfest @primalfearofficial @mat.sinner @ralf_scheepers_official @tom_naumann_official @alexbeyrodt @michaelehre @nuclearblasteurope @ninelivesentertainment
Primal Fear Aug 09, 2019
Lets raise some hell tonight in Portugal 🇵🇹 @primalfearofficial @mat.sinner @ralf_scheepers_official @tom_naumann_official @alexbeyrodt @michaelehre @nuclearblasteurope @ninelivesentertainment
Primal Fear Aug 08, 2019
A-Team on the way to Porto 🇵🇹 @primalfearofficial @mat.sinner @tom_naumann_official @ralf_scheepers_official @nuclearblasteurope @ninelivesentertainment #summertour #festivals #metal #metalcommando
Primal Fear Aug 05, 2019
Pics from Skogsröjet - thx to freischrift/fotografie for the great pics!
Primal Fear Aug 03, 2019
Thank you 🇸🇪 Sweden - we had a fantastic time! @primalfearofficial @skogsrojet @mat.sinner @ralf_scheepers_official @tom_naumann_official @alexbeyrodt @michaelehre @nuclearblasteurope @ninelivesentertainment
Primal Fear Aug 01, 2019
Happy Birthday to our drummer Michael Ehré and tomorrow we will rock Sweden 🤘🏽🇸🇪🤘🏽
Primal Fear Aug 01, 2019
A-Team heading to Stockholm!
Primal Fear Jul 31, 2019
Ready to rock Sweden on Friday @ Skogsröjetj
Primal Fear Jul 27, 2019
We’re planning the new Primal Fear tour in support of our new album for summer 2020. Let us know the countries you want to see, meet and rock with us! #primalfear #newalbum #metalcommamdo
Primal Fear Jul 26, 2019
Pics from the cool Rock das Ding Festival - next week we're off to Sweden and rocking the Skogsröjet festival with a bunch of great bands! Have a nice weekend!
Primal Fear Jul 23, 2019
Primal Fear's cover photo
Primal Fear Jul 22, 2019
@primalfearofficial @ @rockdasding @mat.sinner @ralf_scheepers_official @tom_naumann_official @alexbeyrodt @michaelehre @nuclearblasteurope
Primal Fear Jul 21, 2019
Great show & fans @ Rock das Ding Festival - thx for the wonderful hospitality!
Primal Fear Jul 21, 2019
Thanks to the fans and the promoter for rocking hard with us! @primalfearofficial @rockdasding @ralf_scheepers_official @mat.sinner @tom_naumann_official @alexbeyrodt @michaelehre @nuclearblasteurope @ninelivesentertainment
Primal Fear Jul 20, 2019
Tonight @rockdasding - are you ready? @primalfearofficial @ralf_scheepers_official @alexbeyrodt @tom_naumann_official @michaelehre @mat.sinner @nuclearblasteurope
Primal Fear Jul 17, 2019
Next Primal Fear stop - Saturday July 20, 2019 - are you ready 🤘🏽
Primal Fear Jul 15, 2019
What a wonderful show and audience - thank you @mat.sinner @ralf_scheepers_official @tom_naumann_official @alexbeyrodt @michaelehre @primalfearofficial @nuclearblasteurope
Primal Fear Jul 12, 2019
New Primal Fear MC 2019 t-shirts are in the house and will be sold on the summer tour! Or you can order the shirt @ the Nuclear Blast Shop!
Primal Fear Jul 11, 2019
Last weekend Rock Fest Bcn and now we're prepared for the mighty Masters of Rock in CZ on Sunday - are you ready?
Primal Fear Jul 09, 2019
Next stop on the summer tour: Sunday @ Masters of Rock Cz @mat.sinner @ralf_scheepers_official @tom_naumann_official @alexbeyrodt @michaelehre @nuclearblasteurope #metal #matsinner #metalcommando #summertour #festival