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Fudge Beats
Every Color of Darkness
Forsyth Gardens
Rivington Não Rio
The Only She Chapters
Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian
Surrounded By Silence
Prefuse 73 Reads the Books
Security Screenings
Extinguished: Outtakes
One Word Extinguisher
Vocal Studies and Uprock Narratives
Prefuse73 May 29, 2019
Starting the summer in Montreal for the first Bonobo OUTLIER date of 2019 pre-sale starts now password: outlier2019
Prefuse73 Apr 11, 2019
“Fudge Beats” available from: LEX RECORDS_ 4_23_19.🌊
Prefuse73 Feb 15, 2019
Circuit Breaker Beat’ - Out Now... Forthcoming on ‘Fudge Beats’ [@lexrecords]
Prefuse73 Nov 20, 2018
Dear fellow producers: The sequel to my previous: #Splice sound pack just dropped here!!!
Prefuse73 Nov 03, 2018
“RETO A ICHI” is available today for every woman & man via: K7 music. 🙏🏽
Prefuse73 Oct 27, 2018
Another Reto A Ichi update... <3
Prefuse73 Oct 05, 2018
Reto A Ichi!!! YesYes, over a year has passed and you can finally get this on double vinyl via: K7’records & everywhere else good records are sold...❤️ _I appreciate everyone that held out for this...🙏🏽
Prefuse73 Sep 20, 2018
Tampa_Tonight at the Crowbar.ATL tomorrow at 529 !! 🔥
Prefuse73 Aug 28, 2018
Prefuse 73 in LA next weekend w/ Dabrye + MC Kadence (as-he-is) Teebs Ras G
Prefuse73 Jul 15, 2018
Out here at: @mahalls20lanes with @p.stoops rocking this crazy califone™️ thing... Unbelievable
Prefuse73 May 31, 2018
Solid Steel Mix Tonight !! <3
Prefuse73 May 24, 2018
Streaming my new record here!!
Prefuse73 May 12, 2018
One Word Extinguisher turned 15 this week!! Thank you to all of my fam_friends_& band mates that got me this far___🙏🏽🙏🏽🌊🌊
Prefuse73 May 04, 2018
Prefuse73 May 04, 2018
Prefuse 73 single no.2.. This song is so special to me. I hope you feel it too. 🥀
Prefuse73 Apr 16, 2018
Fellow producers👋🏽I made a: ‘texture heavy’ sound pack available now on @Splice !! enjoy
Prefuse73 Apr 13, 2018
Prefuse 73. Sacrifices_ !!!!! _New Album out: May_2018_ on: Lex _pre_order:
Prefuse73 Mar 22, 2018
Prefuse73 Mar 03, 2018
peace everyone_ppl have contacted me that didn't get a chance to dl the music in my previous post so I'm 're-posting here_updating my bandcamp soon to get more 'non-album' music to you easier... much love. (free/donate/share)
Prefuse73 Mar 02, 2018
Prefuse73 Feb 07, 2018
Prefuse73 Dec 29, 2017
Wishing Everyone the Best!_Cheers to a better 2018))
Prefuse73 Aug 17, 2017
Prefuse73 Jun 19, 2017
USA OUT OF: 🇨🇺🇾🇪🇸🇴🇸🇾🇦🇫
Prefuse73 Apr 26, 2017
LOW END THEORY NYC____FRIDAY!! @paperboxnyc