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Posh Lost
Posh Lost Feb 23, 2018
Long live scrunchies
Posh Lost Dec 15, 2017
It's that time of year again. Remember to be kind to those who struggle this holiday season.
Posh Lost Oct 25, 2017
We might still be a band
Posh Lost Sep 29, 2017
For the tags
Posh Lost Jul 01, 2017
Tomorrow is THE day. Us, Landing, Flavor Crystals, Kitty Cat Klub. Gonna be amazing, don't miss out. Landing // Flavor Crystals // Posh Lost
Posh Lost Jun 21, 2017
Guess what we have again?!?! Second press of our debut album on Mirror Universe Tapes back in stock in Super Limited Edition™ pink cover. Get em through band camp or at our upcoming shows! Josh.
Posh Lost Jun 03, 2017
I came to Chicago earlier than everyone else to see protomartyr tonight. In the meantime, please help me find the #bean. Is this the bean? Josh.
Posh Lost May 24, 2017
This is #realmusic / turns out Robert Reich is #fourfooteleven
Posh Lost May 23, 2017
AYO RIVER 2NITE - we are finishing the mixes for a hopeful new EP sometime in the summer months. If you've seen us recently we've been playing these new songs heavily. JUNE 5TH IN CHICAGO THE WINDY APPLE - we will be playing at the SubT Basement with The Well Tempered​ and Wedding Photography who are impossible to tag. Gonna be a good night, hope to see all our Chicago friends there. That's all I got. Josh.
Posh Lost May 17, 2017
At the sports. Hit the circle. #sportsing
Posh Lost May 06, 2017
Holy heck last night was a blast! Thanks to Forged Artifacts for releasing this ripper of a tape and asking us to play, thanks to Blockfort for hosting (seriously amazing space!) and thanks to all of you who came out! Today, we'll be playing the Fulton Gran Fondo party! We'll be on second so come out early and enjoy the day, see you in a bit. Josh.
Posh Lost May 05, 2017
It's officially released today! Check out all of the amazing acts on this compilation! Additionally, this is the debut of one of the songs we wrote and recorded a couple of months ago that we've been eager to share physically for awhile. Stream our song "Fortune" and purchase the tape at the link below. See y'all tonight. Josh.
Posh Lost Apr 25, 2017
Just a reminder, we got a couple show(stoppers) comin' up, show up or we quit. Forged Artifacts' The Greatest of All-Time Vol. 2 Release Show! FRIDAY MAY 5th, 9PM. 5 to 10 BUCKS (ALL PROCEEDS DONATED TO THE ACLU AND HOPEWELL MUSIC) 2017 Fulton Gran Fondo SATURDAY MAY 6th, ALL FRICKIN' DAY. FREE DOLLARS. Don't let your dreams be dreams. Josh.
Posh Lost Apr 14, 2017
I just want us to get to 1500 likes so we can quit. PS - Chicago we're coming to you in early June, details soon. Josh.
Posh Lost Mar 21, 2017
Stoked to be part of the GOAT #2 (I just learned what GOAT means) compilation from our good friends over at Forged Artifacts! We're joined by so many of our awesome friends (including Fury Things lookin super cute), we can't wait for all of you to hear our track among all of these bangers. Additionally, we'll be playing the release show for this one in May, some details are in here, and I'll update on this page when time comes closer. Basically all you need to know is that there are dope bands on here and all profits from the tape and release show will be donated and split between the ACLU Nationwide and Hopewell Music Cooperative-North. Josh.
Posh Lost Feb 21, 2017
Shouts out to all the awesome acts we shared the stage with recently: Zina WINGTIPS Magnetic Ghost Flavor Crystals Support these people, they're really good! We also hope y'all enjoyed some of the new tracks we played, we're pretty proud of them. Not a lot of scheduled shows coming up, but we have several to announce in the near future that will be pretty rad. Stay tuned, be back soon. Josh.
Posh Lost Feb 13, 2017
We had an awesome weekend recording 4 new songs with Neil over at Blue Bell Knoll. We are all extremely anxious and excited to show you all these songs, which we will hopefully be able to do soon. We have two shows coming up this week, meaning there's a good chance you'll hear some new stuff from us there. First of two is this Wednesday: Commune MPLS Featuring: Wingtips, Posh Lost, Zina & MORE. Playing at Triple Rock again with our friends from Commune Wednesdays, excited to play with Zina again, and play with WINGTIPS from Chicago, plus DJ sets, visuals, the usual Commune festivities. FREE MUSIC!!! Second show is this Saturday: Flavor Crystals / Posh Lost / Magnetic Ghost At KCK with two powerhouses, Flavor Crystals and Magnetic Ghost. 5 buckaroos for your Saturday night fun. Hope to see you at one of these, but chances are you probably won't even see this post because facebook wants us to pay money in order for more people to see this. Please enjoy these new official press photos. Josh.
Posh Lost Feb 12, 2017
Day 2.
Posh Lost Feb 11, 2017
Happy to be back at Blue Bell Knoll recording some new tracks. Stay tuned.
Posh Lost Feb 03, 2017
Hey y'all. In light of recent actions and injustices we have decided to follow the artistic community, and Bandcamp's lead, in donating all our weekend sales to CAIR MN. We're going to lower our album to $5 and match Friday sales as well. Muslims and refugees need to be respected and we feel there are few greater advocates than CAIR MN. If you don't need the musical incentive please click the link and donate directly to them. #NoBanNoWall
Posh Lost Jan 25, 2017
Thanks everyone for coming out last night! We had an amazing time, and both You. and Black Marble blew us away! Just wanted to share with y'all that we'll be headed back to Blue Bell Knoll in a few weeks to record a new batch of songs. More on that later, just wanted to say thanks for the beautiful turnout last night. Josh.
Posh Lost Jan 24, 2017
2NITE 2NITE 2NITE! See ya'll at the entry tonight, doors open at 7:30 and tix are $10 at the door.
Posh Lost Jan 16, 2017
Reminder in just over one week we'll be opening for the awesome Black Marble and YOU. at the Entry. Doors are at 7:30 and it'll be 10 bucks. Hope to see you there, both these groups are fantastic.
Posh Lost Jan 11, 2017
In addition to the bonkers show on Friday with our friends Fury Things, Another Heaven (FKA Hollow Boys), and Strange Relations (Fury Things / Strange Relations / Another Heaven / Posh Lost), we're stoked to say we will be opening up for Black Marble and You. at the Entry! The show is Tuesday the 24th, check the link for more details. See ya around. Josh.
Posh Lost Jan 02, 2017
Thanks to everyone for all the support and votes to get us the #37 spot on The Current's top local songs of 2016, AS well as the #37 spot on Radio K's albums of the year! We're pretty jazzed, and really appreciate all of you! We've got some fun things planned for the next couple of months, stay tuned! Josh.