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Half Awake EP
Permanent Signal
Strange Weekend
Strange Weekend
Porcelain Raft Apr 04, 2019
While creating new music I’m starting a new sketch book, I find it so rewarding to draw what I play.
Porcelain Raft Apr 02, 2019
Sign up to my mailing list (left screen 'Email Signup')! New projects and new music coming soon. I will also release some of the music and video contents only for the people signed to my mailing list. It's more personal and feels just the right way to communicate with you. Meanwhile...I'm heading to the hill.
Porcelain Raft Mar 15, 2019
Time to record something new.
Porcelain Raft Feb 05, 2019
Facebook doesn't allow me to change the name of this page, regardless I will post all things regarding my new projects. Today we start with a movie I made. 'As We Talked Of Spain I fell Into A Dream'.
Porcelain Raft Dec 31, 2018
Porcelain Raft
Porcelain Raft Dec 03, 2018
The last bunch of Microclimate colored-vinyls are here! 25 left, you can buy it here x
Porcelain Raft Oct 01, 2018
Porcelain Raft Sep 29, 2018
's cover photo
Porcelain Raft Sep 27, 2018
Chimera is out now! Free download. It felt really good recording these songs, like something I had to say and always forgot. Suddenly it was there, ready to be captured. Enjoy!
Porcelain Raft Sep 27, 2018
Porcelain Raft
Porcelain Raft Sep 26, 2018
Tomorrow I will release Chimera, the last Porcelain Raft EP. After a year of big changes in my life and a dramatic loss it's time for me to embrace the let go and start new adventures. Meanwhile...from me to you. Let the Chimera find you. It will be free download.
Porcelain Raft Sep 26, 2018
Organ playing / Wolves Chasing / Bird Looking Down
Porcelain Raft Sep 17, 2018
What if The Beatles didn't split up and recorded one more album? I took tracks that George, Paul and John recorded on their solo debut albums just after The Beatles were no more. This is how one more Beatles album would have sounded like (MAYBE!), one more drink before closing time? Cheers!
Porcelain Raft Aug 23, 2018
'Eyes of Clay' is a 3min adventure in the center of the Earth. I made it under my real name but I thought to share it here as well. Enjoy!
Porcelain Raft Jun 16, 2018
Porcelain Raft Jun 04, 2018
Working on new music and several projects, a big shift from any productions I did in the past. For now it feels that the songwriting can do without the electronics and the electronics can do without the song-form. I give myself no deadlines but it's time to let some music out. Meanwhile, I will be posting only releases and events on this page. Follow me on Instagram if you want to know what I've been up to.
Porcelain Raft May 21, 2018
My friend is back with a new album, oh if I missed his voice. Daniel Blumberg 'Minus' is out not.
Porcelain Raft Apr 11, 2018
Porcelain Raft
Porcelain Raft Apr 10, 2018
'Apparitions' is a video I made. Every morning in my house, for few minutes the sun hit a piece of plexiglass leaning by the stairs, creating reflections of all sort. Once I swear I saw a horse on the doorstep. I filmed the reflections for several morning. They felt like apparitions to me. Images that would animate the room for a minute before disappearing. While editing I remembered a quote from a Joseph Campbell’s book “Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.”
Porcelain Raft Mar 01, 2018
A intimate live session I did last year in Venice Beach, CA. I love house concerts. Parental Advisory: I was a bit tipsy. Such a nice afternoon.!Thanks to Roomtone :)
Porcelain Raft Feb 27, 2018
Here's a new Spotify playlist I made inspired by Lad Vegas. With my favorite crew in the world we went to Vegas for a 24h escapade. Pyramids, books half read, Johnny Depp & Robert De Niro impersonators, the real Elton John in the The Caesar Palace's hall looking like an Elton John impersonator. The face of Jesus on a burned toast. The Colosseum and Eiffel Tower separated only by neon lights. Morning miracles & never ending desert drives. I hope you enjoy!
Porcelain Raft Jan 22, 2018
'The Possibility of Beauty' is Spotify playlist I did with my favorite classical gems. Here on Earth, Bach composed the Goldberg Variations, that alone should be the catchphrase to invite aliens to visit our planet.
Porcelain Raft Dec 19, 2017
Modular synth based recording I did few years back under the name of Adelyn Hopper, now free download.
Porcelain Raft Dec 18, 2017
A scene from one of my favorite movies, 'Stalker' (Andrei Tarkovsky), I like what he says about passion and weakness.
Porcelain Raft Dec 14, 2017
Self Taped is now on Soundcloud for infinite streaming ;)