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Plug in Stereo
Nothing to Something
Stereo Plug Jun 18, 2019
Segue o baile.. Stereo Plug vs Switchcache
Stereo Plug Apr 26, 2019
We have just launched a massive discount on our full catalog on PsynOpticz Records Bandcamp! 50% until the end of April 😈 Grab it now while you can 🥳
Stereo Plug Feb 27, 2019
Tuntz tuntz
Stereo Plug Dec 16, 2018
Forte de Copacabana
Stereo Plug Dec 11, 2018
Uber is for losers! Lime electric scooters all the way! Lol 😝
Stereo Plug Dec 10, 2018
Ninja style! #cold #windy #ireland #cliffsofmoher
Stereo Plug Dec 09, 2018
In the garden of the Malahide Castle.
Stereo Plug Dec 07, 2018
Extensively tested. Really good stereo field and mid freq definitions. Thumbs up!
Stereo Plug Dec 07, 2018
In case of fire use the windows.
Stereo Plug Oct 15, 2018
PsynOpticz Records
Stereo Plug Oct 13, 2018
Stereo Plug Aug 28, 2018
Acting! Tuntz tuntz!
Stereo Plug Jul 11, 2018
Hey girl.. hey boy.. superstar djs.. here we go!
Stereo Plug May 27, 2018
Boston sunny day! On my way to Homeyou headquarter.
Stereo Plug May 20, 2018
NOFX - Punk in Drublic Festival! Amazing!!!
Stereo Plug Mar 21, 2018
's cover photo
Stereo Plug Mar 10, 2018
Timeline Photos
Stereo Plug Mar 10, 2018
Stereo Plug @ 4Beatz - Santa Cruz do Sul (BR)
Stereo Plug Feb 19, 2018
's cover photo
Stereo Plug Feb 07, 2018
Dia 4 de março encontro marcado na 4Beatz- Santa Cruz do Sul - RS! Vaiiii!!
Stereo Plug Dec 16, 2017
Hey! Im very proud to present you the remix of my unreleased track Stereo Plug - Deep Focus remixed by Contineum and released on his last EP Warped Visions on Mutagen Records. Matt Kyriakides well done mate!
Stereo Plug Dec 16, 2017
Stereo Plug
Stereo Plug Oct 01, 2017
Heyyy!! Stereo Plug @ Feeling Party 2017! \o/ Track: Stereo Plug - Killer Operation (RMX) Record label: PsynOpticz Records Images by: Gabriel Galdino
Stereo Plug Sep 29, 2017
Performing at Terra Azul 2017!
Stereo Plug Sep 29, 2017
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