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Reworks Chapter 1
Planet Boelex Apr 10, 2019
Instrumental version of "Return", the collaboration track with Lightshifters from 2016.
Planet Boelex Jul 05, 2018
Planet Boelex - Moments (ambient mix)
Planet Boelex Jun 12, 2018
Hidden. New track from the archives, reworked in 2018. Enjoy and thanks for still subscribing to my feed. :)
Planet Boelex Jun 19, 2016
Happy to share this new collaboration track with you. Beautiful vocals by Marthe Pfirrmann, the voice of who some are familiar with from her work with Xerxes (as Phoenix). Hopefully it will be a beginning of something new for the future. Enjoy your Sunday evening!
Planet Boelex May 22, 2016
Breaking the silence with something new, "Still".
Planet Boelex Jan 04, 2016
Exist (2013) is now available on Spotify and Apple Music for streaming. And belated Happy New Year for everyone!
Planet Boelex Aug 25, 2015
I'll be doing a 1 hour showcase on Just a chill room tomorrow evening, 8pm CEST time. I'll be spinning some tunes and available for a chat. The address will be
Planet Boelex Jul 28, 2015
So, today is the release day of the N++ game for PlayStation 4. The soundtrack has two tracks from me, and to celebrate this, I'm now giving away one download code for the game! To have your chance at winning it, all you have to do is to answer this simple question, by replying to this post: The featured tracks are "Shower Curtain" and "Stuck Tight", they were released on different EP's but on the same year. Which year was that? As a small hint, they are pretty old now. :)
Planet Boelex Jul 27, 2015
PlayStation 4 game giveaway tomorrow (Tuesday) ! Tomorrow is the European launch of a game called N++ and I have contributed a bit of music to it's soundtrack. To celebrate this, I'll be giving away a download code for the game tomorrow here! So, if you have a PS4 and live in Europe, watch this space.. :)
Planet Boelex Jul 06, 2015
Moments is now streamable also on Apple Music, for your convenience. :)
Planet Boelex Jun 15, 2015
Kleistpark seem to be the favourite track from the EP for many, it's now on Soundcloud too. Along with the flashbacks from the 80's. :)
Planet Boelex Jun 12, 2015
Really nice nature themed video for "Moments" by WomanElectroSounds. Have a great weekend! :)
Planet Boelex Jun 10, 2015
I am pleased to announce that the new EP "Moments" is now available! The first fully instrumental release since many many years - with 4 new tracks, instrumental rework of "Swamp Gas Pt.2" and a Data Rebel remix of "New Beginning". It is available as a free download from Soft Phase and Kahvi Collective netlabels, you can support me by buying it from Bandcamp (name your price), and it's also on SoundCloud, Mixcloud and Spotify for streaming. I hope you'll enjoy these musical moments, and it'd make be happy if you shared it with a friend. :)
Planet Boelex Jun 09, 2015
Taster from the Moments EP, which is out tomorrow! A great remix of "New Beginning" by Data Rebel.
Planet Boelex Jun 04, 2015
The new EP "Moments" will be released next week, on the 10th. It will be freely downloadable on Soft Phase and Kahvi Collective netlabels, from my Bandcamp and with a brief delay, streaming on Spotify. It'll contain 4 new tracks, plus instrumental version of the "Swamp Gas Pt.2" rework, and Data Rebel remix of "New Beginning". Looking forward to sharing this with you in just few more days. :)
Planet Boelex May 25, 2015
Moments EP, coming up on June 10th. Cover artwork by Mario Smit
Planet Boelex May 10, 2015
Happy to let you know that I have some new music coming in just few weeks time. In the past two years, I haven't really finished many original solo tracks, mostly it's been remixes, my older tracks reworked, collaborations and such. But now I've finally managed to put together the first fully instrumental EP since 2005, actually. I've been aiming for the release within the first half of June, we'll see about the exact date when it's closer. Sound-wise, no big surprises coming with the new EP.. Whether it's a good or bad thing, I'll leave that to you. :) The track "Moments" which I shared some time ago, shall work as the taster..
Planet Boelex May 01, 2015
Any graphics artist who'd be interested in working on a cover artwork image for upcoming release, please send a message.. Details on the release a bit later.. Have a nice and relaxing weekend. :)
Planet Boelex Apr 28, 2015
Seasons: Volume One, a freely downloadable label sampler compilation from Sun Sea Sky. Including instrumental version of my Windbreak rework.
Planet Boelex Apr 12, 2015
New remix of Digitonal's Autumn Round
Planet Boelex Mar 29, 2015
Something new for listening to, have a nice and relaxing Sunday.. :)
Planet Boelex Jan 09, 2015
The first Planet Boelex release "Sinking In The Soup EP" came out exactly 10 years ago.
Planet Boelex Dec 07, 2014
Orion & J.Shore - Brotherhood Remixes Part 1, including Planet Boelex remix of "Nails". Forthcoming on Silk Sofa, December 18th.
Planet Boelex Nov 26, 2014
Wednesday freebies! Here are 2 Bandcamp download codes that'll get you the Reworks EP for free. But be quick, these codes are for the first 2 people to grab them! :) pvgf-g9qa w2je-6khf Redeem the code here: edit: the codes are now gone, so happy listening for those who got 'em!