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Wish I Was Stormborne
Screaming Our Sins
Plan Three Dec 14, 2018
Do you have FB friends that you think might like our music? Why not invite them to like this page! Thanks! <3
Plan Three Dec 12, 2018
Thanks Spotify and everyone who listened to us this year. Can't wait to give you new music in 2019!
Plan Three Dec 09, 2018
STOCKHOLM! Tack alla ni som kom för en fantastisk kväll på Harry B James igår! Hoppas ni gillade nya låten! (Släpps 18/1).
Plan Three Dec 08, 2018
Plan Three - "Narcissistic Man" - New Single Out everywhere January 18 2019! #boomboom #newmusic (PS: Stockholm, learn the words, you can enjoy the song live tonight at the gig - Plan Three Live at Harry B James/Dirty Nights!)
Plan Three Dec 07, 2018
's cover photo
Plan Three Dec 07, 2018
I WANNA KNOW!!! Plan Three - "Narcissistic Man" - New Single Out everywhere January 18 2019! #boomboom #newmusic
Plan Three Dec 06, 2018
Plan Three
Plan Three Dec 06, 2018
Here's the cover art to our new single "Narcissistic Man" - out January 18! What do you think? Excited?
Plan Three Dec 05, 2018
Plan Three
Plan Three Dec 05, 2018
"Cynic and unkind, can you teach How to think of only me Don’t wanna care like I do I wanna know!" #newmusic #newsingle #coverart #reveal
Plan Three Dec 04, 2018
"Planting your seeds of disrespect Depleting my cup ’til I’m a wreck Your illusions draw me in I wanna know!" #newmusic #newsingle #coverart #reveal
Plan Three Nov 29, 2018
Turn your sound on... #newmusic #newsingle #newsinger #boomboom
Plan Three Nov 28, 2018
Plan Three
Plan Three Nov 06, 2018
BOOM BOOM! So last night’s rehearsal ended abruptly... Anyway, we’re working hard (as you can see), especially our drummer 🙂 #soon #newmusic #newsingle
Plan Three Nov 05, 2018
Remember remember... On this day 4 years ago we released our single "When Everything Comes To An End"! Keen eyes can spot our new singer Viktor making a cameo in the music video already back then! Check it out!
Plan Three Nov 01, 2018
Hey everybody! We’re drumming up something new! Literally! Can’t wait for you to hear it! 🥁 #newmusic #newsingle #comingsoon
Plan Three Oct 25, 2018
Drums’n’bass on a brand new song: ✔️Check! #newmusic #newsingle #soon
Plan Three Oct 01, 2018
Check out an interview with us in the premiere issue of WildSpiritz Rising Magazine. Read it here: Thanks!
Plan Three Sep 19, 2018
Thank you Spotify for adding our song ”Still Broken” to the playlist HIIT | 高強度樂曲 - check it out! #oldiebutgoldie
Plan Three Aug 28, 2018
Crafting new songs and dusting off old ones in the rehearsal space!
Plan Three Aug 22, 2018
Hey friends! New music is being created... Just thought you should know!
Plan Three Aug 11, 2018
Some pictures from last night’s gig at Rock Stage Malmö/Malmöfestivalen, beautyfully shot by photogtapher Björn Olsson!
Plan Three Aug 11, 2018
Tusen tack för ikväll Malmö och alla som kom till Rock Stage Malmö på Malmöfestivalen och hängde med oss. Vi hade superkul! Ses snart igen!
Plan Three Aug 10, 2018
Ikväll kl.23 spelar vi på Rock Stage Malmö på Malmöfestivalen!
Plan Three Aug 09, 2018
‪Do you know all the words to any of our songs?‬