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Wish I Was Stormborne
Screaming Our Sins
Plan Three Jul 30, 2019
This week our hometown celebrates Stockholm Pride - so on that note - Love and equality to everyone from all of us! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
Plan Three Jul 26, 2019
A little "behind the scenes" throwback to just before we played in Malmö a couple of weeks ago together with tAKiDA Stiftelsen & Archie McCallum - We had so much fun!!! 💜🖤💙
Plan Three Jul 17, 2019
Curious about the meaning behind our latest single "Taravana"? Or just want to sing along? Check out the official *and* correct lyrics to all our songs over at 💜🖤💙
Plan Three Jul 15, 2019
Say hi to Mathias Blomster - our go to guy whenever we need a temp musician in our line-up. He'll probably replace us all at one point or another with his broad skills. He's also extremely talented as a solo artist and with his band Crunge so go listen to his stuff! You'll like it guaranteed! 😎🤘
Plan Three Jul 12, 2019
Some thoughts regarding our single "Taravana" that was released 2 weeks ago. Now what are your thoughts about the song? 💜🖤💙
Plan Three Jul 11, 2019
This is Kenneth. He usually goes with us whenever we play live, a real hero that helps us out both on and off stage with pretty much anything we need! He's also an awesome drummer himself in both My Dark Rift and PHIBA so check those bands out! 💜🖤💙
Plan Three Jul 10, 2019
Check it out! Our drummer produced the lead vocals on this Bad Wolves single currently #1 on the Mainstream Rock chart in the USA! Pretty awesome!
Plan Three Jul 09, 2019
Tack till Rocknytt för adden av vår nya singel "Taravana" på denna Spotify-lista:
Plan Three Jul 07, 2019
Bilder från Skansen, Solliden i Stockholm i torsdags. Fantastiskt tagna av 📸Marisol Correa Ett superstort tack än en gång till tAKiDA Stiftelsen Archie McCallum Music och det fantastiska crew:et för att vi fick följa med på dessa Tre. Stopp. 💜🖤💙
Plan Three Jul 07, 2019
Tusen tack för igår Göteborg! Tack tAKiDA Stiftelsen Archie McCallum Music för en fantastisk helg och Tre. Underbara. Stopp. Kärlek & respekt! 💜🖤💙
Plan Three Jul 06, 2019
Ännu en magisk afton! Tack Malmö och Folkets Park för att ni hängde med oss och tAKiDA Stiftelsen & Archie McCallum Music 😎☀️💜🖤💙 Ikväll avslutar vi denna sommarsvängen i Göteborg!
Plan Three Jul 05, 2019
Bilder från gårdagens spelning på Solliden, Skansen, Sthlm!
Plan Three Jul 05, 2019
Tack så otroligt mycket Stockholm och Solliden, Skansen för en fantastisk kväll igår! Vi är otroligt tacksamma att få åka med tAKiDA Stiftelsen och Archie McCallum Music - ikväll gör vi om det i Malmö! 💜🖤💙 📸Foto: Marisol Correa
Plan Three Jul 04, 2019
Sådär! Vi är soundcheckade och klara på Skansen/Solliden! Hoppas vi ses ikväll! 💜💙🖤 w/ tAKiDA/Stiftelsen/Archie McCallum Music
Plan Three Jul 02, 2019
"Taravana" - Brand New Single - Out Now Everywhere! Listen/like/Share and tell us what you think! 💜🖤💙
Plan Three Jun 30, 2019
Thanks Metal Temple for highlighting our new single release!
Plan Three Jun 28, 2019
NEW SINGLE! TARAVANA - Out now everywhere! Check it out on Spotify and all other platforms! Listen/Like/Share/Enjoy!
Plan Three Jun 28, 2019
Plan Three's cover photo
Plan Three Jun 27, 2019
Tomorrow we release our new single "Taravana"! But tune in to Bandit Rock today at 4PM (CET) for an exclusive sneak premiere!
Plan Three Jun 23, 2019
"Gotta get up gotta get up Air is running low Figure it out figure it out Fast before it blows" New single - "Taravana" 28 July 2019 Pre-save here:
Plan Three Jun 21, 2019
One week left! Are you excited? We're excited! #newsingle #newmusic #taravana 💜💙🖤
Plan Three Jun 17, 2019
"I’m breathing slow for you love I will dive straight down for you love Then come right back up Wait for the light wait for the light" New single - "Taravana" 28 July 2019 Pre-save here:
Plan Three Jun 16, 2019
Hej hej från replokalen! Den 4-5-6 juli ses vi i Sthlm, Malmö & GBG tillsammans med tAKiDA Stiftelsen & Archie McCallum - och en vecka innan, den 28/6 släpper vi ny singel! //Viktor & Tommie
Plan Three Jun 14, 2019
Two Weeks Left! Put your 🔊Sound On for a taste of the chorus from our New Single "Taravana" - Out Everywhere June 28! Pre-save here: 💜🖤💙
Plan Three Jun 13, 2019
🔊Sound on!⁣ Hey guys! Our new single "Taravana" will be out everywhere on June 28! Pre-save it here: 💜🖤💙 Peace! //Peter & Folle