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Pixie Lott Aug 17, 2019
Lovely to meet so many of you lot! Having the best summer so far! ☀💓
Pixie Lott Aug 17, 2019
what songs do you want me to include in my upcoming shows???? Can’t wait to see some more of your beautiful faces at Manchester Pride next weekend ✨✨✨✨✨✨
Pixie Lott Aug 15, 2019
kiss the stars✨
Pixie Lott Aug 13, 2019
Happiest by the sea 💎💎💎
Pixie Lott Aug 12, 2019
Today we went on a boat trip and I bought some bits for exploring. I kept eyeing up this necklace - I am a sucker for buying everything in a gift shop! My house is full! The lady who worked there obviously noticed and when I bought all the sensible boat stuff, she put it in the bag and said it was a special offer for the day! It literally made my day and although it’s only a little something, it is the little things that mean the most ⚓⚓⚓ Random acts of kindness ❤ Then we found a little beach where any visitor makes a pile of stones and they stay here for years, so made our own. This swimsuit I’ve lit had since I was 17 but I can’t let it go cos of the memsssss
Pixie Lott Aug 08, 2019
1. Before dinner 2. When you see dinner coming 3. After dinner 4. 🥘🍷❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Pixie Lott Aug 06, 2019
Ooh la la 🖤 📸: Tom Nicholson - Photographer Tunes in the Castle
Pixie Lott Aug 06, 2019
What a fabulous festival weeeeeekend!!! My favourite thing to do in the world 💓 Thank you BBC Summer Social BBC Radio 2 and my amazing band for the memories 🎤 🎶 💗
Pixie Lott Aug 05, 2019
Thank you EDITION Hotels for the magical stay!! Safe to say we liiiiived it up ✨✨💓💓
Pixie Lott Aug 02, 2019
SUMMER VIBESSS with staceylaceymua 🌟🌸🌼💫✨🍀 en route to soundcheck for tomorrow wooooo
Pixie Lott Jul 31, 2019
Do you like my PLP pinky red? What colour should I try next? ❤️
Pixie Lott Jul 27, 2019
The lines are now OPEN! Please call 6442401 to #VoteForGracieJayne ✨✨✨
Pixie Lott Jul 27, 2019
Wow I’m so proud of you Gracie Jayne! WHAT a performance! WHAT a range so low to so high with such soul at your age after only singing outside of your bedroom for a short time!!! The dark horse that has got better and better each time and that performance was the ultimate! How does that massive sound come out of a tiny person that young 😭 I have worked with a lot of kids and young talent over the years and have never heard anything like it!! ✨ Ahhh so proud eeeeeee this is why I do this and this is what the Voice Kids is all about! GJ you are exactly that 💗 #VoteGracieJayne
Pixie Lott Jul 27, 2019
I get to have a staring contest with Nile Rodgers and chat with my lil sis Gracie Jayne all things The Voice Kids UK before the final tonight on the fabulous Thesaracoxshow this morning! Tune in at 8:30am on ITV ✨💗.👀👀
Pixie Lott Jul 26, 2019
Amazing day with the powerhouse that is Gracie Jayne! What an honour to share the stage with you - you blow me away! Thank you for everything eeee!!!! Can not wait for tomorrow niiiiihight✨✨✨ @thevoicekidsuk
Pixie Lott Jul 26, 2019
What a treat spending the morn with @zoetheball @primalscreamofficial @johnthomson2 on @bbcradio2 forgot we were on the radio! ✨💓
Pixie Lott Jul 25, 2019
Channeling Elsa to help cool me down ❄️ . make up : @staceylaceymua hair : @harrietmuldoon @elleclancyhair @larrykinghair styling: @kstewartstylist @kaicollective @theembellishstudio
Pixie Lott Jul 24, 2019
Goooooood morning Wednesday ✨🌟
Pixie Lott Jul 23, 2019
Who caught Gracie Jayne on the semi finals?! 🤯💥 OMG final week here we come!! @thevoicekidsuk
Pixie Lott Jul 20, 2019
‪OMG the SEMI FINALS are in 10 mins! 8PM, ITV STV The Voice Kids UK how did we get here so fast?! You HAVE to tune in - it’s an amazing show and you’re in for a treat! 💓💗💓💗 ‬
Pixie Lott Jul 19, 2019
#FBF 18 yo🧚‍♀️ @lucascruikshank Judy + Fred FOREVER 💓💓💓
Pixie Lott Jul 19, 2019
I teamed up with Carte D’Or to give away tickets to some amazing West End shows this year 💕 🍨 Head to to learn more and for full T&C's #ad
Pixie Lott Jul 15, 2019
A little tiny spritz of Hawaii blue and pastel pink glitter for a little acoustic set in Ibiza✨✨ shop yours at @pixielottpaint @ Petunia Ibiza
Pixie Lott Jun 26, 2019
‪Fab morning seeing the best sights in London yesterday and gearing up for Wimbledon with OPPO Mobile UK #ad #AceTheShot ‬
Pixie Lott Jun 24, 2019
Testmyheart – Cardiac screening for anyone aged 14-35 in the UK