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Pitchshifter Feb 11, 2019
For the bassist who has everything.
Pitchshifter Feb 10, 2019
Name that festival. Were you there? Tell us your stories.
Pitchshifter Feb 07, 2019
Everbody saw this, right?
Pitchshifter Feb 07, 2019
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Pitchshifter Jan 20, 2019
First #pitchshifter #bandtshirt ever! #archive #onlymakingplans #industrial
Pitchshifter Jan 19, 2019
3/5shifter watching #entershikari ce soir.
Pitchshifter Jan 19, 2019
Tell us what this is.
Pitchshifter Jan 12, 2019
Politics and music? How’d that happen?
Pitchshifter Jan 12, 2019
Rocking Parliament?
Pitchshifter Jan 08, 2019
For the insane among you, limited edition tea-towels are now available: Use the code “HOLYSHIT” to get 50% off any t-shirt with the purchase of a tea-towel...Who’s laughing now!?
Pitchshifter Jan 02, 2019
Because the first run sold out almost instantly on the road, we're getting a lot of requests for...tea-towels! If we did a second limited run, which of the two designs below would you guys want? Click on the image to cast your vote.
Pitchshifter Jan 01, 2019
Pitchshifter Dec 31, 2018
Timeline Photos
Pitchshifter Dec 23, 2018
‘And don’t you read the papers?’ @nigelcranephotography
Pitchshifter Dec 19, 2018
Pitchshifter perform 'Shutdown' at the Wedgewood Rooms in Portsmouth on the first night of their 2018 UK tour. Audio straight from camera.
Pitchshifter Dec 19, 2018
‘Son we gotta do our bit...’ @nigelcranephotography
Pitchshifter Dec 18, 2018
‘I can’t give up for you this time...’ @nigelcranephotography
Pitchshifter Dec 16, 2018
Pitchpeople @nigelcranephotography
Pitchshifter Dec 16, 2018
This is JS: So I went to this Xmas party...
Pitchshifter Dec 14, 2018
Per your requests, artwork by Pitchshifter vocalist, JS Clayden, now available:
Pitchshifter Dec 14, 2018
Happy birthday to the one and only Mark Clayden, spider-like bass guru!
Pitchshifter Dec 13, 2018
What’s it’s like to watch your Dad and Uncle rock it stage-side
Pitchshifter Dec 12, 2018
We found a box of large shirts. Get to the store before they’re gone. Use the code "LUCKY13" for a 50% discount:
Pitchshifter Dec 11, 2018
Unfinished album t-shirt on a two-fer 50% sale until Dec 13th. Found a box of large! Get ‘em before they go. Use the code “LUCKY13”:
Pitchshifter Dec 11, 2018
‘I said - here's the freedom, you made the news...’ @nigelcranephotography #positivegrid #espguitars #orangeamplification