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Pleasant Pain EP
Pinemen Dec 15, 2016
Check out this compilation album containing all the PNKSLM-bands that was released in 2016, including us. Best thing you'll hear this year! And it's free ✨🎄 P.S. Our inside sources also confirms that 2017 is gonna be great 🛰🛰🛰
Pinemen Dec 02, 2016
Let's catch up! Read the interview we did with Madafackismo Underground and get some insight to what's going on. Also available in spanish for all our friends who prefer it over english 👌🙌 ✨
Pinemen Dec 01, 2016
Pinemen's cover photo
Pinemen Dec 01, 2016
Photo: Sabina Jansson
Pinemen Jul 22, 2016
Sorry to inform you that we have to cancel our part of tonight's show at Bar Brooklyn due to illness. Go see the other great bands though!
Pinemen May 06, 2016
Go check out the video for "Predictions"! Thanks Maikel for helping us out <3 Enjoy!
Pinemen Mar 28, 2016
The 7" featuring Predictions is finally here! Available at upcoming shows. And remember, it's super limited! These are the ones, no repress!
Pinemen Feb 27, 2016
Pinemen Feb 24, 2016 - Hey it's out! Click the link and pick your poison! Predictions is now streaming on pretty much every streaming service, even the ones you didn’t know existed. And while you’re at it, check out this nice little write-up The Line Of Best Fit did on it as well:
Pinemen Feb 23, 2016
Surprise news! We're releasing a new single tomorrow called Predictions. If you can't wait for the Spotify release check it out on KEXP now. PLUS MORE EXCITING STUFF: A limited 7" featuring Predictions + That Certain Flavour will be available in the Flying Vinyl Feb box and at upcoming gigs, but more about that SOOON!! ✌️
Pinemen Feb 13, 2016
Hey! Last minute notice! We play at Landet, Telefonplan tonight. On stage around 22. PS. We will look fabulous 💅✨
Pinemen Jan 13, 2016
"That Certain Flavour" have been chosen by KEXP to be their "Song of the Day"! That's pretty damn cool. Thanks!!!
Pinemen Jan 05, 2016
Hope the new year is treating everyone well! Dig the PNKSLM 2015 label sampler. Ten amazing (best of all time) songs from our label, including "That Certain Flavour"! Download for free for the next 48 hours here:
Pinemen Dec 29, 2015
Thank you Ja Ja Ja Music!
Pinemen Dec 28, 2015
Pinemen Dec 15, 2015
Check this out! Erik joined The Castillians and played the saxophone on their new track "Piggy In The Middle"! Best song you'll hear this week!
Pinemen Dec 11, 2015
Okay, super important announcement. We’re releasing our debut EP Pleasant Pain via PNKSLM Recordings today. Really excited and happy to share these tracks with you. Pleasant Pain is streaming on most services and you can buy it on iTunes or Bandcamp. Spotify: Apple Music: Bandcamp:
Pinemen Dec 03, 2015
GO CRAZY!!! Our latest single "That Certain Flavour" is in this week's Fresh Finds playlist. Thanks Spotify!
Pinemen Nov 26, 2015
Alright alright, we're now on Spotify. Don't be shy GO FOLLOW US NOW!!!
Pinemen Nov 19, 2015
NEW PINEMEN SINGLE OUT NOW! THAT CERTAIN FLAVOUR! Go check it out over at The Line Of Best Fit!!!
Pinemen Oct 20, 2015
Read some kind words about the NEXT BIG THING and start getting excited for our EP, out soon via PNKSLM Recordings.
Pinemen Oct 18, 2015
Tune in and listen to Essence Of Easy Going on That Indie Thing with Rob!
Pinemen Oct 08, 2015
Forgot to say thanks to everyone who came to our last show! Thank you!!! So much fun! We'll be back soon 🌲