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Marble Mouth
Pillar Point
Pillar Point Apr 26, 2019
Pillar Point's cover photo
Pillar Point Apr 10, 2018
Pillar Point's cover photo
Pillar Point Apr 10, 2018
Pillar Point
Pillar Point Apr 10, 2018
Very excited to be touring through Italy next month! Can't wait to make new friends. Hope to see you there with your dancing shoes. 18.05 | Livorno | ex cinema aurora 19.05 | Torino | BLAH BLAH 20.05 | Varese | Twiggy Varese 21.05 | Bologna | Freakout Club 22.05 | Roma | Na cosetta 23.05 | Carpi | Mattatoio Culture Club 24.05 | Udine | Cas'Aupa 25.05 | Trento | Bookique Trento 26.05 | Rosà | VINILE 27.05 | Pesaro | Dalla Cira - Produzioni Promoted by Vertigo Concerti
Pillar Point Nov 16, 2016
I'm happy to share the newest Pillar Point track, a reinterpretation of the great Architecture in Helsinki's classic jam "Heart it Races." This recording is a part of the "Polyvinyl Plays Polyvinyl" album that just dropped, celebrating Polyvinyl Record Company's 20th anniversary. Here's the streaming link for the track, and a link to buy the album. I had a blast reworking this tune and I hope you enjoy. Soundcloud - Link to buy -
Pillar Point Nov 08, 2016
Pillar Point Sep 16, 2016
I'm so honored to be a part of the Polyvinyl Record Company musical family and to have participated in this landmark anniversary is important to all of us and hopefully to some of you fans of Polyvinyl music as well! It is an incredibly significant and beautiful achievement to be in business for 20 years releasing independent bands and giving a platform to sensitive souls who make records and play shows and don't make much money..essentially what I mean is that the folks at Polyvinyl are in it for the love just as much as are the bands they release, and that is truly radical. I covered the great Architecture in Helsinki, and I can't wait to hear all these tunes and hold this beautiful double vinyl. Pre-order your copy
Pillar Point Aug 05, 2016
KEXP just dropped the video from our recent in-studio performance - have a peek!
Pillar Point Jul 11, 2016
Missing our friends in Ladyhawke already! But here's some fun pics from the LA show last week taken by Free Bike Valet at The Roxy Theatre
Pillar Point Jun 23, 2016
gettin pretty, pretty excited :) ..
Pillar Point Apr 28, 2016
Very excited to announce we will be cruising down the west coast this summer with the radical Ladyhawke on her tour!!
Pillar Point Apr 20, 2016
SOO pumped to be one of the headlining acts at this year's radical BIG BLDG BASH! get your tix at ::
Pillar Point Apr 04, 2016
see you guys in the Midwest with our radical tourmates Pure Bathing Culture ! tonight in Cincinnati at The Woodward Theater . all other dates below 4/5 - Bloomington - The Bishop 4/6 - Champaign - Mike N Molly's 4/8 - Iowa City - Mission Creek Festival
Pillar Point Mar 28, 2016
thanks to all you rad folks at the 40 Watt Club show, that night quickly became an all time 4 more shows in Florida with the legendary of Montreal crew - let's make em count. tix here - 03/29 - Tallahassee, FL The Moon Nightclub 03/30 - Gainesville, FL @ HIGH DIVE (Gainesville, FL) 03/31 - Tampa, FL @ The Orpheum 04/01 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL @ culture room photos - ben rouse - thank you
Pillar Point Mar 26, 2016
tour with of Montreal continues the march south..tonight at the famed 40 Watt Club in Athens GA 👟👟✌🏻️
Pillar Point Mar 20, 2016
thanks to all at SXSW! Miss all your bat shit craziness already..
Pillar Point Mar 18, 2016
See you at 8:45 pm Austin! We're at the Polyvinyl Record Company SXSW Showcase alongside other rad musicmakers from Flowerbooking and Topshelf Records
Pillar Point Mar 12, 2016
Hi California - tonight we're at Starline Social Club in Oakland and tomorrow at The Echo in LA (early show!). Both shows with PureBathing Culture !!
Pillar Point Mar 12, 2016
Thanks to all who voted for DOVE - the video got added to rotation on mtvU ! The crew worked real hard on this, pumped more kids will see it. ✌🏻️🕊
Pillar Point Mar 08, 2016
Our new video for "Dove" has the chance to make it on mtvU's emerging artist's show: "The Freshmen." Vote for it from now until Friday (3/11) right here:
Pillar Point Mar 04, 2016
Looking forward to Under the Radar's SXSW party at Flamingo Cantina on Thursday (3/17). We play at 12:45. RSVP for free entry here -
Pillar Point Mar 04, 2016
MTV includes our video for DOVE in this great piece on dance videos, calls it "stunning".. :) :) :)
Pillar Point Feb 18, 2016
a happy update: DOVE just cruised past 200k views in a couple weeks. thanks again, so much, to everyone who is watching, engaging, responding, and enjoying!! <3 also, just me or is anyone else dancing around in their socks at home trying to pull off Kia's moves? ..emphasis on "trying"..:) -------- tfw the DOVE video about to hit 50k views in a week... <3 💛 💙 MUCHAS GRACIAS!! KEEP DANCING! #kialabeija #wildcombination #bogota #colombia
Pillar Point Feb 10, 2016
DOVE video is out today on The Creators Project. Starring the incredible moves of Kia Labeija in and around the streets of Bogota, Colombia, and shot by the brilliant Jacob Krupnick at Wild Combination. So much love to everyone who worked so hard on this beautiful piece.
Pillar Point Feb 05, 2016
It's on!! TOUR with of Montreal + Pure Bathing Culture starts next month! Get your tickets here: