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Wide Awake
Dearest (I'm So Sorry)
Picture Me Broken Jul 24, 2015
Thanks for the cool review ;)
Picture Me Broken Jun 11, 2015
Killer rehearsals all week. Excited to see you all tomorrow night at @loadedhollywood. #PictureMeBroken goes on at 10:30 but get there around 9:30 for the opening band #bellusira. Let's rage #rocknroll
Picture Me Broken Jun 09, 2015
The official info for Thursday night's show brought to you by @shannongunz Be there for our 10:30 set!
Picture Me Broken May 14, 2015
Working on new songs with the boys. I miss you guys xo B
Picture Me Broken Apr 03, 2015
Dear friends, Thank you for all of the birthday greetings over the last couple of days. 22 feels fantastic and I would like to give an extra special shout out to the handful of you who have stuck by my growing pains and shown this project support since I took a dive into releasing original songs in my early teens. This project has always been a very personal, hands-on, in-house and DIY adventure, so any and all response on your end means the world and I thank you for your messages and encouragement. It is very important to share and show independent artists your support on this type of medium if you feel compelled to, I see it as a little way of giving back what the internet took away from music. I will once again state that this awkward quiet time is not a hiatus but a very active, personal journey to the right sound & words. Excited to share it all with you. Much Love, Brooklyn.
Picture Me Broken Mar 07, 2015
Loving this new [email protected] "The concert that opened me up to music and started an obsession".
Picture Me Broken Mar 04, 2015
Good times. orianthi
Picture Me Broken Feb 25, 2015
Get into Saturday's show for $5 if you print or show this flyer on your phone before 11 pm for over 21's! (The show is 18+) #BarSinister
Picture Me Broken Feb 19, 2015
Pleased to announce a headlining LA show this month. See you February 28 at Bar Sinister
Picture Me Broken Jan 14, 2015
I hope everyone is having a great 2015 so far. XO B
Picture Me Broken Dec 13, 2014
Mobile Uploads
Picture Me Broken Nov 06, 2014
One big room full of bad bitches....
Picture Me Broken Nov 01, 2014
"Hold Me Like A Gun"
Picture Me Broken Oct 21, 2014
About to jam some Hendrix live on @955KLOS with @Orianthi & @BrooklynAllman. Tune in LA -D
Picture Me Broken Oct 20, 2014
What a great time we had at Saturday's show. Had a blast jamming with Orianthi. Thanks everyone for showing us a great time xo B PS - I look evil.
Picture Me Broken Oct 09, 2014
Los Angeles
Picture Me Broken Oct 03, 2014
This Saturday we play before The Killing Lights, come hear the new tunes. Xo B
Picture Me Broken Sep 20, 2014
I went out last night to catch some great live music, check out the band 8mm if you haven't yet. Our friend Fred Sablan from Manson's band plays guitar in this project. Any cool new bands I should check out? Anyone going to SSMF? xo B
Picture Me Broken Sep 16, 2014
We're getting a killer new set together for October's shows. Be sure to get your presales for Chain Reaction with The Killing Lights on Oct. 4! xo B
Picture Me Broken Sep 13, 2014
The latest and greatest from our friends in AFFIANCE
Picture Me Broken Aug 27, 2014
Hello loves! 2 new shows added! 10/4 - Chain Reaction w/ The Killing Lights and a 10/18 - headliner at Bar Sinister. Hope you're ready for some new shit. ;) xo B
Picture Me Broken Aug 26, 2014
Picture Me Broken
Picture Me Broken Aug 15, 2014
Hey everyone. We're looking forward to playing a few at tomorrow night's benefit at Bardot in Hollywood. Info & tickets @ See you there. PS - Dante Phoenix had a birthday yesterday.
Picture Me Broken Aug 12, 2014
Just reached 20,000 Trackers! - Track Picture Me Broken