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Can't Talk Medicine
Can't Talk Medicine
Pickwick Nov 30, 2018
's cover photo
Pickwick Sep 07, 2018
Playing this weekend in Portland for Portland Picnic! Might be your last chance to go to an outdoor show this year... come on out
Pickwick Jun 29, 2018
Come join our “cult” over at KEXP.
Pickwick Mar 02, 2018
Our good friend and producer Erik Blood just released a new song featuring Galen, our drummer Alex, and members of Shabazz Palaces, Tacocat, & more. Check it out.
Pickwick Feb 19, 2018
Hey facebook friends. This is a very personal message, so sorry if it is a bit out of character for us. A close friend to a few of our members was detained by ICE back in September and is still under threat of deportation. He is Ethiopian and has lived in the US for the past 20+ years, paying his taxes and being extremely NOT criminal. He and his wife had tried to reopen his case with the Board of Immigration Appeals, but were denied. Now they are working on the US court of appeals. Follow the link to see more info on their story, and if you feel so inclined please donate... lawyers are expensive.
Pickwick Feb 05, 2018
's cover photo
Pickwick Feb 05, 2018
We are heading back to George for Sasquatch 2018!
Pickwick Dec 05, 2017
Pickwick Nov 27, 2017
Excited to announce that we will be playing with Porter Ray at the Neptune Theatre in Seattle, WA on 1/6/18 as part of KEXP & Starbucks "Little Big Show." Tickets at
Pickwick Oct 23, 2017
New playlist curated by our nighttime captain, Galen. Check out what we’ve been listening to during our post show late night drives
Pickwick Oct 13, 2017
Check out what’s tickling our fancies in the van while we’re on tour
Pickwick Sep 21, 2017
We are headed back out on the road in October with The Elwins Shows in the Midwest, South, & East Coast. Tickets at
Pickwick Sep 19, 2017
For those of you who have been asking us to tour on the EAST COAST, we hear you. East Coast tour dates for OCTOBER are now for sale at See you soon!
Pickwick Sep 10, 2017
Happy to announce that we will be playing a FREE ALL AGES show at the mural in Seattle Center on 9/17 as part of the first ever Lyft Fest presented by KEXP. 4:30pm - 8:30pm More info here:
Pickwick Aug 27, 2017
The first leg of the "LoveJoys" tour is officially over. Thanks to everyone who came out to the shows. Time to sleep, eat vegetables, drink water, and catch up on GOT. See you in October.
Pickwick Aug 26, 2017
It's been a fun tour. Thanks to everyone who came out to the shows. Tonight we end this little west coast run in Spokane, WA at The Bartlett with special guests Cataldo.
Pickwick Aug 25, 2017
Residents of Boise, ID. We will be at the Neurolux TONIGHT with special guests Cataldo. See you soon.
Pickwick Aug 24, 2017
Hey Salt Lake City! We will be at the Urban Lounge TONIGHT playing the "hits." Tickets can be found here:
Pickwick Aug 22, 2017
Citizens of Colorado! We are playing two sets tonight around the Denver/Boulder area. We are doing a live set on OpenAirCPR this afternoon and playing at Larimer Lounge tonight with Cataldo.
Pickwick Aug 20, 2017
Hey Phoenix AZ! We're bringing our A+ "knife play" circus act extravaganza to Valley Bar TONIGHT. There will also be music. Tickets at
Pickwick Aug 20, 2017
Set times for tonight's show in LA at the Bootleg Theater with Prism Tats
Pickwick Aug 18, 2017
Facebook totally sucks for bands & small businesses. None of you will probably see this. However, if you do we're playing in San Diego tonight at Space Bar. Follow us on Instagram at @pickwickmusic for all the good shit.
Pickwick Aug 17, 2017
Hey, San Francisco! Come take a break from your high paying tech jobs and get "Friday drunk" on a Thursday. There will also be music.