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Set Your Clock by Your Heart
Heart Machinery - A Piano Magic Retrospective (2001-2008)
Life Has Not Finished With Me Yet
Life Has Not Finished with Me Yet
Home Recordings
Part Monster
Popular Mechanics
The Troubled Sleep of Piano Magic
Writers Without Homes
Son de Mar (Music from the Film By Bigas Luna)
Seasonally Affective, A Piano Magic Retrospective 1996-2000 (Disc 1)
Panic Amigo - Piano Magic Remixed
Artists' Rifles
Low Birth Weight
A Trick of the Sea: Bliss Out, Vol. 13
Piano Magic Apr 04, 2019
Thanks to Mr Finger for including a couple of Piano Magic tracks in this excellent playlist.
Piano Magic Mar 22, 2019
1000 songs and counting. Should you have a little time to spare, hit follow and shuffle over here :
Piano Magic Mar 12, 2019
Thoroughly recommend Rob Young's 'Electric Eden' book if you're interested in the influence of pastoral English folk music on the likes of Talk Talk, Kate Bush, Julian Cope etc. Even so, we feel it's important to correct the inference that Vashti Bunyan's first vocal recording since the 70's was on Devendra Banhart's 2004 album, 'Rejoicing in the Hands' album. It was, in fact, on Piano Magic's 2002 album, 'Writers Without Homes.' That recording, of course, was 'Crown Of The Lost' :
Piano Magic Mar 10, 2019
Piano Magic Mar 09, 2019
An early incarnation of Piano Magic, Het Patronaat, Haarlem, The Netherlands (year?) circa 'Mort Aux Vaches'/'Artists Rifles.' Glen Johnson, Paul Tornbohm, John Cheves (Miguel Marin on drums out of shot).
Piano Magic Mar 07, 2019
Glen Johnson - 'Details Not Recorded' (2009) solo album; order here :
Piano Magic Mar 07, 2019
In case you're unaware of it, Glen Johnson of Piano Magic's debut solo album, 'Details Not Recorded,' is 10 years old this year. The last few copies are available at an economical purchase price over here :
Piano Magic Mar 05, 2019
It's not every day that one of your songs inspires a perfume. But here you have it : Filigree Parfums
Piano Magic Feb 25, 2019
"Speed the road, rush the lights...."
Piano Magic Feb 25, 2019
Piano Magic
Piano Magic Feb 25, 2019
Piano Magic Feb 06, 2019
The vinyl version of Piano Magic's 'Closure' is now completely sold out at source. Thanks to everyone who bought it. CD still available (with fanzine) from :
Piano Magic Feb 06, 2019
New release ahoy on Glen Johnson of Piano Magic's Second Language Music label. Oliver Cherer's sublime 'I Feel Nothing Most Days' out on 26th April 2019 is available to pre-order from Bandcamp : Piano Magic fans will undoubtedly find some common ground here. From the official press release : "‘I Feel Nothing Most Days’ perhaps evokes the spirit of early 80's independent labels like Cherry Red or Les Disques Du Crespuscle, who specialised in a very European melancholic romanticism. There are echoes of Ben Watt’s debut solo album, ‘North Marine Drive’ and his EP collaboration with Robert Wyatt, ‘Summer Into Winter.’ There’s also an undeniable nod to early Durutti Column – accentuated by Ollie’s use of a Fender guitar on the album previously owned by Vini Reilly himself (used most notably on Morrissey’s debut solo album, ‘Viva Hate’). There’s a faded seaside town introspection to many of the songs here; of the shadowy halls of Victorian guest houses that’ve seen much better days; of lone figures on windswept sea fronts staring out to passing ships on the horizon."
Piano Magic Jan 31, 2019
Piano Magic Dec 21, 2018
What was your favourite album of 2018? Piano Magic's Glen Johnson offers (one of) his here :
Piano Magic Dec 20, 2018
Piano Magic Dec 17, 2018
Piano Magic 'Dark Horses' EP digiproof. Make Mine Music release.
Piano Magic Dec 17, 2018
Blasting out the Speak 'n' Spell madness that is 'Typos' tonight : from Piano Magic side-project, Future Conditional, back in 2007.
Piano Magic Dec 16, 2018
For those who missed their recent shows, here's some wonderfully shot and recorded footage of our good friends, The Apartments, in concert in Lyon this past October.
Piano Magic Dec 16, 2018
Piano Magic's final concert took place 2 years ago this month. Their final album. 'Closure,' on CD and vinyl, with free fanzine of interviews with the band, still available from their Bandcamp page :
Piano Magic Nov 30, 2018
Piano Magic's Glen Johnson once again hooks up with Italian post rockers Giardini di Mirò on their new album, 'Different Times,' out today (30/11/18) across all platforms. Johnson contributes spoken word to the track, 'Failed To Chart.'
Piano Magic Nov 29, 2018
Xmas present for the Piano Magik fan in your life? :
Piano Magic Nov 16, 2018
Continuing the Dead Can Dance theme, Brendan solo tour just announced.
Piano Magic Nov 14, 2018
Heard the new Dead Can Dance album yet? What do you think? What's your favourite DCD album?
Piano Magic Nov 01, 2018
Forgot about this! (Piano Magic's) 'I Came To Your Party Dressed As A Shadow,' comic by Juan Santapau :