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Heart Machinery - A Piano Magic Retrospective (2001-2008)
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Life Has Not Finished with Me Yet
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Piano Magic Nov 30, 2018
Piano Magic's Glen Johnson once again hooks up with Italian post rockers Giardini di Mirò on their new album, 'Different Times,' out today (30/11/18) across all platforms. Johnson contributes spoken word to the track, 'Failed To Chart.'
Piano Magic Nov 29, 2018
Xmas present for the Piano Magik fan in your life? :
Piano Magic Nov 16, 2018
Continuing the Dead Can Dance theme, Brendan solo tour just announced.
Piano Magic Nov 14, 2018
Heard the new Dead Can Dance album yet? What do you think? What's your favourite DCD album?
Piano Magic Nov 01, 2018
Forgot about this! (Piano Magic's) 'I Came To Your Party Dressed As A Shadow,' comic by Juan Santapau :
Piano Magic Oct 29, 2018
Lots of Piano Magic fare on Bandcamp, including the last few copies of 'Closure' on vinyl :
Piano Magic Oct 26, 2018
For anyone planning to come to see The Apartments + Winter Kills (ex-Piano Magic playing Piano Magic songs!) tomorrow (Oct 27), here's the venue info for Antenna Studios : Doors will open around 7.45/8pm and Winter Kills will be on shortly afterwards. The Apartments onstage around 9.15pm. There's a licensed bar at Antenna and Crystal Palace train station is 10 minutes walk. Please note : this show has *sold out* and there'll be no tickets available on the door. Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!
Piano Magic Oct 23, 2018
Reminder that Winter Kills (ex-Piano Magic) play a special support to The Apartments at Antenna Studios, Crystal Palace, London, this coming Saturday, Oct 27th. The show is sold out but we'll be recording it for posterity/possible broadcast in some form or another. *UPDATE*: the Peter Milton Walsh solo show at The Troubadour the next day has since been cancelled.
Piano Magic Oct 11, 2018
Piano Magic French tour history. Anyone know where they played in Rouen on the 5th April 2001? 8/7/99 – TOURS, Donald’s Pub 4/8/99 – NEVERS, Maison de la Culture de Nevers et de la Nièvre (MCNN) 5/4/01 – ROUEN, ? 22/5/02 – PARIS, La Guinguette Pirate 3/8/03 – SAINT OUEN, Mains d'Oeuvres 28/10/03 – VENDOME, Salle De Minotaure, Rockomotives Festival 8/5/04 – REIMS, Theatre de L'Albatross, Tohu Bohu Festival 12/05/04 - PARIS, La Guinguette Pirate 15/10/04 – MARSEILLE, Le Poste à Galène 16/10/04 – TOULOUSE, Le Fairfield 17/10/04 – TULLE, "O Les Coeurs" Festival 19/10/04 – RODEZ, Blue Note Jazz Club 20/10/04 – GRENOBLE, L'Art Scène, Off Festival Rocktambules 21/10/04 – LYON, Le Rail Théâtre 22/10/04 – PARIS, Nouveau Casino 23/10/04 – DIJON, Atheneum 18/9/05 – PARIS, Sous La Plage Festival 21/10/05 – MARSEILLE, Espace Julien 22/10/05 – GRENOBLE, L'Art Scène 23/10/05 – LYON, La Marquise 24/10/05 – LILLE, La Malterie 25/10/05 – ROUEN, Emporium Galorium 26/10/05 – STRASBOURG, La Laiterie 27/10/05 – PARIS, Nouveau Casino 28/10/05 – PERIGUEUX, Le Goldwing 29/10/05 – NANTES, Le Live Bar, Festival Soy 3 29/11/06 – PARIS, Point Ephémère 5/12/07 – MARSEILLE, Cabaret Alèatoire, La Friche 6/12/07 – LYON, Sonic 7/12/07 – PARIS, Nouveau Casino 8/12/07 - LILLE, La Malterie Photo by Paul Heartfield.
Piano Magic Oct 10, 2018
If, like us, you have a penchant for the weird and wonderful, we'd really recommend the new Quimper album :
Piano Magic Oct 08, 2018
Piano Magic Oct 05, 2018
Released somewhat under the radar but for our money, easily one of the best albums of the year. Geniuser (Mick Allen, ex-Wolfgang Press + Giuseppe De Bellis) 'I Am' : ( Fantastic Brother Quay-esque video by Andersen M Studio (who, coincidentally designed lots of Piano Magic sleeves) :
Piano Magic Oct 04, 2018
You might recognise some of this wonderful design work?
Piano Magic Oct 01, 2018
'Craquelure' cassettes have all gone now but you can still order the deluxe, debossed, gold foil blocked CD version of ex-Piano Magicians, Cédric Pin and Glen Johnson's 'The Burning Skull' here :
Piano Magic Oct 01, 2018
Painting by Cédric Pin. 'The Burning Skull' by Cédric Pin & Glen Johnson available now from Bandcamp :
Piano Magic Sep 28, 2018
'Low Birth Weight' is 20 years old next May. Anyone for tea?
Piano Magic Sep 24, 2018
Spotify suggests that if you like Piano Magic, you'll also like Hood, The White Birch, Gravenhurst, Bark Psychosis, The Black Heart Procession, Labradford, Calla, Tindersticks, Low, Robin Guthrie, This Mortal Coil, Bowery Electric, Brendan Perry, Matt Elliot, Red House Painters, Cranes, I LIKE TRAINS. How accurate do you think that it is? Anyone they've missed?
Piano Magic Sep 21, 2018
"When all hope is lost And there’s no-one around I will stand up So you can sit down"
Piano Magic Sep 17, 2018
"I kept the Sabbath holy I did not place no other gods before me I honoured my father and I honoured my mother But beyond that, I just didn’t bother"
Piano Magic Sep 15, 2018
"I think often of you As I’m drowning in my glass Moments there have been And those moments, they have passed"
Piano Magic Sep 13, 2018
"The privilege and airs The vanity and fame Enjoy them as you can In death we’re all the same"