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Set Your Clock by Your Heart
Heart Machinery - A Piano Magic Retrospective (2001-2008)
Life Has Not Finished with Me Yet
Life Has Not Finished With Me Yet
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Part Monster
Popular Mechanics
The Troubled Sleep of Piano Magic
Writers Without Homes
Seasonally Affective, A Piano Magic Retrospective 1996-2000 (Disc 1)
Son de Mar (Music from the Film By Bigas Luna)
Artists' Rifles
Panic Amigo - Piano Magic Remixed
Low Birth Weight
A Trick of the Sea: Bliss Out, Vol. 13
Piano Magic Aug 23, 2019
More Textile Ranch coming soon on Second Language Music. In the meantime, here's a rare live recording from the Upper Norwood Library, London in November last year.
Piano Magic Aug 20, 2019
Piano Magic Aug 14, 2019
Back in stock from our Bandcamp, Piano Magic's final album, 'Closure,' 180 gm vinyl album with printed inner sleeve + bonus 24 page A5 fanzine, featuring interviews with the band and their associates. Only £12 plus p&p. Ships from the UK.
Piano Magic Aug 09, 2019
Photos by Simo Bogdanic of Walter Potter's taxidermy in 1999, then housed at Jamaica Inn, Bolventor, Cornwall. From the forthcoming 20th anniversary re-issue of Piano Magic's 'Low Birth Weight' album, out 13th September. Pre-order in the UK/Europe/RoW : or and in the USA :
Piano Magic Aug 08, 2019
"All the houses on the Crown Estate all look the same That nut from four doors down wandered in by mistake again..."
Piano Magic Aug 07, 2019
"Handle with care, if only you dare - I'm sensitive, touch sensitive..."
Piano Magic Aug 07, 2019
People of the Americas! You can now pre-order the vinyl re-issue of Piano Magic's seminal 'Low Birth Weight' from Darla Records here : Out 13th Sept.
Piano Magic Aug 06, 2019
"This classic dream pop album is getting a reissue! Dream pop meets post-punk, ambient, shoegaze, post-rock and an array of jaunty samples in this seminal LP." Piano Magic's forthcoming 'Low Birth Weight' vinyl re-issue with new artist sleeve notes, redesign and pictures from the original photoshoot available to pre-order from the good people of Norman Records :
Piano Magic Aug 05, 2019
You can (also) pre-order the forthcoming vinyl re-issue of Piano Magic's 'Low Birth Weight from Rough Trade Shops (@roughtradeofficial) here : Out 13th Sept.
Piano Magic Jul 31, 2019
'LOW BIRTH WEIGHT' 20th anniversary vinyl re-issue!!! We’re delighted to announce that, on the occasion of its 20th anniversary, for the first time since its original 1999 release, Piano Magic’s ‘Low Birth Weight’ album will be available again on vinyl this coming September. The record’s original label, Rocketgirl, will re-issue the release, beautifully redesigned, with new sleeve notes by Glen Johnson of the band and previously unseen pictures from Simo Bogdanovic’s original photo session. Greatly inspired by the experimental rock band, Disco Inferno and late 80’s/early 90’s “dreampop,” ‘Low Birth Weight,’ was recorded between Nottingham and London by a revolving cast of characters that included Pete Astor (The Loft/The Weather Prophets), Simon Rivers (The Bitter Springs) and minimalist electronic duo, Isan. Lyrical, emotional, playful, ‘Low Birth Weight,’ serves as a fascinating bridge between late 90’s dream pop and experimental electronic music. Out 13th September 2019. Pre-order here :
Piano Magic Jul 24, 2019
We have a last handful of copies of Piano Magic's 2009 'Ovations' 180gm vinyl album feat. Brendan Perry and Peter Ulrich of Dead Can Dance available from our Bandcamp : US friends, please contact Darla for cheaper shipping :
Piano Magic Jul 23, 2019
Piano Magic Jul 18, 2019
10 years old already!?! Piano Magic's 'Ovations' album featuring special guest vocals by Brendan Perry of Dead Can Dance on two tracks. … #deadcandance #pianomagic #brendanperry
Piano Magic Jul 11, 2019
Parisiennes! You can now buy Piano Magic releases (and great coffee and food!) directly from the lovely COMETS Café & disques, 38 rue Léon Frot 75011 Paris :
Piano Magic Jun 21, 2019
Did you know about this rather rare Piano Magic track buried away on this Second Language Music sampler? :
Piano Magic Jun 18, 2019
New favourite : What do you think?
Piano Magic Jun 07, 2019
Previously released in 2009 as a limited edition cassette on the Italian micro-label, Secret Furry Hole, Glen Johnson’s ‘Institutionalized EP’ is now available digitally. The 5 tracks come from the same recording sessions as Johnson’s debut solo album, ‘Details Not Recorded,’ also released that year. Glen : “Around the time of recording, I spent a while loitering around Whitechapel Hospital here in London, where Joseph Carey Merrick ('The Elephant Man') had been institutionalized in the 1890's. At that time, you could just about make out where David Lynch had filmed some of his movie about Merrick – the old boiler room and chimneys. And around the back, in a church crypt, there’s a small museum partially dedicated to Merrick which includes some of his belongings. Merrick’s story is one of human wretchedness and human compassion and in some ways, both are trapped in this EP. I've thrown in a cover of Sonic Youth's 'Secret Girl', not only because I've always loved the 'EVOL' album but because the words remind me of Merrick and anyone else who ever looked (or felt) different. Elsewhere, revenge, anger, loss, loneliness, violence, death, woe. Business as usual.” Features a cover of Sonic Youth's 'Secret Girl.' 1. Kill You 2. Ageing 3. Come Back 4. Secret Girl 5. I Can’t Help It All tracks written by Glen Johnson except 'Secret Girl' by Sonic Youth. All tracks recorded at home, early 2009. Piano on 'Secret Girl' by Angèle David-Guillou. Listen on Spotify :
Piano Magic May 10, 2019
Listen to all the songs that failed to chart by Piano Magic frontman, Glen Johnson :
Piano Magic May 07, 2019
Got Piano Magic's 'Son De Mar' soundtrack on vinyl? "First time on vinyl for Piano Magic's wonderful, evocative soundtrack for the Bigas Luna film 'Son de Mar' (which translates as 'Sound of the Sea'). Mixing Godspeed like string arrangements with beautiful Max Richter like neo-classical compositions and rustic field recordings, Piano Magic made a soundtrack that stands completely alone as an inspiring piece of work and one of the high water marks of their varied career. This re-issue is officially licensed from 4AD and is exclusive to us!"
Piano Magic May 01, 2019
Oliver Cherer talks about his new release on Glen Johnson's Second Language Music label including Glen's role in its realisation. Fans of early Cherry Red Records, Robert Wyatt, Brian Eno and The Durutti Column may want to investigate the album.
Piano Magic Apr 25, 2019
'Low Birth Weight' album photography by Simo Bogdanovich.
Piano Magic Apr 25, 2019
'Low Birth Weight' album photography by Simo Bogdanovic.