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iTunes Festival: London 2013
PHOX Aug 16, 2019
Hello friends, Jason here. Just wanted to let you know that my new band Fusz has released its debut solo EP titled 'Real Songs'. It's my first solo album and we have more releases coming very soon! If you would be so kind, please like/share our facebook fan page, slide into my DM's on insta:, and give us a follow on your favorite listening platform. Check out the link below to hear 'Real Songs'. Thanks for listening! Spotify: Apple Music:
PHOX Jun 25, 2019
Hi all! Matteo here, checking in to share with you a new album from Sonntag aka Zach Johnston. I sat at the helm as producer on this record as Zach and I arranged and recorded these songs in a flurry this past fall. Some of our dearest and most talented friends lent their spirits, including Alex Pfender (mixing, BGVs, gnar), Ian Meltzer (drums), Jesse Balmer (Director of Photography and Spirituality), and Christopher Gasser (Typeface wizard). I'm very proud of this music and would love for you to listen to these songs. Cheers!
PHOX Dec 11, 2018
PHOX Dec 04, 2018
Vulfpeck and Monica Martin OH HAI WOW CUU SO SPECIAL SINGING ONE OF Theo Katzman’S songles! 😍😍😍 plz send to one of your softest hearted yet funky lovers or friends
PHOX Oct 19, 2018
Friends Monica Martin has just released a new song ✨Cruel✨ Give it a listen at
PHOX Aug 27, 2018
love these duders Scary Pockets
PHOX Aug 10, 2018
Hi! It's Monica! TL;DR --> if you like rich vocals and and thoughtful lyrics check my new dear friend Rachel Mazer out! RR;RR --> Since I've moved to Los Angeles to pursue writing a solo record, I've been meeting a lot of lovely artists! It's IMPORTANT that I tell you that I believe 100% in the spirit, grit, and talent of Rachel Mazer, and I think you should see her perform, and support this record!
PHOX Jul 10, 2018
Monica had fun asking nostalgia to kiss the funk with Scary Pockets <3
PHOX Aug 22, 2017
Hey friends, Matteo dropping in here because I wanted to give a massive shout out to one of the most badass, and wonderful humans I've ever known. My brother-in-law, Steve Leopoldo Jude Villarreal, probably claims the title of PHOX's second biggest fan (right after his sister, my amazing wife, Adriana). Steve unexpectedly left this world last week, much much too soon. If you've been to a Chicago show, you may have seen his giant, red, lion's mane bobbing around to the music. His creativity, talent, charisma, and positivity was absolutely undeniable to those who were close to him, but even to those who happened to catch a glimpse of his smile from across the room, or hear his laugh. Your brilliance and heart is irreplaceable, and will be so sorely missed. Love you always, brother! *Turn up the volume a little bit...*
PHOX Aug 03, 2017
YES! Caroline Smith has a new single <3 <3 <3
PHOX Jun 26, 2017
Allo friends! Matteo signing on briefly just to share some things I'm excited about apart from Moni's ridiculously gorgeous Tiny Desk set! Firstly, here's the first teaser of a project that Zach and I have been working on for the past several months with the ever so brilliant Tonko House. It is to be released early this fall on Hulu Japan, and hopefully to the states soon after! Enjoy! Secondly, my dear dear friends in Foreign Fields have shared a mini-doc about their album released this past fall. It's beyond beautiful and I feel very lucky to have been apart of bringing the music to life and to share the story of struggles in mental illness, and the hope and love we can offer each other. I found great solace in the music and these friends in times of darkness, and hope you'll watch the video and have a listen to their music! Love you all, miss you all! -Matteo
PHOX Jun 05, 2017
Monica Martin with Violents at Tiny Desk! Thank you sweet Bob Boilen! And thanks to all sharing! xoxoxoxox😍
PHOX May 31, 2017
Hellot Darlings! It's Monica with a personal update! I just got back from London and have 30+ songs going toward a solo record! u can find me here ---> Monica Martin <--- I have a lot of work to do, and I'm about to go on a long roadtrip and do that whole exploration thang, where I will land my feet in Los Angeles for some sunshine life/record making. I finished the first promo run for the fun record I was featured on by Violents, and below is a live vid from our day in NYC with Carmel Holt at WFUV Public Radio!! Thank you for having us! And BIG thanks to Joe Morin on drums and Rootstock Republic, LLC on strings. <3 <3 <3 The entire Violents record is now restocked at this link --->
PHOX Apr 24, 2017
ALBUM RELEASE and SHOW in New York City at Rough Trade NYC! This Wednesday/Doors at 8! We will be joined by a string quartet and pretty lights! xoxo TIX HERE :::
PHOX Apr 18, 2017
Monica Martin linked up with Violents and made a full record!! They will be doing a special performance with string quartet at Rough Trade NYC on the 26th of April, and the full record comes out of the 28th of April! nu live vid preview below! 💕✨💖💕 link to grab vinyl::
PHOX Mar 27, 2017
Hey peepsies, Matteo here! Just wanted to let y'all know about something I'm very honored to be working on currently. I'm very excited to reveal a knew project in the works with the amazing Tonko House animation studio. It's a 10-episode series directed by the incredible ERICK OH, to be released by Hulu Japan this summer. Zach and I began collaborating with this amazing team almost exactly 4 years ago, and it's been a wild ride since the beginning. Please give the Tonko House page a like/follow and watch this incredibly beautiful project come together, amongst their many other amazing endeavors! Much love :) Cheers, -Matteo
PHOX Mar 21, 2017
Just set up a new PHOX webstore! Head to and grab these hats, posters and music while they last.
PHOX Mar 16, 2017
PHOX Feb 25, 2017
MADISON, WI! Tonight at 7pm! J.E. Sunde has a record release show at Crescendo Espresso Bar + Music Cafe ❤✨💕 He is one of our band's favorite songwriters and voices-- he is so giving in his writing. We hope you can make it! And if you're not in Madison, he's on tour now so check out his dates and get his record on March 3rd! Listen here !
PHOX Feb 19, 2017
photo: Graham Gardner
PHOX Feb 02, 2017
Thousand thanks to Consequence of Sound for premiering "Unraveling" by Violents! We'll be playing our first show at Rough Trade NYC On April 26th! xoxoxo
PHOX Jan 25, 2017
WASHINGTON D.C.! This Wednesday night at 9:30 Club come hang! Our heroes Cuddle Magic will start the show!
PHOX Jan 17, 2017
hey beautiful friends, this is essential listening:
PHOX Jan 12, 2017
GUYS! (Che is hiding in this WHOLE SERIES of photos lol)
PHOX Jan 11, 2017
YAYAAYAYA! Thank you, Noisey for premiering this live session of ‘Equal Powers!’ Excited to share more from the Violents + Monica Martin project at