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Raise the Dead (Bonus Track Version)
Raise the Dead
Phantom Planet: Live 2004
Phantom Planet: Live 2004
Live At the Troubadour
Live at the Troubadour
Phantom Planet
Phantom Planet
Negatives 2
Negatives 2
The Guest
The Guest
Phantom Planet Is Missing
Made in LA Made in LA 2019
Venue: Golden Road Brewing (Los Angeles, CA, US) Find tickets
Phantom Planet at Elsewhere (September 18, 2019)
Venue: Elsewhere (Brooklyn, NY, US) Find tickets
Phantom Planet Jul 16, 2019
NY / BOSTON ... tickets available friday at 10 am ... links will be posted on our site ... 🙃
Phantom Planet Jul 12, 2019 #nyc #bos #pp
Phantom Planet May 14, 2019
You guys know we are active on Instagram right? If not, follow us and make sure to tell Sam to shut up! -Darren
Phantom Planet May 09, 2019
ATTENTION LOS ANGELES: Its been brought to our attention there was a massive error with the venue's ticket link for this Friday's show (May 10th). In order to accommodate everyone and correct the technical mistake which was out of our immediate control, we are moving to a larger venue. We look forward to seeing everyone at THE LODGE ROOM - ticket details in the link below or in our profile. IF YOU BOUGHT A TICKET ALREADY, IT WILL BE HONORED AT THE NEW VENUE. If you got a refunded or invalidated ticket, please purchase new tickets at the link below! Same price, same night, just a new bigger room! Sorry for any inconvenience. See you there! For future reference and to stay updated on all the latest news from the band, please join the mailing list at: New venue: The Lodge Room 104 N. Ave 56, Los Angeles, CA 90042 Any questions please email our profile email! Ticket link (our website has the link too):
Phantom Planet May 03, 2019
Phantom Planet Apr 10, 2019
Tickets are now live for our three SoCal shows, including some more for LA. Go to for tix and info. We’ll see you guys there!
Phantom Planet Apr 05, 2019
8 years since the last one.
Phantom Planet Mar 21, 2019
Phantom Planet Mar 18, 2019
Hiatus. Over.
Phantom Planet Mar 16, 2019
Phantom Planet's cover photo
Phantom Planet Dec 11, 2013
Another new free Twin Terrors song, featuring Alex and good friend Katie Adelsburger. "It Wasn't Meant to Be" Also check out Katie (and her husband's) new apothecary business! So cool: Stay tuned for Phantom Planet updates as well...
Phantom Planet Nov 23, 2013
Anyone bored on a Friday night? Maybe you'd like to hear a song I wrote called "Koala". It's a Twin Terrors free download, with co-production by Alex. It's a bit reminiscent of "The Guest" days, so some of you out there might dig that aspect. Enjoy and please share it if you like it. It's a free download. Just spread the love.
Phantom Planet Jul 06, 2013
Reminder! This coming Thursday, Alex, Jeff and I (Darren) will now be performing a song together. It's FREE!
Phantom Planet Jun 29, 2013
Free! Alex will be performing a song, and Darren and Jeff will be playing in The Kennedy administration. Over half of Phantom Planet in one place! Wink.
Phantom Planet Apr 10, 2013
Yet another Twin Terrors jam, from Darren and Alex. "Et Vous Savez". We punch genres in the face! Free download. We love you. -Darren
Phantom Planet Jan 11, 2013
I know you guys want new Phantom Planet material. BUT, until that happens, how about a song I wrote that is very reminiscent of Phantom Planet (especially "The Guest" era)? It's a free download. Just spread the word if you dig it! Love, Darren
Phantom Planet Nov 25, 2012
Brand new Twin Terrors track now up, called "No Takebacks". Features Alex on live drums and programming! Oh, and it's a free download! Love, Darren
Phantom Planet Jun 13, 2012
Phantom Planet Jun 08, 2012
Phantom Planet's cover photo
Phantom Planet Jun 07, 2012
We've officially updated our Twitter page to: We were @phantomreunion before. Please make note! @phantomplanet
Phantom Planet Jun 07, 2012
Check out some photos and a review of our secret show on Monday at The Satellite!
Phantom Planet Apr 14, 2012
First rehearsal. One hour from now, exactly.
Phantom Planet Feb 01, 2012
Got any pictures from a Phantom Planet concert you went to a while back? Share them here!