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Pfirter at Jasna 1 (February 22, 2019)
Venue: Jasna 1 (Warsaw, Poland) Find tickets
Pfirter Feb 15, 2019
New mix up online for R-Imprint. I made a very personal recording featuring 100% of my original music and a big part of my upcoming album. Check it out!
Pfirter Feb 14, 2019
Check out my buddy Kr!z selection on Beatport featuring my track ¨Coherence¨, out now on Stockholm LTD!
Pfirter Feb 12, 2019
March 30 s B2B Kr!z at Berghain ❤️❤️❤️
Pfirter Feb 11, 2019
Próximo sábado 16. 6 hs de set. 6 años de
Pfirter Feb 08, 2019
Adiós invierno. Hola Buenos Aires 😊
Pfirter Feb 05, 2019
Beatport selected "Coherence" on their Best of January Techno chart. Check!
Pfirter Feb 04, 2019
MindTrip podcast episode 31 lands today and I am pleased to welcome to the family a great DJ & producer from Germany, Oliver Rosemann. Following up his latest track 'Unmaker' recently released on the Mutable Minds III, he delivers a powerful and exclusive mix for you. Enjoy it!
Pfirter Feb 02, 2019
For your weekend!
Pfirter Feb 01, 2019
Magnetic Magazine selects my track "Defiance" on this month's recap. Out on Stockholm LTD <3
Pfirter Feb 01, 2019
Tonight I’m in charge of @deep_space_helsinki Podcast. On air at 22:00 GMT+2 and on SoundCloud right after 🔥
Pfirter Jan 30, 2019
Today i share one more new track which will be included on my upcoming Album "The Empty Space". Here's the official premiere of "Isolation" by Trax Magazine! Vinyl preorder:
Pfirter Jan 29, 2019
Happy to present my new release on Stockholm LTD out now on all major stores. Super proud to release again on such great platform. Check it out here!
Pfirter Jan 24, 2019
The Empty Space 2x12" LP + Free WAV Download voucher is available for preorder now! Go check it out in full :) Art by Andy MA
Pfirter Jan 23, 2019
Premiere of "Defiance" is now online at Resident Advisor. Coming out next monday on Stockholm LTD <3
Pfirter Jan 23, 2019
Coherence / out next Monday on Stockholm LTD! #pfirter #stockholmltd #techno
Pfirter Jan 21, 2019
I'm really happy to be back on Stockholm LTD with my first release of this year. It's been about a decade since my Audiometria EP on Pär Grindvik's label but feels like a week ago for me :) Check out Defiance/Coherence, available for preorder now!
Pfirter Jan 16, 2019
Listen to my upcoming track "Note To Self" on Resident Advisor's premiere. Included in my upcoming album "The Empty Space".
Pfirter Jan 14, 2019
The first review of my upcoming debut album is here. Thanks Cyclic Defrost! ¨The Empty Space¨ will be out in March on MindTripRec :)
Pfirter Jan 08, 2019
2019 will be a year full of new music for me, and I’m very excited to announce the release of my first album “The Empty Space” which will be out in March on MindTripRec 🙂 After a decade of producing Techno in different platforms and formats, I’m now ready to share my first LP with all of you! More info will follow ❤️
Pfirter Jan 07, 2019
The very first episode of the MindTrip podcast is courtesy of Ukranian DJ and producer James Bong. James had his debut track, entitled 13, released on MindTripRec for the Mutable Minds III. Today, on episode 30th, he shares a flawless mix showcasing his signature sound. Enjoy!
Pfirter Jan 04, 2019
Listen back to Astronomical Telegram's latest mix for the MindTrip Podcast. Next up is James Bong with an exclusive set for the 30th episode.
Pfirter Jan 03, 2019
Thursday vibes! Check out colombian talent Astronomical Telegram's "Pride". Out now on MindTripRec!
Pfirter Jan 02, 2019
ph by Mora Dorrego
Pfirter Dec 31, 2018
Spent a couple wonderful days in Budapest, what a nice city it is! Let’s celebrate together tonight at @memorylandhu in on at 6 AM!
Pfirter Dec 28, 2018
Recovered from a heavy flu, just on time for the first gigs of 2019 ;) I’ll welcome the new year at @memorylandhu in Budapest (nye) and later on at @insoundfestival in Florence on 01.01.2019 let’s do this! #pfirter #pärgrindvik #garybeck #lukeslater #inigokennedy #techno