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Peter Broderick & Friends Play Arthur Russell
All Together Again
Mort Aux Vaches
Blank Grey Canvas Sky
Colours of the Night
Peter Broderick + Gabriel Saloman
Float 2013
These Walls of Mine (Special Edition)
These Walls of Mine
Music for Confluence
Music for Grace and Mercy
Music for Contemporary Dance
How They Are
4 Track Songs
Music for Falling from Trees
Words Are Dead
Yaga Gathering: Witchcraft Yaga Gathering: Witchcraft 2019
Venue: Yaga Gathering (Vilnius, Lithuania) Find tickets
Peter Broderick with DJ Giles Walker at The Lemon Tree (August 21, 2019)
Venue: The Lemon Tree (Aberdeen, UK) Find tickets
Peter Broderick at Headrow House (August 23, 2019)
Venue: Headrow House (Leeds, UK) Find tickets
Peter Broderick at Soup Kitchen (August 24, 2019)
Venue: Soup Kitchen (Manchester, UK) Find tickets
Peter Broderick Aug 17, 2019
all colours of the night turn every darkness into light
Peter Broderick Aug 15, 2019
<3 <3 <3
Peter Broderick Aug 14, 2019
Where will you catch Peter? 16/08 @ Yaga Gathering, Vilnius LT 18/08 @ Another Love Story, Killyon Manor IE* 20/08 @ Summerhall, Edinburgh UK^ 21/08 @ The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen UK^ 22/08 @ 24 Kitchen Street, Liverpool UK^ 23/08 @ Headrow House, Leeds UK^ 24/08 @ Soup Kitchen, Manchester UK^ 11/09 @ Zorlu Performans Sanatları Merkezi, Istanbul TR 15/09 @ Reworks Festival, Thessaloniki GR 20/09 @ Vaba Lava, Tallinn EE 27/10 @ 澳門國際音樂節 Macao International Music Festival, Macao MO 24/11 @ Explore the North, Leeuwarden NL *Peter Broderick plays Arthur Russell ^Peter Broderick & Friends play Arthur Russell
Peter Broderick Aug 05, 2019
Peter also played the as-yet-unreleased ‘I Wish I Had A Brother’ <3
Peter Broderick Aug 05, 2019
Peter went into the OpenLab studio in Barcelona a couple months ago and played a couple Arthur Russell tunes there including his own rendition of ‘Lucky Cloud’ :)
Peter Broderick Aug 03, 2019
Originally posted on Peter's website: "August 2019 will see me touring the UK and Ireland with a strip of shows devoted entirely to the music of Arthur Russell. The Peter Broderick & Friends Play Arthur Russell album is still available as a free download and I’ll be selling the remaining vinyl and cassette copies at the shows. For the Irish show I’ll be playing solo, but for the UK dates I’ll be joined by a band of lovely Glaswegians. At those shows you can even expect to be able to get your dance on! Come join us and let’s GO BANG!!"
Peter Broderick Aug 02, 2019
Peter will play his first show in Macao next October 27🙏
Peter Broderick Aug 02, 2019
Istanbul, Peter will be back to your incredible city next September <3
Peter Broderick Jul 19, 2019
Peter & Friends will embark soon on a UK tour playing the songs of the unique Arthur Russell. Here are the dates: 20/08 @ Summerhall, Edinburgh UK 21/08 @ The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen UK 22/08 @ 24 Kitchen Street, Liverpool UK 23/08 @ Headrow House, Leeds UK 24/08 @ Soup Kitchen, Manchester UK
Peter Broderick Jul 11, 2019
It's announced! Next November 24 Peter will play Explore the North in Leeuwarden🙏
Peter Broderick Jul 05, 2019
The 10 Best Vocal Pieces according to Shards. Follow the link at Dummy:
Peter Broderick Jul 02, 2019
You Are My Love, by Peter Broderick
Peter Broderick Jun 28, 2019
From Peter's website: "I first moved to Ireland at the end of August, 2016, and I was amazed when a week or two later I received an email from a woman named Katharine Mac Mághnuis at the Athenry Music School, asking if I might be interested in composing something for the students there. Athenry was a only a short drive away from where I had moved to in County Galway, and Katharine had no idea I had just moved to Ireland! So the next thing I knew I was having lunch at Katharine’s house, discussing a commissioned work for the school. For this occassion I wrote a piece called ‘When Everything Breathes’, for string orchestra and choir. I’ll be the first to admit that I may have written something a bit on the difficult side for these young students, but they did an amazing job with it, along with the help of the amazing Katharine conducting. I have just been sent this lovely video which I’m happy to share with you all, along with the choir lyrics below."
Peter Broderick Jun 28, 2019
Thank you, OpenLab <3
Peter Broderick Jun 09, 2019
First I'm here and then I'm there Then I'm here and then I'm there From there I'll go anywhere
Peter Broderick Jun 08, 2019
Peter Broderick - "Pulling The Rain" Studio Recording
Peter Broderick Jun 07, 2019
Only her right hand was above the flood.
Peter Broderick Jun 06, 2019
When I'm Gone.
Peter Broderick Jun 05, 2019
But it took longer than she imagined.
Peter Broderick Jun 04, 2019
Feathers and a cage too small.
Peter Broderick Jun 03, 2019
All we need is a little sunshine.
Peter Broderick May 29, 2019
Just announced!! Peter Broderick & Friends play Arthur Russell UK Tour: 20/08 @ Summerhall, Edinburgh 21/08 @ The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen 22/08 @ 24 Kitchen Street, Liverpool 23/08 @ Headrow House, Leeds 24/08 @ Soup Kitchen, Manchester
Peter Broderick May 28, 2019
Lithuania, Peter will be playing Yaga Gathering next August <3
Peter Broderick May 22, 2019
Tomorrow <3
Peter Broderick May 20, 2019