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Peter Bjorn and John Jun 14, 2019
“Tapping my feet in the morning, tapping my feet at night”.⁣ ⁣ Fantastic “remix” of ”Every other night” here.⁣ No hands!⁣ ⁣ Thanks Naoyuki. Keep on tapping.⁣
Peter Bjorn and John Jun 13, 2019
Björn Yttling has co-written and co-produced this beautiful track 'Get Along' by LA based band Slow Hollows. The band features Austin Anderson who is the young wizard playing guitar and has several credits including Frank Ocean’s 'Self Control' and Tyler, the Creator albums 'Flower Boy' and 'Cherry Bomb’. It's out now!
Peter Bjorn and John May 30, 2019
We had a chat with the NBC 7 San Diego SoundDiego TV host Daye Salani backstage at The Irenic in San Diego. See the video here: #DarkerDaysTour
Peter Bjorn and John May 29, 2019
Here are a few photos from our show at The Irenic in San Diego! Were you there?? Thanks, NBC 7 San Diego #DarkerDaysTour
Peter Bjorn and John May 26, 2019
Which is your favorite song from Ingrid Live Session? #IngridLiveSession
Peter Bjorn and John May 24, 2019
Thanks PopMatters! Nice interview with us about #EPBJ and the #DarkerDaysTour
Peter Bjorn and John May 17, 2019
Here’s a time-lapse video from the recording of INGRID Live Session at INGRID STUDIOS in Stockholm. The man in the hat with a camera is our longtime collaborator Ted Malmros, who directed the video for “Young Folks” as well as videos for his own band Shout Out Louds, First Aid Kit, and Lykke Li. Watch INGRID Live Session on Youtube: #IngridLiveSession #BehindTheScenes
Peter Bjorn and John May 16, 2019
INGRID Live Session is our acoustic take on three songs off the album Darker Days. It was recorded at the legendary INGRID STUDIOS in Stockholm (owned by Björn Yttling and Miike Snow’s Pontus Winnberg) and was filmed and directed by our long-time collaborator and Shout Out Louds bassist Ted Malmros. Watch it here:
Peter Bjorn and John May 15, 2019
🕒 ‘INGRID Live Session’ premieres over on Youtube in a few hours! You'll find us in the chat - come by and say hi! You can subscribe to the premiere or watch the video from 12pm PDT/3pm EDT/9pm CET here:
Peter Bjorn and John May 14, 2019
🎬 We invite you to the premiere of our live studio performance video from INGRID STUDIOS on our Youtube Channel! Click here and hit the 🛎 so you don't miss the premiere: WHEN? Wednesday, May 15th - 12pm PDT/3pm EDT/9pm CET #IngridLiveSession #PeterBjornandJohn #DarkerDays #VideoPremiere #YoutubePremiere
Peter Bjorn and John May 13, 2019
We stopped by #Studio1A in Austin for a KUTX 98.9 live session. Watch it here:
Peter Bjorn and John Apr 30, 2019
Just a few shows left of the North American #DarkerDaysTour !! ⭐️ April 30 - VENUE, Vancouver, BC ⭐️ May 1 - The Crocodile, Seattle, WA ⭐️ May 2 - Doug Fir Lounge, Portland, OR ⭐️ May 3+4 - Just Like Heaven Fest, Long Beach, CA ⭐️ May 5 - The Irenic, San Diego, CA A few tickets left to some dates:
Peter Bjorn and John Apr 28, 2019
Christian from met up with Peter before our show at Gare de Lion, Wil, Switzerland (our first show in Switzerland in TEN YEARS!!) for a deep, long, chat, covering lots of ground, stuff that we haven't talked so much about before, dogmas, income, semi-secrets even. Do check it out!! You can read it in both German and English. He also very kindly reviewed the show!! #darkerdaystour
Peter Bjorn and John Apr 27, 2019
Fozzie fanzine, made by Sara Hansby Reis, was one of the most long-lived and best/most fun fanzines to have come out of the so-called "swindie" (Swedish indie)-movement of the early/mid-'90s. Back in 2002 after the release of the first Peter Bjorn And John-album she met up Peter and Bjorn for a great chat. Last year Sara made the decision to reactive the magazine after a looong break, this time in a more "glossy", upscaled version. She made a point of again contacting artists she talked to the first time around. So for the second issue since the relaunch she had a great talk with Peter and Bjorn again before their show at Debaser in Sthlm, earlier this year! To read and help her with costs go preorder here:
Peter Bjorn and John Apr 26, 2019
Houston!! You were effing amazing! #darkerdaystour
Peter Bjorn and John Apr 25, 2019
This week you can stream our 2016 show from the SchwulenZentrum (SchwuZ) club in Berlin for free! The episode also includes interviews. Go to ALL ARTS and watch it:
Peter Bjorn and John Apr 23, 2019
We are very excited to soon play the states again starting in Philly this Wednesday! With us, on all the club dates on this run we have the singular talent Jon Searles, aka Jonathan Something, which will be a delight. So get ready for some "Outlandish Poetica" folks! #darkerdaystour
Peter Bjorn and John Apr 17, 2019
"Darker Days is ambitious, often captivating, and yes, dark. It may be the least uplifting album the group have made, but it’s also among their best." Well thank you The Indiecator!! #darkerdays
Peter Bjorn and John Apr 15, 2019
Take a look into parts of Peters record collection and what he looks forward to in the new releases this year in this fun feature with hmv
Peter Bjorn and John Apr 13, 2019
What are your top picks today? #recordstoreday
Peter Bjorn and John Apr 12, 2019
We can't escape light? No maybe it's hard with so much love and good reviews coming our way! Thank u Tinnitist! #darkerdays
Peter Bjorn and John Apr 11, 2019
The song ”Bones” is a hardcore heartbreak-song with a twist. I wrote it back in 2014 and I wanted to write a lyric that takes a sudden turn in the end of the chorus. The idea for the song came when I heard a woman saying “I could break all the bones in my body” to a friend just as I walked past them. I don’t know if she was talking about the poor snow clearing of the streets of Stockholm or something else but it was the perfect start of a chorus. The first arrangement sounded like some kind of broken r and b. I can tell you, it sounded extremely cool. Really. But, it sort of ruined the lyric completely. So I started over and did this fragile arrangement based on a plucked acoustic guitar. This song was actually on the table during the making of the “Breakin Point” album and one of the artwork-ideas for that album was believe it or not, three broken bones. But we ended up saving the artwork (and this song) for the Darker Days-release. All the best and be kind to each other J -- Listen to our new EP "EPBJ" here: #epbj #darkerdays
Peter Bjorn and John Apr 10, 2019
Video premiere! 🚨 This time it's the premiere for the "Bones" video at KEXP. Curious? We know you are. #epbj #darkerdays
Peter Bjorn and John Apr 09, 2019
North America! We're super happy to bring back the #darkerdaystour to the states and Canada and play some places we didn't get 'round to on the last run!! See u soon. Can't wait!! ⁣ ⁣ Some dates are close to sold out so get your tickets now at 💀💀💀
Peter Bjorn and John Apr 04, 2019
NEW VIDEO! "Saying Goodbye" is a little timpani & mandolin-driven ditty by Peter regarding how moving on and giving up a suffocating situation might lead to something new and (maybe) blooming. The track carries a spooky foreboding darkness, which is underscored by the hefty usage of the Atlantis-studios echo chamber and also its pump organ. There are also acoustic guitars. In fact, it's that rare thing, an all acoustic track performed all live, and it's all the better for it we think, dramatic and dynamic. See also if you can spot the references to Leonard Cohen and Mötley Crüe. Listen to our new EP "EPBJ" here: #epbj #darkerdays