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While Were Young
While We're Young
Yoko / Paris (Single)
Pegasus Bridge Oct 28, 2012
Amazing ukulele cover of 'Yoko' by Dima (7) and Nazym:
Pegasus Bridge May 28, 2012
Skinny tab
Pegasus Bridge Apr 18, 2012
This is a session we recorded for Burberry acoustic - you can download the ukulele version of 'Yoko' at iTunes:
Pegasus Bridge Mar 20, 2012
As well as the farewell show now being available on itunes, some of the last remaining merch as well as the DVD are now all on sale at the PB merch store.... quickly quickly!
Pegasus Bridge Mar 19, 2012
6 months ago was the last ever Pegasus Bridge show. For those who haven't bought the DVD, we have made the live show (audio) available on iTunes from today. Hope you enjoy
Pegasus Bridge Feb 27, 2012
It's nearly 6 months since our farewell show. what's everyones favourite PB memories?
Pegasus Bridge Feb 14, 2012
LAB Records is hosting a Valentines Day iTunes sale, which includes our single bundle for 'Like Dogs.' It is £1.29 for all 3 tracks until tomorrow only!
Pegasus Bridge Jan 27, 2012
Check out all of our music at iTunes at the link below, and don't forget our 50-minute playlist at YouTube:
Pegasus Bridge Jan 14, 2012
In case any of you missed it earlier in the week, here is 'Heartstrings' from our final show at Sound Control. Heartstrings / Boa at iTunes: The Farewell DVD:
Pegasus Bridge Jan 10, 2012
If any of you missed our final show in Manchester, check out this video of 'Heartstrings:'
Pegasus Bridge Dec 25, 2011
Hope you all got what you wanted today - if you were lucky enough to receive iTunes vouchers, all of our music is on sale here:
Pegasus Bridge Dec 25, 2011
Merry Christmas everyone!
Pegasus Bridge Dec 16, 2011 DVDs will be with you for Christmas. sorry for delays. enjoy Like Dogs!
Pegasus Bridge Dec 09, 2011
Everyone go and check out the wonderful Nina Nesbitt who opened for us at our farewell show. Her debut EP is out now on iTunes and here is the lead video.... we like it a lot!
Pegasus Bridge Dec 09, 2011
All DVD orders are being sent next week... here is a sneaky peak! (apologies for the delay, there were some delays in manufacture!) If you've not ordered a copy, head here now to secure yours
Pegasus Bridge Dec 05, 2011
We've reduced the price of our catalogue at iTunes - single songs now start at 59p. Preview and download here:
Pegasus Bridge Dec 03, 2011
Remember the Heartstrings remix from the other week.... ? Well the wonderful Proxies who did that have just released their first track. Enjoy
Pegasus Bridge Dec 01, 2011
The DVD is nearly ready... here is the front cover!
Pegasus Bridge Nov 23, 2011
Everyone enjoying the free remix download?
Pegasus Bridge Nov 22, 2011
While you're waiting for the farewell show DVD to arrive, here is an amazing remix of Heartstrings created by the wonderful Jordan Fish from Proxies. Its completely free, so head here now
Pegasus Bridge Nov 21, 2011
All of our catalogue is now on sale at iTunes - single songs start at 59p and 3-track single bundles from £1.29. Preview / download here:
Pegasus Bridge Nov 08, 2011
It's just over a year since we released 'While We're Young' - you can still pick it up on sale at iTunes for £4.49, with two bonus tracks:
Pegasus Bridge Oct 31, 2011
One year tomorrow since 'While We're Young' -
Pegasus Bridge Oct 27, 2011
There is now a playlist of all our videos on YouTube - all 45 minutes:
Pegasus Bridge Oct 25, 2011
'Heartstrings' was played at the end of 'Made In Chelsea' last night - if you missed it, you can catch up on 4OD. The single is still available with 'Boa' at iTunes: