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I Can Destroy
Stone Pushing Uphill Man
Fuzz Universe
United States
Silence Followed by a Deafening Roar
Get Out of My Yard
Space Ship One
Burning Organ
Raw Blues Power
Alligator Farm
Flying Dog
Beehive (Live)
Street Lethal (feat. Paul Gilbert)
Paul Gilbert at Sweetwater (March 6, 2019)
Venue: Sweetwater (Fort Wayne, IN, US) Find tickets
Paul Gilbert at De Boerderij (March 31, 2019)
Venue: De Boerderij (Zoetermeer, Netherlands) Find tickets
Paul Gilbert at Le Forum (April 6, 2019)
Venue: Le Forum (Vauréal, France) Find tickets
Paul Gilbert at Iridium (June 11, 2019)
Venue: Iridium (New York, NY, US) Find tickets
Paul Gilbert at Iridium (June 12, 2019)
Venue: Iridium (New York, NY, US) Find tickets
PAUL GILBERT Feb 13, 2019
Sweetwater is having me come in for a masterclass on March 6th. I like THAT! Info here:
PAUL GILBERT Dec 26, 2018
My Rock Online Guitar School at Artistworks is nearing 7000 video lessons. I want to hear YOU play. Join now at a ridiculously discounted rate - The promo code is MUSIC50 Rock and Roll ~ Merry Christmas
PAUL GILBERT Dec 06, 2018
If you didn't see it, I had a LIVE stream event with Q&A today with ArtistWorks. You can now watch the event and see what you missed!
PAUL GILBERT Dec 05, 2018
I'm having a LIVE streaming event with ArtistWorks on Wednesday, December 5th, 1:30PM Pacific Time. It'll be a Q&A live from ArtistWorks Facebook Page. Submit your questions in the comments area and I will respond to as many as time allows.
PAUL GILBERT Nov 09, 2018
I have been nominated by Music Radar in the Best Rock Guitarist and Best Guitar Album categories for 2018! The voting pages are and Vote for me! I promise to bend strings!
PAUL GILBERT Oct 16, 2018
“Behold Electric Guitar” CDs are being made now. Get yours at PledgeMusic and see a new song pro-shot in the studio in my latest Video Update! Thank you. Rock and Roll! Paul
PAUL GILBERT Oct 02, 2018
Don't forget I'm coming to South America this month for Masterclasses!
PAUL GILBERT Sep 28, 2018
Check it out! Live at The Iridium tonight!
PAUL GILBERT Sep 27, 2018
TONIGHT! Watch at for a 5 camera view! Starts at 8:30PM Eastern
PAUL GILBERT Sep 27, 2018
Tomorrow night! Tickets still available -
PAUL GILBERT Sep 20, 2018
Two new albums, "Vernon Solos" and "Super Detail Guitar" will both be released as digital downloads tomorrow at PledgeMusic! Also my new studio album, "Behold Electric Guitar" will be released this Monday, Sept. 24th!
PAUL GILBERT Sep 19, 2018
TODAY is the last day to have your name included in the liner notes of "Behold Electric Guitar." My new album with 12 new songs will be released on PledgeMusic in less than a week. Check it out here!
PAUL GILBERT Sep 17, 2018
I'll be at Iridium in NYC for 3 nights, Sept. 25-27th. Watch a free stream of entire SOLD OUT show on Sept. 27 at 8pm on Iridium’s website and choose among 5 camera angles - Hope you love the show!
PAUL GILBERT Sep 04, 2018
My newest Video Update is up at PledgeMusic. I'll be in the studio this week, to record "Behold Electric Guitar." Pre-order here:
PAUL GILBERT Aug 30, 2018
Don't forget! I'll be at The Ardmore Music Hall in Philadelphia on September 28th. Tickets are on sale now:
PAUL GILBERT Aug 29, 2018
My newest song is called, "A Snake Just Bit My Toe." Hear me jamming it on my latest PledgeMusic Video Update. Also, final order for t-shirts are Thursday, so get yours soon! Thank you, Rock and Roll! Paul
PAUL GILBERT Aug 24, 2018
Pre-order my new album "Behold Electric Guitar" on PledgeMusic. Hear this week's new song preview on my latest Video Update - And make sure to catch my live shows in NYC at The Iridium and near Philadelphia at The Ardmore Music Hall! NYC - Philly -
PAUL GILBERT Aug 20, 2018
I make good use of my slide-magnet on my latest Video Update at PledgeMusic. Check out my newest song-in-the-works for "Behold Electric Guitar"!
PAUL GILBERT Aug 11, 2018
Hear me jam my newest song, "Sir, You Need to Calm Down," at PledgeMusic! Just six weeks until the release of "Behold Electric Guitar." Pre-order here!
PAUL GILBERT Aug 01, 2018
My 10th Video Update is now ready to watch at PledgeMusic. See my newest slide magnet mod (on a PGM miKro) and the satisfying KERCHUNK that it makes when the magnets pull the metal slide back into its holding position. Plus hear my latest guitar explorations, and stories from Mr. Big tour.
PAUL GILBERT Jul 31, 2018
Full list of current clinic dates & tickets here!
PAUL GILBERT Jul 24, 2018
My entire guitar performance from the best show of the 2007 G3 tour is now available at my PledgeMusic site. SUPER GUITAR DETAIL! Pledgers can watch the full Video Update:
PAUL GILBERT Jul 20, 2018
Hey South America! I will be visiting and teaching MasterClasses this October! Please connect with each venue for more information.
PAUL GILBERT Jul 18, 2018
This week's Video Update at my PledgeMusic features some new ripping guitar ideas, plus a sneak peak of a new song for my upcoming "Behold Electric Guitar" album. Pledge now to see all the complete video updates! Thank you, and Rock and Roll!
PAUL GILBERT Jul 13, 2018
The new Mr Big live album, vinyl, & long-form video, "LIVE FROM MILAN" is out today! Get yours here: #MrBig #LiveFromMilan #HardRock #FrontiersRecords