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Here / Gone
Come What Will
LIVE [in Spaceland - September 26th, 2006] [Live]
Loneliness Knows My Name

Love Like Swords

Everyone's in Everyone
Patrick Park Apr 30, 2019
Patrick Park Apr 29, 2019
Patrick Park Apr 26, 2019
My new record “Here/Gone” is out today!!! Beyond grateful for everyone who put their time and talents into this one with me.
Patrick Park Apr 24, 2019
“love lover love” is the KCRW Todays Top Tune! You can listen and download it here!
Patrick Park Apr 09, 2019
"Love Lover Love" on Shannyn Sossamon's #TheMaudeRoom Thank you for having me!
Patrick Park Apr 03, 2019
Thank you to @amazonmusic for adding "Love Lover Love" to the Fresh Folk & Americana playlist! … #AmazonMusic
Patrick Park Mar 29, 2019
“Love Lover Love” is out today from my new album Here/Now coming out April 26!
Patrick Park Mar 28, 2019
Billboard premiered "Love Lover Love" today- a song from my new album!
Patrick Park Feb 26, 2019
Thank you to my friend Matthew Sidle for making a beautiful visual for “Everything Falls Apart”
Patrick Park Feb 22, 2019
Happy to announce that my new record "Here/Gone" will be out April 26! You can hear "Everything Falls Apart" from it now!
Patrick Park Jan 16, 2017
This has been my view for a he last week or so. 🔨🔨🔨🔨
Patrick Park Oct 25, 2016
Studio vibe tonight.
Patrick Park Oct 22, 2016
Slow but steady.
Patrick Park Oct 11, 2016
Ring around the sun. Auspicious apparently.
Patrick Park Sep 12, 2016
Last year I produced and co-wrote Elayna 's EP. She's playing at The Hotel Cafe in LA on Sept 14- Matt Mayhall Erik Kertes Jerry Borgé and myself will be her backing band! Come out if you're around.
Patrick Park Aug 22, 2016
Darkness on the edge of town.
Patrick Park Jun 26, 2016
Touchdown LAX
Patrick Park Jun 08, 2016
Honestly, this was ten minutes well spent.
Patrick Park Dec 27, 2015
Looks like clouds shedding.
Patrick Park Sep 10, 2015
NYC, you are one of a kind. You kind of stress me out, but it's hard not to like you.
Patrick Park Sep 10, 2015
This is the best thing about flying the red eye from Westcoast to East coast.
Patrick Park Sep 08, 2015
East coast tour with @ginwigmore starts tomorrow! Boston- NYC- DC- Philadelphia-Chicago- Minneapolis..
Patrick Park Aug 23, 2015
This is hard to top.
Patrick Park Aug 23, 2015
Backside of Mt. Teocalli. Almost 12,000 feet. Hard to leave once you finally make it up here.