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Sometimes It's Something, Sometimes It's Nothing at All
Runaway (Deluxe)
The Boy Who Cried Wolf
Young as the Morning, Old as the Sea
Muve Sessions: All the Little Lights
All the Little Lights
Divers & Submarines
Flight of the Crow
Wide Eyes Blind Love
Wicked Man's Rest
Ed Sheeran with The Darkness and Passenger at Chantry Park (August 24, 2019)
Venue: Chantry Park (Ipswich, UK) Find tickets
Passenger at TicketPro Dome (November 23, 2019)
Venue: TicketPro Dome (Johannesburg, South Africa) Find tickets
Passenger Jun 16, 2019
Hello everyone ! Its been a little while ….. hope you’re all well ?! Just wanted to share this video with you - its another one from my recent charity album “sometimes its something , sometimes its nothing at all” - all recorded and filmed at Abbey Road Studios with a string quartet . The song is “let me dream a while” which has been around for a few years now . Such a buzz to hear it with these strings !!! If you haven’t checked out the album yet then you can buy and stream it from this link we ran out of vinyls in the first few days and I’m delighted to say that they’re now back in stock !! Thank you for all of the wonderful feedback and support so far . Thanks to you guys we have already made a substantial amount of money for Shelter and the people that they support . Please share this video if you can . Loads of love . Mike x
Passenger May 12, 2019
Hey everyone ! Hope you’ve had a great week :-) My new album “sometimes its something , sometimes its nothing at all” has been out for just over a week and I have to say I’ve been bowled over by the response ….. so many lovely messages flooding through and some amazing support from Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music too … thanks so much guys !!! Because of you lot shouting about it and sharing it around , We’ve now totally paid off all of the recording and manufacturing costs so from now until the end of time, every penny from every sale and stream goes directly to Shelter and the incredibly important services that they provide . You guys are the best - thank you so much for getting behind this one :-) If you haven’t got yours yet then head over to To say thank you , here is possibly the silliest and definitely the most adorable video we’ve ever released …. We have two cats - Rosie and Charlie . They’re brother and sister and are two years old now but when we got them they were tiny kittens . A few days before we were due to collect them , little Charlie got in to an ill fated play fight with another kitten and unfortunately lost an eye (please don’t feel too sorry for him - he’s got a pretty wonderful little life !) As Charlie needed an operation , we ended up collecting Rosie a few days earlier than him . Understandably she was pretty freaked out to suddenly be with new people in a new place and away from her mum and brother :-( and to make matters worse there was an enormous thunderstorm for the first couple of nights that she was with us …. She spent most of the first 48 hours under our bed …. I didn’t know what to do so I tried to sing to her to calm her down . Not sure if it worked but I ended up writing this song . The video is just a load of our personal phone footage , tracking them from our first meeting to present day - lovingly edited together by the tireless Jarrad Seng Photography . As always , please share this around as much as you can … even if you don’t like the song , everyone loves kittens :-) Thanks so much for taking the time to read and watch and listen . Loads of love . Mike xx
Passenger May 08, 2019
Passenger May 03, 2019
Sometimes It's Something, Sometimes It's Nothing At All:
Passenger May 02, 2019
Hey guys ! Just wanted to say a massive thank you for the amazing response to the new record !!! Feels great to have it out in the world 🙂 please keep on spreading the word and sharing the music if you can !! also remember to tune in to the passenger socials tomorrow @4pm uk time for a few live songs 🙂 In the meantime here are some photos of what the physical album looks like …. You can grab a copy from this beautiful artwork was created by Louise Mulgrew Designs who just so happens to be my girlfriend …. louise spent hours on this and refused to accept any money for it so as to keep costs to a minimum …. What an absolute legend !! do yourself a favour and go check her out / follow her on Instagram …. her designs are beautiful ….. might be a tiny bit biased ….. but they really are beautiful !!!!! Xxx
Passenger May 02, 2019
Hello everyone !! I have some BIG news ….. Im delighted to say that I am releasing a brand new album TODAY and you can grab your copy on cd or vinyl now from this link Its called “sometimes its something , sometimes its nothing at all” (I know ….. its a silly and very long title !!) the whole album is just me with a string quartet and I was lucky enough to record it at Abbey Road Studios …. The best part about it is that all of the profits generated from sales and streams will be donated to Shelter . Shelter is an amazing uk based homeless charity . For those of you that are interested you can read about the fantastic work that they do here I’ll be playing some songs from the record live at 4pm (uk time) tomorrow afternoon so tune in to Facebook / youtube to watch . This is an entirely independent release . We’re not working with any labels / media partners to ensure that as much money as possible goes to charity . As a result we’re relying hugely on word of mouth so please please spread the word as much as you can . Tell you’re friends about it and go and stream it constantly with the sound down haha - every little helps ;-) Here is a little video for the title track . Really hope you like it . Thank you all so much for the support . Mike xx Ps huge thanks to ….. Chris Vallejo , Ross Irwin , Matt Fury , Matt Mysko , Rhian Porter , Kirsty Mangan , Catriona Parker , Emma Owens , Louise Mulgrew , Dan Medland , Rebekah Tayler And Clean Cut Media !
Passenger May 01, 2019
Passenger Apr 24, 2019
's cover photo
Passenger Apr 24, 2019
EUROPE - I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone that came down to a show over the last few weeks . We really did have the best time and I feel so unbelievably lucky to be able to go to such amazing cities and play my music to such passionate fans and to such lovely people !!! Here is a video that Jarrad Seng Photography and I shot in the beautiful Gran Teatre del Liceu in BARCELONA ….. This was definitely one of my favourite venues from the tour …. What a stunning place ! The song is called “paper cut , chinese burn” and has been knocking around for a few years …. I’m really glad its finally got its little chance to shine :-) As always , please share and tag your friends in if you like it . Thats all for now but there are a few big things happening next week before I disappear for a little while …. watch this space …. Mike xx
Passenger Apr 22, 2019
PAASPOP - last night was EPIC !!! Such a buzz to play to so many of you and just the best possible way to end a fantastic EUROPEAN tour 🙃🙃 It all feels like a bit of a crazy dream now ... Thank you all so much for watching and listening xxxx 📷 @coenhalmans & @laurahasslacher
Passenger Apr 15, 2019
I always love playing in POLAND but I have to say last night in KRAKOW might be the best yet .... you were just the perfect crowd !! Such a beautiful venue too - thanks so much for having us Studio Klub !!! Lovely to get the three part harmonies going with Ken Yates and Stu Larsen .... what a special night 😊 day off in sunny Prague today - what a treat !!! See you tomorrow night at Roxy xx Photos Jarrad Seng Photography
Passenger Apr 14, 2019
Happy Sunday everyone 😊 Hope you’re all having a good one ?! Just wanted to share a little video that we made in zermatt a few days ago .... We stayed at an unbelievable hotel called the Mont Cervin Palace and couldn’t let this view go to waste .... the song is landslide by Fleetwood Mac and is one my favourite songs in the world ever in the universe 🙃🙃 Thanks a million to Zermatt Unplugged for the amazing hospitality and also to Jarrad Seng for filming so beautifully! Please share and tag you’re friends in if you like it and have a lovely day !! Mike xx
Passenger Apr 13, 2019
VIENNA - I had such a wonderful time! Thanks for packing out that lovely venue :) and BUDAPEST you were absolutely awesome 😎 What brilliant nights and stunning cities !!!! I definitely want to come back and hang out for longer one day !!!
Passenger Apr 10, 2019
we get to visit some beautiful places and ZERMATT I have to say you were up there with the best of them .... The last few days were so relaxing and the concert was just sensational . I felt honoured to be playing in such an incredible setting and to such an attentive audience - you guys were perfect . Thank you so much to everyone at Zermatt Unplugged for the unbelievable hospitality . I really hope we can do it again one day !!! VIENNA - we are very happy to be here , it feels like it’s been ages ! We’re playing tomorrow night at Gasometer and there are still a few tickets left from See you very soon xx Photos by Jarrad Seng Photography Special thanks to Air Zermatt
Passenger Apr 08, 2019
Wow .... been an up and down few days !!! Been feeling a bit under the weather and unfortunately the show in Nîmes was a little shorter as a result 😥 will definitely be back one day soon to put in a longer shift I promise !!!! Definitely on the mend now and Bologna last night was just delightful !!!! Thanks so much to everyone that came along to both shows !! Very much looking forward to playing Zermatt Unplugged tomorrow night .... what a place !!! Xxx 📷 Jarrad Seng Photography
Passenger Apr 04, 2019
what a way to kick off the European tour - two excellent and very different gigs .... Thank you so much to everyone in MADRID and BARCELONA for the amazing shows !!!! Looking forward to playing at Paloma in NIMES tomorrow night !!!! Tickets from if you’re close by !! Mike xx 📷 Jarrad Seng Photography
Passenger Apr 03, 2019
SOUTH AFRICA - I am delighted to say that tickets for our November shows are now on general sale !!! As I said before these venues are scarily massive so please do spread the word and bring at least 300 friends each …. Thanks ! DURBAN - we’ve had so many people asking for us to come through …. So many in fact that we are now looking in to it …. I really can’t promise anything at this stage but we’re trying our very best to make something work …. So , for now if you’re living in Durban or close by and want to come to a show it may be best to hold off until we have more info ….. the last thing I’d want is for people to book travel / hotels etc and then I end up playing two blocks away from your house … we’ll update as soon as we can . You guys are definitely keen though right ???? And LASTLY ….. here is a little video that Jarrad Seng Photography made whilst we were in cape town …. Its for a new song called “helplessly lost” and I really hope you guys like it !! Think thats all for now xxx
Passenger Mar 31, 2019
Hello everyone !! I’m delighted to say that the wonderful Ken Yates will be opening the shows throughout Europe over the next few weeks ... Ken is a fantastic Canadian singer/songwriter and a pretty excellent human being too ! Can’t wait for these gigs !! Madrid on Tuesday is SOLD OUT but tickets still available for Barcelona the following night ..... for all tickets and info head to see ya’ll soon xxx
Passenger Mar 31, 2019
All tickets from:
Passenger Mar 29, 2019
SOUTH AFRICA - what a week 😳 it’s been completely mad ... I can’t quite believe that I played to over 200,000 people 😮😮😮 What a lucky boy !! Not only that but all four gigs were absolute belters and you were just the kindest crowds !! As a result we’ve arranged to come back in NOVEMBER 🙃🙃 Now ... these are pretty big gigs .... arenas in fact .... I’m kind of nervous to put on such big shows but the response over the last few days has been so amazing that we decided to go for it 😮😎😶 Please please spread the word if you can .... tell your mates and share this post around .... General sale will be on Wednesday at 9am from Thank you all so so much for making me feel so welcome and I genuinely can’t wait to come back and see you all again !! Loads of love !! Mike xx
Passenger Mar 25, 2019
JOHANNESBURG - thank you all sooooooo much for two extraordinary gigs with Ed Sheeran .... pretty sure they were the biggest crowds I’ve ever played to and something that I will never forget .... thank you for being so kind and open to listening !! I am definitely gonna come back later on the year .... we’re working on dates this week so I should have details soon !! Please spread the word and share the music in the meantime 😊 Loads of love . Mike xxxx 📷 Jarrad Seng Photography
Passenger Mar 18, 2019
SOUTH AMERICA and MEXICO - I’m not really sure what to say . The last five weeks have been the most incredible adventure and genuinely one of the best and most enjoyable tours I’ve ever been a part of . Its always been a dream of mine to spend time in this part of the world and the fact that I got to come here with some of my best friends and play music makes me feel so unbelievably lucky . We’ve been blown away by the warmth and kindness that we’ve encountered . Every crowd has been so passionate and engaged . We will definitely be back , and as soon as possible . In the meantime , here is a little video of our time here . Watching it back makes me realise just how much we’ve seen and done in such a short amount of time …. The song is “restless wind” - its been around for a few years now but it just felt like the right soundtrack to this phenomenal journey . A huge thank you to Jarrad Seng , Stu Larsen , Ed Sheeran and his amazing crew , thomas , Ian , simon , Roxy , Marcos , dan , bek and fran . Thank you all so much for working so hard and making this happen . I love you all . Thanks also to all of our teams in South America !! Please feel free to share this video around as much as you can . Next up …. Three days at home / in bed / cuddling my cats and then ….. SOUTH AFRICA !!!!!! So much love and thanks . Mike xxx
Passenger Mar 18, 2019
MEXICO - what a gig !!!! You guys were unbelievable - so loud and passionate and just the perfect way to end this amazing tour !! Thank you for making us feel so welcome . I promise we won’t leave it so long till we’re back again !! All my love and thanks . Mike xx 📷 Stu Larsen & @halofive
Passenger Mar 17, 2019
COLOMBIA 🇨🇴- you legends !!!!! We’ve absolutely loved this short time we’ve had with you . The show was just beautiful . Thank you all so much for coming down and we will definitely be back again soon !!! MEXICO 🇲🇽- last but definitely not least !!! let’s make our last Latin American show one to remember 🙃🙃🙃 xxx 📷 Stu Larsen
Passenger Mar 15, 2019
PERU 🇵🇪 what a beautiful couple of days . I feel so lucky to have seen a tiny snapshot of this amazing place and the concert - although very warm 🥵 - was absolutely wonderful !! To come to a country for the first time and sell out a show is humbling . Thank you for being so friendly and generous and I look forward to seeing you all again one day 😊 COLOMBIA 🇨🇴 see you very very very soon !! xx