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Rise, Rise, Rise
Parts & Labor Oct 19, 2018
New Upper Wilds (ex-Parts & Labor) is out today on Thrill Jockey Records. It's the first in a series of albums themed around the planets, and features cover art by Nolen Strals (Double Dagger/Post Typography), guest vocals from Katie Eastburn (Young People), and some help from Mark Shue (Guided By Voices), Jeff Rosenstock, and more. Tour starts 10/26:
Parts & Labor Sep 29, 2017
Upper Wilds (members of Parts & Labor and Ex Models) have a new album and are playing some shows this fall: 10/7 Brooklyn @ ALPHAVILLE. (Record release show with A Band Called E, GOLD DIME, Video Daughters) 11/9 Baltimore @ EMP Collective (with Margins, ex-DOUBLE DAGGER) 11/10 Cleveland @ The Happy Dog (with EYE) 11/11 Chicago @ Situations (with RLYR) more tba
Parts & Labor Aug 10, 2015
DIY docs, part two: In ten years, we played all kinds of spaces in all kinds of towns all over the damn place. The best shows were always in those places that bands don't usually take the time to venture towards, where the kids are hungry for new art and music and will do whatever it takes, with whatever materials, to make a fun show happen. Enter the Shed, in Palmer, MA. It was literally a woodshed in a suburban backyard that fit, maybe, 20 people and a band comfortably, tops. Some of my favorite show memories are from here. A moth flitting around a pre-Battles Tyondai Braxton performing while sitting on the Shed's floor. An impossibly joyous set from Friends Forever, who parked their converted VW bus right up on the lawn. Here's a trailer for an upcoming documentary about Mike and John and this amazing and unique show space that they created out of nothing. If you live in a town that doesn't have any cool venues, watch this and know that you have only yourself to blame.
Parts & Labor Aug 10, 2015
DIY docs, part one: In our early days of touring, we performed in Cleveland so many times that folks thought we lived there. It was kind of our second home, a rust-belt wasteland populated by an incredible number of amazing musicians, artists, punks, and weirdos. Few people epitomized the spirit of that town more than comic book artist John G. He was an early and an enthusiastic supporter of our band, responsible for the majority of our Cleveland show flyers. And we were crazy honored when he included us as characters in one of his Shiner Comics (Dan and BJ as robots and then-drummer Christopher as some weird man/octopus hyrbid). Now there's a short documentary out about John G. Check it out; dude is a fucking inspiration:
Parts & Labor Apr 01, 2015
Hi P&L folks! Joe Wong's podcast, The Trap Set, is featuring an interview with Melvins drummer Dale Crover today. Melvins were an influence on P&L, and Joe and Dale have a great chat. Listen/Subscribe here:
Parts & Labor Jan 28, 2015
Joe Wong's first episode of The Trap Set, wherein he interviews Fugazi's Brendan Canty, is live! Check it out:
Parts & Labor Jan 21, 2015
Check out Joe Wong's The Trap Set, a new podcast about the lives of drummers. First episode with Brendan Canty, drummer of Rites of Spring and Fugazi.
Parts & Labor Mar 28, 2013
We interrupt this hiatus to remind you that Joe Wong will be touring with Marnie Stern. Dates at KRS:
Parts & Labor Jan 31, 2013
Catch P&L's Joe Wong on tour with Marnie Stern this year!
Parts & Labor Nov 27, 2012
We're still on hiatus, and clearly not keeping up on our social networking. Somehow missed this note from April, about a sweet little music blog flatteringly named after one of our songs. Check it out.
Parts & Labor Mar 27, 2012
This is sweet; Backwords covers our song "Little Ones" for The Voice Project:
Parts & Labor Feb 27, 2012
Parts & Labor Feb 23, 2012
We put together a collection of flyers from the last 10 years and wrote about the shows for Impose Magazine:
Parts & Labor Dec 20, 2011
Our friend Tod Seelie took some killer photos of the double-drummer "Stay Afraid" set last Friday.
Parts & Labor Nov 16, 2011
We oppose SOPA, and you should too if you care about an uncensored Internet.
Parts & Labor Oct 19, 2011
The first of our retrospective shows is tonight. We'll be performing a bunch of "Receivers" songs at the Jagjaguwar CMJ showcase.
Parts & Labor Oct 14, 2011
Details about Parts & Labor's 10th anniversary show and hiatus:
Parts & Labor Sep 22, 2011
We just learned that we're being advertised as playing a show in Berlin, Germany tonight, but we're not even on tour. Sorry to anyone who was hoping to see us there.
Parts & Labor Mar 24, 2011
Thrill Jockey/Antiopic/Fina Music have put together a massive, 64 song compilation to benefit relief efforts in Japan! $15 for a digital download, 100% of the proceeds donated to Civic Force (a non-profit, Japanese emergency response organization). P&L contributed "Dokonimonai", a version of "Nowheres Nigh" with the vocals redone in Japanese! Get your copy here:
Parts & Labor Feb 22, 2011
Parts & Labor Jan 25, 2011
Village Voice has photos from the Dan Friel show this weekend. Check out Showpaper Gallery before it closes on Friday:
Parts & Labor Jan 24, 2011
Parts & Labor Jan 22, 2011
Shooting the video for "Echo Chamber" in a semi-heated ex-convent in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Watch for our breath in the video....
Parts & Labor Jan 21, 2011
Week 2 of streaming new songs @ "OUTNUMBERED"