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WAS WAS 2019
Venue: WAS. (Utrecht, Netherlands) Find tickets
Lolita Lolita 2019
Venue:, Razzmatazz (Barcelona, Spain) Find tickets
Grounded Theory Grounded Theory 2019
Venue: Tresor (Berlin, Germany) Find tickets
De Weekend De Weekend 2019
Venue: De School (Amsterdam, Netherlands) Find tickets
Parrish Smith and Borusiade at Francis28 (May 24, 2019)
Venue: Francis28 (Melbourne, VIC, Australia) Find tickets
Strange Sounds From Beyond Strange Sounds From Beyond 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Amsterdam, Netherlands) Find tickets
By The Creek By The Creek 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Vianen, Netherlands) Find tickets
parrish smith Apr 24, 2019
in convo w Tommy Four Seven. looking forward to the night with him and Talismann at the 26th at WAS.
parrish smith Apr 11, 2019
And he ventured out, consumed with compelling desire 12.04 tresk, Ljubljana 18.04 Rokolectiv Festival, Bucharest 19.04 Kaiku, Helsinki 26.04 WAS., Utrecht 27.04 Razzmatazz (lolita), Barcelona 03.05 Tresor.Berlin (OFFICIAL) 04.05 De School, Amsterdam
parrish smith Apr 03, 2019
06.04 R3 Klubnacht: Parrish Smith - Headless Horseman - Lorenzo Nari / DUDE CLUB
parrish smith Mar 26, 2019
thank you to all who came to support, it was one of the dearest nights I had at Garage Noord and De School. Last copies of photosynthetic:
parrish smith Mar 21, 2019
Staying in town with some of our favourites. 22.03 Volition Immanent Release party w December 23.03 De School w/ Karenn, Sandrien, Tammo Hesselink Pre order:
parrish smith Mar 19, 2019
grateful to share my recorded set of Unpolished 2019. enjoy!
parrish smith Mar 14, 2019
14.03 Volition Immanent live at Austin SXSW w @redlightradio. 16.03 Motel Campo Geneva w @decemberfool Still by malo lacroix
parrish smith Mar 05, 2019
Unpolished burned in my memory every single time, thank you! vid @Artaphine
parrish smith Mar 01, 2019
In the darkness of my darkbeat heart performing @reaktor_unpolished 00.30-02.00
parrish smith Feb 22, 2019
new recorded electronics for BLOCAUS 23.03 Soenda 23.03 Perron w. Phase Fatale mad miran 24.03 Fold w December An-i
parrish smith Feb 19, 2019
crush your muse 23/02 Soenda Utrecht 23/02 perron Rotterdam 24/02 corner x champs libre london 28/02 Golden Pudel hamburg 01/03 Unpolished amsterdam 13/03 SXSW X RLR austin 16/03 motel campo Genève 22/03 Volition Immanent release party 23/03 De School amsterdam 29/03 rote sonne munchen 30/03 Boiler Room paris
parrish smith Feb 12, 2019
from childhoods hour I have not been as others were I have not seen
parrish smith Jan 28, 2019
"whatever your opinion is it never changes my need to create" Unpolished 2019
parrish smith Jan 22, 2019
fall into sin
parrish smith Jan 21, 2019
sex suicide speed metal Dekmantel '19
parrish smith Jan 16, 2019
kicking the habits 19/01 Bret Hardcore Special, Ams 25/01 Volition Immanent, Stockholm 1/02 La Station - Gare des Mines, Paris 1/02 C12, Brussels 23/02 Soenda, Utrecht 23/02 Perron, Rotterdam 24/02 FOLD, London 28/02 TBA, Germany 1/03 Unpolished, Ams
parrish smith Dec 28, 2018
the dead past bury its dead 28.12 garage noord w The Horrorist 31.12 rote sonne w stranger Adam X Codex Empire
parrish smith Dec 12, 2018
parrish smith Nov 29, 2018
preaching the gospel of my own 30.11 Particules, Lyon 08.12 Volition Immanent, Poitiers 14.12 BASSIANI w Blawan, Tbilisi 28.12 Garage Noord w the horrorist, Amsterdam 31.12 Rote Sonne, Munich
parrish smith Nov 20, 2018
Interview w. De School, discussing previous and upcoming work.
parrish smith Nov 08, 2018
Darkbeat 10.11.18 De School w/ Job Sifre and Regis Regis / Job Sifre / Parrish Smith
parrish smith Nov 06, 2018
VA- Unwitch - The Presence including I Hate Models, VSK, /ϟ/HUREN/ϟ/, Manni Dee, Chafik Chennouf Vinyl: Bandcamp:
parrish smith Nov 01, 2018
Controlled speed and rage at the tresor for a first. In early and out late! FB
parrish smith Oct 25, 2018
darkbeat electronixx recorded at Dekmantel 2018. enjoy!
parrish smith Oct 23, 2018
Crushing your muse! thank you everyone at Reaktor Events