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Parrish Smith at Unknown venue (December 14, 2018)
Venue: Unknown venue (Tbilisi, Georgia) Find tickets
TBA Festival TBA Festival 2018
Venue: Garage Noord (Amsterdam, Netherlands) Find tickets
Into A Better Future x Rote Sonne Into A Better Future x Rote Sonne 2018
Venue: Rote Sonne (Munich, Germany) Find tickets
TBA Festival TBA Festival 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Paris, France) Find tickets
parrish smith Nov 29, 2018
preaching the gospel of my own 30.11 Particules, Lyon 08.12 Volition Immanent, Poitiers 14.12 BASSIANI w Blawan, Tbilisi 28.12 Garage Noord w the horrorist, Amsterdam 31.12 Rote Sonne, Munich
parrish smith Nov 20, 2018
Interview w. De School, discussing previous and upcoming work.
parrish smith Nov 08, 2018
Darkbeat 10.11.18 De School w/ Job Sifre and Regis Regis / Job Sifre / Parrish Smith
parrish smith Nov 06, 2018
VA- Unwitch - The Presence including I Hate Models, VSK, /ϟ/HUREN/ϟ/, Manni Dee, Chafik Chennouf Vinyl: Bandcamp:
parrish smith Nov 01, 2018
Controlled speed and rage at the tresor for a first. In early and out late! FB
parrish smith Oct 25, 2018
darkbeat electronixx recorded at Dekmantel 2018. enjoy!
parrish smith Oct 23, 2018
Crushing your muse! thank you everyone at Reaktor Events
parrish smith Oct 17, 2018
High energy plot, who's ready ? @reaktorevents
parrish smith Oct 11, 2018
Godflesh for the spiritual cleansing. next up is IBoat, Bordeaux, looking forward! vid: Giovanni Nunes
parrish smith Oct 04, 2018
CONCRETE on lockdown.
parrish smith Oct 01, 2018
full spectrum electronix 6.10 Concrete, Paris 13.10 IBoat, Bordeaux 18.10 Reaktor, Amsterdam 26.10 White Hotel, Manchester
parrish smith Sep 21, 2018
Breaking tradition 22.09 Basis/ Adam X/ Domenico Crisci/ Parrish Smith Pic: @punchdouble
parrish smith Sep 11, 2018
VA - 'Unwitch - The Presence' vinyl/digital out on October 19. A1. I Hate Models - Beloved & Damned A2. VSK - Inception B1. Chafik Chennouf & Manni Dee - Hostage to Hope ft. /ϟ/HUREN/ϟ/ B2. parrish smith - MOSHPIT
parrish smith Sep 10, 2018
metal man is recovered. Such a pleasure to close de school for the 2nd time and bless you all for the support.
parrish smith Sep 06, 2018
We'll be crushing your muse at De School 08.09. Phase Fatale and Antenes are on it as well. Pic: bart heemskerk
parrish smith Sep 03, 2018
Dekmantel selectors came with lots of bruises and scars which made this weekend sublime Tnx for inviting me Dekmantel Vid: Minimal Sounds
parrish smith Aug 31, 2018
Various Artists - 'Unwitch - The Presence', 12" vinyl and digi out end of September I Hate Models - Beloved & Damned VSK - Inception Chafik Chennouf & Manni Dee - Hostage to Hope ft. /ϟ/HUREN/ϟ/ parrish smith - Moshpit
parrish smith Aug 22, 2018
@all_club_ shanghai and @betonbrutinc Seoul truly a pleasure for playing there and seeing my roots 🙏🏽 next up dekmantel selectors, tisno
parrish smith Aug 14, 2018
spiritual homecoming asia Say Yes | Parrish Smith【LIES/ Dekmantel】Shanghai Parrish Smith (Dekmantel | LIES - NL)
parrish smith Aug 08, 2018
METAL MAN!!! Dekmantel
parrish smith Aug 02, 2018
Dekmantel weekender. Today my score will be screened at eye film (19.30) free entrance. Tonight the live show with volition immanent at shelter and closing the weekend with a dj set at the new UFO II stage.
parrish smith Jul 30, 2018
red august 2.08 DekmantelxRe:Vive film/soundtrack at EYE film 2.08 Dekmantel Festival as Volition Immanent 5.08 Dekmantel Festival, Ams 10.08 Flow Festival as Volition Immanent, Hel 26.08 Dekmantel Selectors, Tis
parrish smith Jul 23, 2018 coining 'industrial pop' in this review. vinyl still available at the webshop.
parrish smith Jul 17, 2018
full power, Reaktor & DVS1 present ADE
parrish smith Jul 11, 2018
interview with Red Bull Music- dutch read sensational headliner included xx