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parrish smith Aug 13, 2019
Due to last minute cancellation we are looking for 2 new gigs on 20/27 september in Latin America. Bogota and Medelling are already confirmed to witness my excitement. tag your mans and get in touch with [email protected]
parrish smith Aug 12, 2019
returning to De School with 2 BASSIANI residents. HVL and Zitto who I was impressed with when seeing him play at his household. fly by and get burned for their debut. HVL / Zitto / Parrish Smith
parrish smith Aug 06, 2019
Experienced my most precious weekender at Dekmantel, buzzing from all the reactions. Thank you for the patience to listen and the intensity to loose control. Hi Tech Punk spirit unleashed! Photo Yannick Van de Wijngaert
parrish smith Aug 01, 2019
Excited for this weekend with the capacity to surprise and to invoke the hi tech punk spirit. Friday Boiler Room Dekmantel Saturday UFO 1 Dekmantel and Katharsis with Volition Immanent's new live show.
parrish smith Jul 23, 2019
Boiler Room feature ahead of Dekmantel festival, talking about scoring films, motivations and musical progressions. enjoy the read!
parrish smith Jul 18, 2019
The score I've made of Walter Ruttman's iconic piece has been released at Dekmantel + my collab with Interstellar Funk is out at LIES Records News Dekmantel: LIES:
parrish smith Jul 04, 2019
red lights, double vision, heart races like super cars Track slowthai doorman Strange Sounds From Beyond Red Light Radio
parrish smith Jun 28, 2019
metal and mechanical collaboration with my man Interstellar Funk. Soon to be released at LIES Records News.
parrish smith Jun 25, 2019
Vlijmscherp! Dekmantel Boiler Room and UFO 1
parrish smith Jun 21, 2019
Taking care of the closing at the Red Light Radio stage saturday at Strange Sounds From Beyond 2019. photo malo Lacroix
parrish smith Jun 19, 2019
High Level Synergy at SOUND Department, monopoli. Amazing view at the location
parrish smith Jun 13, 2019
sonic quality, sonic energy Saturday playing at Sound Department Ascolti and today a little pre party of Strange Sounds From Beyond at Rush Hour starting at 17.00 Video Unpolished
parrish smith Jun 11, 2019
Violent Playground at Dekmantel '19 Boiler Room stage
parrish smith Jun 04, 2019
Thanks FOLD for having me, best place I've been in London. Next is Griessmuehle w Zanias and Ossian, SOUND Department Italy and closing Strange Sounds From Beyond with dem hi tech punk.
parrish smith May 31, 2019
Hi-Tech Punk where next? 01.06 FOLD London 03.06 SHAPE platform x synapse Prague 05.06 Griessmuehle Berlin 15.06 sound department Taranto 22.06 Strange Sounds From Beyond Amsterdam
parrish smith May 29, 2019
Wonderfull time being in Asia and Australië.
parrish smith May 14, 2019
'Come to see the mobscene 17.05 Oil, Shenzhen 18.05 ModernSkyLAB_Shanghai 18.05 ALL, Shanghai 24.05 Animals Dancing, Melbourne 25.05 GRIP,, Sydney 01.06 FOLD London 05.06 Griessmuehle, Berlin
parrish smith May 10, 2019
Pleasure to hear Luke Slater is a fan of my craft. Sex, suicide & speed metal included in his top 10.
parrish smith May 06, 2019
explicit weekend at Tresor.Berlin (OFFICIAL) and de De School. late techno burners it were but still satisfying for the mind and soul. photo andriana tuesday DUDE CLUB
parrish smith May 02, 2019
getting ready for Tresor.Berlin (OFFICIAL) and De School this weekend. happy to share an exerpt of my set at BASSIANI.
parrish smith Apr 29, 2019
delighting in unintelligible images have been invited to great clubs and places over the past period to share my cuts on electronic music, thanks for having me. next up tresor and de school.
parrish smith Apr 24, 2019
in convo w Tommy Four Seven. looking forward to the night with him and Talismann at the 26th at WAS.
parrish smith Apr 11, 2019
And he ventured out, consumed with compelling desire 12.04 tresk, Ljubljana 18.04 Rokolectiv Festival, Bucharest 19.04 Kaiku, Helsinki 26.04 WAS., Utrecht 27.04 Razzmatazz (lolita), Barcelona 03.05 Tresor.Berlin (OFFICIAL) 04.05 De School, Amsterdam
parrish smith Apr 03, 2019
06.04 R3 Klubnacht: Parrish Smith - Headless Horseman - Lorenzo Nari / DUDE CLUB
parrish smith Mar 26, 2019
thank you to all who came to support, it was one of the dearest nights I had at Garage Noord and De School. Last copies of photosynthetic: