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Feels Like Carolina
Parmalee Feb 23, 2019
Here’s one that never quite made it into the finals to be cut for an album, but has been on my mind lately. If y’all like this kind of post please give it a share or comment below so we can see the reaction; might even take some requests at some point 😆 “Me and You,” unreleased.
Parmalee Feb 23, 2019
#FBF to May, 13 2013 when we got caught warming up with a little A cappella in a carport before one of many showcases introducing Parmalee to Nashville and introducing Nashville to us. “Carolina” had just been released to iTunes and we were about to hit the road and not return home for a very long time and we had no idea; we were about to travel more than we ever had before and 4 guys from a town of less than 260 people were about to meet over 100 thousand people. Thanks to all of you for listening to our music and for following along! Cheers to 100k!! #famalee #Carolina
Parmalee Feb 21, 2019
Ep. 102 Roll-A-Bounty is a very commonly used term in Matt’s and Scott’s houses and on the Parmalee tour bus. The Thomas Brothers like things very clean and smelling fresh!! # New episodes every Wednesday!! See all 102 episodes on hashtags #CountryDictionary #Parmalisms Bounty (paper towel) . . [presented by: Bedlam Vodka]
Parmalee Feb 19, 2019
Very cool getting to hear Day Drinkin' play in a commercial. Cheers Twisted Tea! #UnwindWithATwist
Parmalee Feb 17, 2019
Thanks Twisted Tea for featuring our song “Day Drinkin’” today on the Daytona 500!!!#UnwindWithATwist #TwistedTea #Daytona500
Parmalee Feb 15, 2019
This week’s term “jackleg” is a guy (or girl) - and every group has one - who says they are a jack of all trades but really you could probably do just as good a job on your own. Every year during hurricane season we grab a trailer and get outto lend a hand to our neighbors with cleanup and weather damage repairs. Matt worries that people are gonna get overcharged by jacklegs. Watch out for “good ole jackleg” he’ll get ya. #parmalisms #countrydictionary Presented by [ Bedlam Vodka ]
Parmalee Feb 14, 2019
We’re bringing so many new elements to the show this year - always with the hope of showing y’all a damn good time. New lights, new songs, new intro, new pre-show parties every night before the show, exciting new products at the merch table like #feelslikecarolinacoffee - something’s in the air the last two weekend have been incredible and we are loving getting to know more of y’all than ever before at these VIP meet ups # 🙏🏼
Parmalee Feb 13, 2019
Parmalee Feb 10, 2019
Tonight was one for the books!! Thanks to everyone who made it so awesome! Music sure has a way 🙌🏼
Parmalee Feb 10, 2019
Thanks Morning Hangover for celebrating our 100th Episode of Parmalisms: The Country Dictionary on
Parmalee Feb 09, 2019
Take 1 didn’t make it into the video we sent out to ya’ll in Ohio last week letting you know we were here tonight; could’ve never made it as a cheerleader 😆 OHIO LET’S DO THIS Hard Rock Rocksino Northfield Park
Parmalee Feb 09, 2019
‪We have arrived Ohio! Let’s party and play some craps!! Bring ya cowtongues 🤑‬ Hard Rock Rocksino Northfield Park
Parmalee Feb 08, 2019
Man 2019 has started off with a bang so far! See y’all at Union Jack's of Annapolis tonight! Friday night is calling our name! Let’s make some noise!!
Parmalee Feb 08, 2019
#findcrab was a success! The responses from the people who know him and tagged him for us, are that he is such a an all around good person and amazing father, and that Casey is a great mama and the best person they know, and we are honored to have received his letter. The way this happened was such a cool experience, to say the least. We touched base yesterday with him and his lovely wife Casey who’s excited response to us was “eeeek” haha!! They are awesome! We are hoping to be able to meet in person this year! Stay tuned Liam Conley we thank you for your service!! Thanks to everyone who helped!
Parmalee Feb 07, 2019
Update: we have touched base with Crab! Thank you everyone for your help connecting us to him and his wife. He sent ya a video message. Hopefully we will get to meet in person. PLEASE SHARE THIS - We’d love your help letting this guy know that we’re trying to reach him! - Something cool happened a few days ago. A letter that unknowingly got lost in the mix 2 years ago, showed up on my desk and right in time for our show tomorrow, in Maryland where the the sender may be from? based on a few names that came up when we Googled. Liam “Crab” Conley or Conly, his name, is all we have for sure. Letter was post marked from the Army post. Fingers crossed this works out. Might be fate! #findcrab #usarmy U.S. Army
Parmalee Feb 07, 2019
A first look at our lighting rig is on our IG story if anyone saw our building post! 😉
Parmalee Feb 07, 2019
ONE HUNDRED EPISODES!!! Tell your friends, tell your neighbors!! And we’re just getting started!! We’ve been traveling the countrysides long enough to hear em all and we putting them all here together on #countrydictionary - Been around long enough to know how to not get hoodoo’ed by a jackleg too 😂😂 next week we will tell you how to spot one. New episodes every Wednesday! Tell everybody! #parmalisms (need a good laugh? see every episode by visiting our YouTube channel playlist: The Country Dictionary || Link below: >> . . Presented by Bedlam Vodka Produced by Kristin KJ Joyner
Parmalee Feb 06, 2019
Valentines special from us to you - Today through Friday. 🌹 link below
Parmalee Feb 05, 2019
Finished product 💥 with Extreme Lighting & Sound Josh McSwain Barry Knox Scott Thomas
Parmalee Feb 05, 2019
Bunch of do it yourself’ers with Extreme Lighting & Sound Josh McSwain Barry Knox Scott Thomas
Parmalee Feb 05, 2019
All hands on deck // jumped in and built our 2019 lighting rigs as a band with Extreme Lighting & Sound If you want something done it 🤘🏼
Parmalee Feb 05, 2019
More cities at - Check out +MEET THE BAND to hang with us before the show!! We cannot wait to see y’all this weekend!
Parmalee Feb 04, 2019
Weather update: the snow days that got us on the last show are long gone. It’s gonna be 74 ☀️degrees Thursday Feb. 7 at The Blind Tiger// so bring it in Greensboro, NC!! There’s MEET THE BAND tickets available for this show on if some of you want to pregame backstage with us before the show. Can’t wait to see y’all!!
Parmalee Feb 04, 2019
Who else is watching the game like this right now? #superbowlliii
Parmalee Feb 01, 2019
DENVER, NC - We're looking forward to watching some fireworks with y'all at the 19th Annual Lincoln County DABA Fireworks Festival on June 29th! 💥