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The Governors Ball Music Festival The Governors Ball Music Festival 2019
Venue: Governors Ball Music Festival (New York, NY, US) Find tickets
Festi'neuch Festi'neuch 2019
Venue: Festi'neuch (Neuchatel, Switzerland) Find tickets
9. Maifeld Derby 9. Maifeld Derby 2019
Venue: Maimarkt-Gelände (Mannheim, Germany) Find tickets
Kimiko Isle of Campus Open Air Kimiko Isle of Campus Open Air 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Aachen, Germany) Find tickets
Solidays Solidays 2019
Venue: Hippodrome Paris Longchamp (Paris, France) Find tickets
La Bonne Aventure La Bonne Aventure 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Dunkirk, France) Find tickets
Venue: Stausee Rabenstein (Chemnitz, Germany) Find tickets
Parcels at Somerset House (July 18, 2019)
Venue: Somerset House (London, UK) Find tickets
Latitude Festival Latitude Festival 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Suffolk, UK) Find tickets
Sziget Festival Sziget Festival 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Budapest, Hungary) Find tickets
Vodafone Paredes de Coura Vodafone Paredes de Coura 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Paredes de Coura, Portugal) Find tickets
Paredes de Coura Festival Paredes de Coura Festival 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Paredes de Coura, Portugal) Find tickets
Pukkelpop Pukkelpop 2019
Venue: Pukkelpop Festival (Hasselt, Belgium) Find tickets
Lowlands Festival Lowlands Festival 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Biddinghuizen, Netherlands) Find tickets
Venue: Ms Dockville Gelände (Hamburg, Germany) Find tickets
Dockville Festival Dockville Festival 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Hamburg, Germany) Find tickets
Into the Great Wide Open Into the Great Wide Open 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Vlieland, Netherlands) Find tickets
Parcels Apr 19, 2019
Coachella take 1. Ready for take 2 tomorrow! x ---------------------- Full Video:
Parcels Apr 18, 2019
Thanks San Fransisco! You guys were just the coolest. Santa Cruz tonight. x --------------------- Tickets are still on for tonight: LA is sold out. Photo by Jean F.R. Raclet
Parcels Apr 14, 2019
Thank you Coachella! We grooved, we sung, together. One to remember. x ------------------------- Photo by Jean F.R. Raclet
Parcels Apr 12, 2019
We've rolled our way through this dusty southern desert. Coachella, we're here! ------------------------- Photo by Jean F.R. Raclet
Parcels Apr 10, 2019
Tape. The music video. Out now! x
Parcels Apr 09, 2019
The sun is so sweet. The Chicken is world famous. We're in Texas now. ------------------------- Great to be back in the States! Thanks for last night Austin, you were a truly welcoming bunch. Dallas tonight, Phoenix tomorrow. Tickets: x Photo by Jean F.R. Raclet
Parcels Apr 07, 2019
And we lost an hour. Mexico, you stole our hearts. Big love! We'll come back. x ------------------------- Ceremonia GNP was a crazy buzz, thank you so much! Now we're in big Texas. Southern US tour starts here. Many firsts on the way, many parties, stoked. Photo by Jean F.R. Raclet.
Parcels Apr 06, 2019
Tape Tape Tape Tape Tape Tape The Music Video Tape Tape Tape Tape Tape April 10. x
Parcels Apr 04, 2019
Parcels Pop Shop! The Parcels Pop Shop (see previous posts) is now open for registration! This is the start of something special. It's free and you can sign up whenever, but the early bird will receive benefits. This is going to be cool, and the best thing is that it's a world for the fans, guided and governed by the fans. Hope to see you on the other side. x
Parcels Apr 03, 2019
Parcels Pop Shop! (see previous post) Here is a countdown page. It’s counting down until the moment that you can sign up to the incredible Parcels Pop Shop world. Big stuff: The first 100 people to sign up will enter the elite club of Founding Members. This is a lifetime position and will hold slightly more benefits than regular members. Five of the founding members, chosen at random, will even receive lifetime guest-list passes to every Parcels concert, ever! It’s going to be rad for all our members! Can’t wait to get deep with y'all. x
Parcels Apr 03, 2019
The Parcels Pop Shop... We’re developing a new Parcels universe, a true place for the Parcels People! We want to foster a community, connect with our fans and create something special. It's going to start as an email chain, but it's going to become much more. If you sign up you can receive a lot of great stuff before the rest of the public. Perhaps even things that will never make it to the public! From new music to secret concerts, early ticket sales, videos (very relevant...), events, merch and anything else fun we come up with. We want to connect with y’all, we want to get closer. We want to give love to the people who are truly in the game. Can’t wait to share this with you. More on this soon. x
Parcels Apr 01, 2019
Muchas Gracias! Santiago de Chile. We're humbled once more. x ------------------- Thanks to Lollapalooza Chile, there was warmth in the air. And thanks to the Arctic Monkeys for restoring our faith in live music. Photo by Jean F.R. Raclet
Parcels Mar 31, 2019
Chao Argentina! We love you, and we'll be back. Hola Chile! Woahhhhh. x
Parcels Mar 30, 2019
Yesterday was wild. Parcels in Argentina. Muchas gracias! x --------------------- Chile next, Lollapalooza Chile. Hot damn! Photo by Jean F.R. Raclet
Parcels Mar 28, 2019
Man it's good to be In Argentina, first time. Bless Buenos Aires! ---------------------- And reunited with our beloved photographer Jean F.R. Raclet, capturing the moments, from vacuumed hotel rooms to the dusty streets. Lollapalooza Argentina tomorrow. x
Parcels Mar 26, 2019
We're so excited! South America, sweet lord. Mexico, a dream. ---------------------- We're in the air now, can't wait to party with you all. Can't wait to see your smiles and your sunshine. A truly special trip. See you soon! x
Parcels Mar 25, 2019
American dream. In but two weeks we'll be back! West Coast and sweet South. -------------------------- Austin, Dallas, Phoenix, San Fran, Santa Cruz, LA. Let's groove tonight. Tickets:
Parcels Mar 19, 2019
London! We're coming to town. For a huuuge, special party. Tickets on Friday. x ------------------------ Parcels - Somerset House Summer Series We can't wait to be back, in such a beautiful location. Check out the incredible venue and find your ticket info here:
Parcels Mar 12, 2019
Always in transit, Forever at the border. 5AM by Jean.
Parcels Mar 07, 2019
Seattle was dope. No shoes, but dazzling moves. One to go! Portland.
Parcels Mar 06, 2019
Thank you Vancouver, And Minneapolis too! Seattle tonight. x
Parcels Mar 02, 2019
Chicago last night! A radical twist or two. Thanks for getting down. x
Parcels Feb 28, 2019
Greetings from Detroit. As we groove our way Westward. Through these frozen towns. x
Parcels Feb 27, 2019
Thank you to Cambridge. Montreal and Toronto. We love you, sweet North.
Parcels Feb 23, 2019
And that was New York! This place where dreams fight or fly. We loved it, thank you. x