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Battle Scars
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Paradise Fears Jul 25, 2019
the boys are back in town(s). still a few tickets left in chicago & toronto — — see you soon 🐢
Paradise Fears May 22, 2019
TEN YEARS OF FEARS -- music from the last decade, coming to three cities this summer!!! Chicago, Toronto, and NYC, we'll see you in July!!! Head to and click your city for the ticket link!
Paradise Fears Oct 31, 2018
he’s with the band ❤️
Paradise Fears Apr 20, 2018
ayyy, crazy, strange, exciting life news-- i have a book coming out in may!! & i'm going on a book tour!! on may 8, harper-collins is gonna put out my debut, young adult fiction novel A LITE TOO BRIGHT. it's a mystery about the grandson of a great american writer, who pieces his grandad's life back together using only cryptic journals left behind. someone told me it reminded them of National Treasure, except with beat generation writing-- & now that's all i tell anyone. to support it, i get to go BACK ON TOUR!!!!, to bookstores all around the US. i dont know what i'm supposed to do with my hands, so i'm gonna sing, talk, sign, read, take pictures, meet, greet... just generally chill with whoever shows up. the events are super small, & all you have to do to get in is pre-order the book through the event site. TICKETS: i dont think anyone who has known me for a long time is surprised by the fact that i had 400 pages worth of stuff to write down, but it's crazy that now it's going to be a real thing, out there in the world. i hope you'll give it a shot, i really hope you like it, & i mostly hope i get to see you in may / june :)
Paradise Fears Nov 13, 2017
see you in january.
Paradise Fears Nov 09, 2017
Announcement coming Monday...bout time we played some music again?
Paradise Fears Jan 01, 2017
this week. chicago is sold out already, and Boston & New York are DANGEROUSLY close. Terrifyingly close. Join us for a very special evening. Boston: NYC:
Paradise Fears Dec 22, 2016
we did it - a wedding in paradise. congrats to michael & jen!!!!!!!!! what a magical weekend it was.
Paradise Fears Dec 06, 2016
'say my name' & our entire rework album are out now.
Paradise Fears Nov 05, 2016
Someone Else's Dream (Reworks & Revisits) Available Now.
Paradise Fears Nov 02, 2016
Someone Else's Dream | 11/4
Paradise Fears Oct 17, 2016
Paradise Fears
Paradise Fears Oct 17, 2016
Someone Else's Dream. Our so-much-more-than-just acoustic album. Out November 4th. Also, we'll see you in January.
Paradise Fears Oct 17, 2016
paradise fears the future
Paradise Fears Oct 03, 2016
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Paradise Fears Jul 21, 2016
Paradise Fear's the Squirtle. #pokemongo
Paradise Fears Jun 02, 2016
Lansing and Chicago!! Who's coming to see us this weekend with our old pals in Before You Exit and sure to be new pal Christina Grimmie !? Tickets still available!
Paradise Fears Apr 29, 2016
we've taken to a cabin in arkansas for a couple weeks to record an acoustic album.
Paradise Fears Mar 15, 2016
Happy #PiDay everyone.
Paradise Fears Mar 14, 2016
Life In Real Time, now streaming in full on the YouTube machine --
Paradise Fears Mar 02, 2016
the gift that keeps on giving. edit cred: @jackieaugustus
Paradise Fears Feb 29, 2016
here's a picture from instagram dot com of me in london looking reeeeeal moody.
Paradise Fears Feb 24, 2016
i dare someone to play me in darts. seriously. DARE them.
Paradise Fears Feb 21, 2016
Sam: Cole, don't look now, but I think someone may be watching us. Cole: Don't move, they can probably only detect dinosaurs.
Paradise Fears Feb 20, 2016
Digital Tour Bus invaded our bus while we were out playing bus shows!!! check iiiiiit!