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Parachute Aug 14, 2019
BIG NEWS! I'm officially @willyj1234 on Instagram. I always said I would never get my own unless it was that handle, and after seven stubborn years, I finally tracked it down. Come follow me. Please. I'll post more shirtless pics there, I promise.
Parachute Aug 13, 2019
Happy sixth birthday to our third album, Overnight! What's the best song on the album?
Parachute Aug 12, 2019
The "Can't Help" video came out six years ago today, and with it, the greatest lead-singer acting performance of a generation.
Parachute Aug 06, 2019
The Summer Blowout Sale is happening for the next 48 hours! Get $5 CDs, $10 vinyl and $5 shirts while you can.
Parachute Aug 03, 2019
You can pick one song from each album. What’s your five?
Parachute Jul 27, 2019
Good morning.
Parachute Jul 22, 2019
"Turn left." **GPS BEEPS** "You have arrived in Saxtown, USA.
Parachute Jul 16, 2019
The year is 2063. You’re getting dropped back off at the nursing home by your kids when you hear a familiar guitar riff coming from the dining hall. “This one’s called She is Love,” a voice says. You peak in. It’s Parachute, and the staff is handing out peach cobbler. You smile. Life is good in 2063.
Parachute Jul 15, 2019
Still slaps. 🔥
Parachute Jul 11, 2019
POP QUIZ: What song am I singing in this photo?
Parachute Jul 11, 2019
POP QUIZ: What song am I singing in this photo?
Parachute Jul 03, 2019
We printed up a little too much tour merch, so it's available now in our online store. Grab yours before it's gone.
Parachute Jul 02, 2019
The Young Tour has officially wrapped, so we wanted to say THANK YOU for coming out, buying a ticket and making it the most fun we've ever had on stage. Also, a huge thank you to Billy Raffoul for being so gracious and an amazing artist to get to tour with. We had a blast and we love you all! 🙏🏼 📷: Lily Katz
Parachute Jul 02, 2019
If you had told me eleven years ago when this picture was taken that I would eventually be lucky enough to marry this girl, Courtney Kampa, I genuinely would not have believed you. Two years later, I’m still pinching myself. CLICK RIGHT FOR THE GLOW UP
Parachute Jun 27, 2019
A tale in four photos... 💍 (I also apologize to the couple for my face in the last photo. I was pumped.)
Parachute Jun 24, 2019
Meet Will’s twin brother, Phil.
Parachute Jun 23, 2019
Last week of The Young Tour! Come see us this week in Birmingham, Atlanta, Charlotte, Chapel Hill, Pittsburgh and Indy!
Parachute Jun 22, 2019
Parachute: soft-rocking with you since 2003. 📸: Cassilyn Anderson
Parachute Jun 18, 2019
Thanks to Spotify for adding "Young" to their Everyday Favorites playlist! Listen to it here alongside artists like Lauren Daigle, SAM SMITH and more:
Parachute Jun 17, 2019
Like this photo to be blessed with ten years of good swag. 🔥
Parachute Jun 16, 2019
My favorite Parachute song to listen to while traveling is __________________.
Parachute Jun 12, 2019
Our Facebook Fan Group is amazing and got together to make this lyric video to "Finally Got It Right!" Watch the worldwide-collaborative video and join the offical fan group here:
Parachute Jun 11, 2019
Stoked to finally announce we're offering sheet music for vocals, guitar and piano! We have seven songs right now (including "She is Love", "Kiss Me Slowly", and "Had It All") and will be adding more soon.
Parachute Jun 06, 2019
Johnny and I would like everyone to know that we are, and always will be, proud of our son, Kit.
Parachute Jun 05, 2019
San Francisco! Will is stoked to be playing a hometown show at August Hall on Friday, June 7 with Billy Raffoul and Alycia Lang! Grab tickets here and come party: