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Wide Awake
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Parachute Dec 15, 2018
We have leftover favorite-lines lyric sheets that we didn’t use, so we’re putting them up for $20.00. Grabs yours now before they’re gone: ————— PS: They’re all lines from these songs. She is Love Forever and Always Kiss Me Slowly She (for Liz) American Secrets
Parachute Dec 15, 2018
Will spills the beans on what certain Parachute songs mean, how Jennifer Lawrence came to be a music video and more.
Parachute Dec 12, 2018
You might want to check out our last Instagram post...
Parachute Dec 05, 2018
The audacity...
Parachute Nov 22, 2018
Our 15 year-old selves wouldn’t believe it. Thankful for all of you and beyond excited for the new music and coming year.
Parachute Nov 15, 2018
#tbt to 2002 when our family friend Seth would let us play at his college house for parties. (Notice my buzz cut, Kit’s bowl cut, and mini-Johnny on the left the last photo.)
Parachute Nov 08, 2018
ASK PARACHUTE: NOVEMBER In honor of National Sax Week and his birthday, Kit answers all your pressing questions about fahsion trends, why we chose the name Parachute and moe.
Parachute Nov 07, 2018
HAPPY NATIONAL SAX WEEK AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIT! Giving away a signed shirt on our Instagram to kick of the celebration. Get in on the action here:
Parachute Nov 03, 2018
Salt air, sunset, chasing something / driving, wondering where she's gone...
Parachute Oct 31, 2018
Happy Halloween from your favorite Stranger Things squad. 🎃 👻
Parachute Oct 30, 2018
Don’t be “that guy.” Go vote. Do it by mail, do it early, or do it next Tuesday. Just DO IT! If you need info on how to make it happen, literally just google “How do I vote?” and it will help you find your polling place based on your zip code.
Parachute Oct 26, 2018
Today was the last day recording our new album with Jaquire King and team. Easily the best songs we’ve ever made. Off to mix it and obsessively listen to them over and over.
Parachute Oct 20, 2018
Always a trip to ask: what was the first song of ours you heard? 📷: Shervin Lainez
Parachute Oct 17, 2018
Nine years ago this month we released the video for "She is Love," launching the peacoat and helmet-hair trend around the world.
Parachute Oct 16, 2018
New jams from Jon Mclaughlin and Rozzi this week. Follow our playlist here on Spotify:
Parachute Oct 14, 2018
This comment from the "Kiss Me Slowly" video still kills.
Parachute Oct 11, 2018
Doing a shirt give-away on Instagram for you and a friend! Don't miss out.
Parachute Oct 10, 2018
A reminder to myself on #WorldMentalHealthDay
Parachute Oct 10, 2018
Did you see this month's Ask Parachute? Johnny answers all your questions about what it was like meeting Will, which animal is the rudest, and more.
Parachute Oct 07, 2018
They say the first step towards growth is self reflection.
Parachute Oct 03, 2018
ASK PARACHUTE: OCTOBER Johnny answers all your pressing questions about aliens, dating apps and more.
Parachute Oct 02, 2018
Get in on The Crew and get a signed sticker! Sending these ones out to members today. Grab one:
Parachute Sep 24, 2018
San Antonio! We're coming to play at the @goodvibrationsmusicfestival this Saturday. Get tickets here:
Parachute Sep 21, 2018
Who wants one? Join The Crew and get yours now:
Parachute Sep 19, 2018
A totally candid moment from the studio. 📷: Sara Kiesling