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The Rose Avail
A Summit Borderline
The Kill Plan
Your Starry Eyes Will Never Make Us Even
These Electric Pages Have Been Unplugged
Reassembling the Icons
A Summit Borderline/a Drop Oceanic
Parabelle Aug 16, 2019
Us - scratch tracks
Parabelle Aug 10, 2019
Doing State by State right now! D.C., Maryland, Delaware, all done. Philly... you’re up!
Parabelle Aug 10, 2019
Parabelle Aug 09, 2019
2 down
Parabelle Aug 09, 2019
One down...
Parabelle Jun 28, 2019
The state where we started the first state by state endeavour!
Parabelle Jun 27, 2019
We are gonna start the state by state recording in august. The first states we're hitting are, DC, MD, DE, PA, NJ, and NY. We will announce where and when we'll be in each state when we have those exact details and if people want to come out we might do some mini acoustic shows if we can and not have security or random people tell us to get out! Also, what is a landmark type thing in Delaware?!? P.S. you can still preorder the State by State CD/DVD combo at
Parabelle Jun 12, 2019
Thanks everyone for getting us to our goal, this is gonna be the last post about this! We have one stetch goal, 12,000, we're currently at 10,900. If we get that we're doing an electric/distorted version of Us and including it on this album. You can still get the cd/dvd after this ends. The other items are only available on this pre-order. Either way thanks to everyone who pre-ordered, we'll release the states soon and hopefully see some of you while we record in your state!
Parabelle Jun 10, 2019
We haven't really pushed this much but we're down to the last few days. If you want to contribute, do it up!! The main goal is for 10 songs, written and performed in 10 states! We'll release a CD/DVD for that. There are some other options as well, so check it out!!
Parabelle May 28, 2019
The video for The Bottom, get it now off the album "The Rose Avail"
Parabelle May 25, 2019
Parabelle May 25, 2019
Parabelle May 23, 2019
Some stuff arrived for the pre-order packages!
Parabelle May 22, 2019
THE BOTTOM Rise, You sold them self-esteem, it starts to shape a level fantasy, I believe in it, just believe in me now, a tight but faulty grip, it holds you down till you get over it that's the last of the fight you're given Hush hush hush theyre gonna tell you how you're gonna live Hush hush hush they're going to tell you what you're going to be​ hush hush hush theyre gonna tell you what you're gonna do now tell you what​ you're gonna do now ​ And If you don't stand, you will fall, they'll rest at the top and watch us fight for the bottom and if we don't escape you're not my enemy we'll start this war from the bottom ​ I​ know your holy path​ this is where you suffer most but I'm still strongest when you're on my arm​ and this life stares you down till you blink twice​ and I won't leave until you start to​ realize You're praised for effort with bruised intent, you listen better when you're broken and bent I can't see an end for this that doesn't include your descent, your plan their faith are left inverse what you call triumph I still call a curse, who becomes whose enemy, who becomes whose saving grace, rise up And I've seen enough to make a lifetime, I'm still myself inside​ and if we don't escape, you're not my enemy, we'll start this war from the bottom ​ YOU KEPT ME You said it right so many times it still repeats in my mind, I hate the way you make those words useless and stale instead and I have seen enough to know, we're gonna fall down, if there's a reason to stop then I can't find it right now​ cuz we're both giving in, step out of yourself and give me everything​ You kept me so caught up in your wreckage, my sins are burned in and they're calmed by the comfort of your skin cuz I am the ocean and you are the rain, we might be different but we're one in the same You fell in love​ and you shouldn't of and it still repeats in​ your touch, I hate the way we miss the mark Just left of center there, disheveled self-inflicted you're borderline safe and sound but you're the one​ that's making me bad​ we don't stop when it hurts​ so it​ gets even worse She said your backs against the wall, I pushed her back against the wall ​You made it rough, I made it rough till we both had enough ​ STUMBLE INTO THE LIGHT It's difficult to see the end when you're walking with your worldly wisdom, there's a shape in your eye it's a cold dead violet we suffer the same but we suffer in silence so it's difficult to see the end, you've arrived so bold and you started such a commotion, I'd never say this but I hope you find another place to call your own cuz I had a choice​ it ended in your debt I made myself Invincible by making you invisible, this old brittle world can't​ take more this means that You had a choice that you blissfully ignored you'll never break free from the walls that you built for me, never break free it's just the​ faults of what you're living for and you​ beg me to stop then​ beg for more and you are​ never gonna find yourself again​ till you're on your own You stumble into the light you silhouette on a brighter sky, you Stumble into the light it's gonna take many words to apologize, your fake graceful stare, empty thoughts cuz there's nothing there, your rage won't compare you lost the plot and now no one cares ​ WHERE WILL YOU BE? Hey, I know you, so many parts that I used to believe but now I see through you so many things that I can't unsee Now where will you be, when I'm gone I swear to God it won't be on my thoughts and where will you be, your secrets​ and regrets and lies, I hope you have the time of your life I draw the line and nothing's there, don't read between and think I care, I know you still didn't make this easy for me cuz I thought I knew you it's just destruction that you made, you think you're heaven sent and all the rules you bend make everything end we were both disassembled, we don't fit just right, we don't fit at all and I won't accept, you want me back, so many times you've been saying that, you won't be here to see me cry, you won't be here to see that I survived, I'm pulling back away, I thought I lost myself, don't ever try to come back here today, you tried to take my life, so I'm throwing you away ​ CANDLE One little boy,​ kept at arm’s length​ but you can say a prayer for this one little tear,​ might make a mess of your faith or your make up, one Little symphony it plays the part of me, it's the part that I don't care about,​ you're right,​ tell me how you know, do you raise your fist to bring the sorrow, this is where your fate learns a lesson I love the scandal cuz I like the way it seals your fate, If it goes dark, I'll hold the candle cuz I like the way it lights your face You're living on the side of sin that says "I don't need to know you", God willing my world will never be yours, never be yours One little sinner we can forget cuz we can't save em all right, your light is getting kinda low, your head and heart equally hollow, this is where we all see your real face And this might be the day that you meet your maker, are you ready? Cuz these closed eyes might make you feel remarkable while these lost souls might just be replaceable, the name you serve might not even know yours,​ come face-to-face, the last disgrace, your awful taste, you'll get spit out are you ready cuz you're living on the side of sin that says I don't need to know you If it goes dark I’ll hold a candle cuz I like the way it seals your fate, when it goes dark you better hold that candle,​ might be the only way you shine your light for the world ONE CHANCE I might be temporary but my old heart beats for something, I either hate it or I’m afraid of it, it floats lies straight up to the sky but they get caught in my head and that’s when she said I won’t be safe for long, don’t let me forfeit, what’s wrong and what goes on inside this, there’s still a chance you can find me, one chance, just one left, decisions were made when your silence stepped down to show me the way I might be temporary, you can see the signs, you can get to wondering what it meant when guilty dies and if you do what I do, stay righteous for the saints, it might just leave you wandering in the dark, she said will you keep me safe for long… I’m embraced when I’m leaving in your arms, I play the part so innocent, reflections and ghosts and what I fear the most, if I stay, you’ll play a part in what goes on inside this Will you still keep me safe, you have one chance, will you still keep me safe, if you have one chance RUNAWAY I guess this was something you were told, something that reminds you of the worst things we tried to change our crooked lives something that could cave in to replace our minds, I guess this is where we met to change out the message with things left unsaid Runaway to face yourself then stop and stall what’s safe, this is where we run in place and guard our hearts, there's still a reason to show the passion in your eyes I feel something's taken hold, something that could tear me limb from limb or so I'm told the dire state is cold or did you just rely on the lies you sold, I know this is where it stops, so close off and rest here before you're forgot This is what you can't decide, this is where a feeling lies, this is why a coward hides, this is when I draw the darkest line IT WON’T GO AWAY AGAIN When I looked your way you told me I was crazy, it’s been so many years I still know you’re the one, I won’t grow tired of this place, I could wake up every morning to your face It won’t go away again, that’s all I know, I don’t know what to say it’s just that I’ve loved you so long and I will always be there, you don’t have to be scared anymore There’s not enough time in the world to be wasting, if I could have all the time in the world, I’d take it, inside it feels like I’m screaming out loud, I just want the whole world to know And just for tonight the whole world stops, it’s a blessing to see in your eyes and know nothing is missing ​ TIME & PLACE It's not a disaster, my darling I​ still hear the faintest sense of sweet revenge but time will show who ends as the villain, you tell yourself that you won't fit, they drag you out so you can confess the time will come when they bow down to the witness I won't be lost cuz​ I still scream at the top of my lungs, at the top of their lungs​ they say there's a time and a place, it's never my time or my place and the past should fade away Your​ solid lack of​ contribution won't leave a dent on the Earth​ and I can raise two fingers​ you can use to count your worth, it won't take long,​ you won't feel safe,​ I​ won't be long Who's gonna leave here tonight knowing so many hearts break inside in silence, I can't see the world through your eyes, you can't see through mine doesn't make me wrong, doesn't mean you're right, no matter how hard you try We won't be lost cuz we still scream at the top of our lungs and as loud as we want, they'll say it's never our time​ or our​ place but this is our time and our place where the past will​ fade away when it all comes down and the past will fade away, no matter how hard you try SHE’D NEVER TELL You think you’re ready, you’re not and I can tell that you’re not and I won’t take you down the road alone, you’re here to take it all wrong, you’re here to tell me I’m wrong like you told me all the while you were in control, I’m tired of losing faith, I’m tired of being fake, I’m taking all your charms all away with me and I know it won’t be easy and I know you won’t believe it, you are the saddest sight, now you’re alone She had a lump in her throat, she’d never tell, you never say you’re sorry, so now she’s being herself again, she said her heart never broke, you’re tasting your own medicine, now I know, you won’t be the last to know You think it’s better, it’s not, and I can tell that it’s not, why won’t you just forget me, I know what you’re gonna get, I know what you will regret but time won’t mend when you won’t let it, your madness overcomes, you might think it’s so familiar, you make the mistakes, you’ll burden someone else after you go, it’s quite alright if you don’t know So don’t make a sound, well I can tell you that you’re not gonna listen, don’t look now, well I can tell you that you’re not gonna not learn a lesson So don’t look now cuz I can tell you that you’re gonna miss me, don’t look cuz I can tell you that I’m not gonna miss you THE ROSE AVAIL It's not like you pulled your punches, it's not like you throw your bloody knuckles in the air it's not like you have a pretty soul, you took the knife from my back and you pulled my strings through the​ hole, there’s still a chance that I can feel so brave​ your heart gave out when the sorrow dragged​ you closer to the grave She sat with her face in her hands hoping that the sun blocked the bad, you're waiting too long you shake like you shake when you know​ that what you say is​ gonna change a world there's still a chance that I could​ feel so​ afraid your lungs breathe out loaded mercy​ it falls slow and quickly fades All these roses turn to grey call me your saint,​ call me your thief, call me anything as long as you mean it and all these roses will be red, you can't tell me when I'm sad, you can't​ tell me how to live, I can say that it's over when these ties are Don't go from speaking out to something or someone I wouldn't recognize without the sound ​ I won't let go let go, it’s more of a courtesy you’ve changed for the worst now you're trapped in doubt like there’s nothing here to care about, there’s still a chance that I can feel so ashamed, my arms grow cold from the comfort that you never ever gave
Parabelle May 21, 2019
It's out now, streaming and digital, package go out end of the week!
Parabelle May 15, 2019
might be some previews of some songs, if you're into that sorta thing
Parabelle May 12, 2019
Show this band some love!!! If money was no object for touring, it'd be awesome to get these guy, throw some Strata into it, maybe Sent by Ravens or Ilia, everyone plays an hour, doesn't matter who headlines, just all kinds of awesomeness!!
Parabelle May 11, 2019
Parabelle's cover photo
Parabelle May 09, 2019
Soooo, our new electric album, The Rose Avail hits the digital airways in less than two weeks! In the meantime, if you want to support our state by state cd/dvd you can do so at this link. We're aiming for 10,000 raised, halfway there! State by state volume 1 appendix 2b will be the original 5 songs plus another ten states! We write every song while we're in the state. You'll get a cd of the songs and a dvd of the performance! We're doing one print and that'll be it! We have a couple stretch goals. If we hit 12,000 we'll release an electric version of Us (walk away). Every 1500 after that is another state, up to 3 more. If this sounds at all like something you'd enjoy...pre order now! Looking to release late this year.
Parabelle May 08, 2019
Preorder the new album, The Rose Avail, at Preorder package and new merch available Now shipping internationally. Please let us know if your area isn’t supported. We are adding additional countries daily Currently shipping to: USA, Canada, Russia, Australia, Ireland, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, France, New Zealand
Parabelle May 06, 2019 now worldwide. Let us know in the comments if your country isn’t currently supported. We will work to get you added Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, and Netherlands now added.
Parabelle May 03, 2019
In case you missed it, check out the new tune on youtube, also, subscribe!! We might just have another video for another song coming out before the album releases and it'll be on there first!
Parabelle Apr 30, 2019
Parabelle's cover photo
Parabelle Apr 30, 2019
The new album preorder is live at Now shipping to Canada, U.K., Ireland, Australia, Russia, Germany, Netherlands, France, Denmark, and Sweden with additional countries coming soon. If you’re interested, but not in one of the listed countries, post where you’re from in the comments section. We will work toward getting you added!