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A Summit Borderline
The Kill Plan
Your Starry Eyes Will Never Make Us Even
These Electric Pages Have Been Unplugged
Reassembling the Icons
A Summit Borderline/a Drop Oceanic
Parabelle Nov 28, 2018
Parabelle Nov 18, 2018
Workin on the stuff.
Parabelle Nov 14, 2018
Fun acoustic cover of Anberlin - Feel Good Drag, that myself and my friend Noah did. Subscribe to the Youtube channel if you dig it and want to see more. Something In the mean time while we finish the new album. Kyle
Parabelle Oct 28, 2018
Parabelle Oct 26, 2018
Parabelle Oct 25, 2018
Parabelle Oct 25, 2018
Parabelle Oct 18, 2018
Parabelle Sep 08, 2018
Parabelle Sep 08, 2018
Parabelle Aug 24, 2018
Sooooooo, we start recording the new album in October.
Parabelle Aug 10, 2018
Hey Everyone, Kyle here. I just wanted to reach out and let everyone know that I will not be at the show tonight. My wife and I just had our baby and I really need to be at home to help take care of my wife and daughter. I am still in the band just won't be at the show tonight. There is someone filling in for me so the show will go on. Hope everyone is well and hope to see you all soon. Kyle
Parabelle Jun 25, 2018
If you don't know this band you should!!
Parabelle Jun 23, 2018
Easy listenin'
Parabelle May 31, 2018
Knife talk. I switch between these three, nothing fancy, but I've got a few others on my radar. If you carry one post a pic, I'm interested in seeing what people have!!
Parabelle May 14, 2018
Song writing order: 1. Get some music 2. Come up with some vocals 3. rough lyrics 4. hate what you came up with 5. change it or don't 6. more lyrics 7. record the ideas 8. take a while to do that cuz you keep screwing up 9. finish the session hating everything you did 10. go to sleep 11. listen again 12. good stuff
Parabelle May 11, 2018
When we release our next album, should we even release it on a physical disc or is that tech pretty much dead now? Thoughts??
Parabelle Apr 18, 2018
Parabelle Jan 26, 2018
Where we at???? So, we've been on the super down low lately, mostly because people are just doing that life thing. Kyle has a Kyle Jr on the way and taking a bit of a break just kind of happened. We are getting to that point we want to start writing again and we'd like to do some shows this year. One thing we'd love to have is a local to Dallas or Houston drummer. We've had to turn down a few shows because we can't get a drummer that can fill in with a short timeline. So, we'd like to just have someone who is kinda ready to go! It'd be nice to have like someone who will learn the songs on their own because having to teach drummers is getting super old!!! Regardless, we're slowly getting back into the music thing again so stay tuned for whatever we end up doing!!
Parabelle Oct 23, 2017
Added some hats and lyrics and long sleeve Tshirts.
Parabelle Oct 23, 2017
Clearing some merch out.
Parabelle Sep 19, 2017
Will over at Cynical was picked by Lids as a top 5 finalist in a contest for his hat collection. Go vote for him (Goodwillyum) if you have time. You can vote once a day until voting ends. The link to vote is below.
Parabelle Aug 27, 2017
Going on in about 15 minutes! Check the live stream!
Parabelle Aug 27, 2017
Things are looking good for us live streaming the show today at 6ish central time.