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Easy Song
Paolo Sala Mar 05, 2018
Reviews: Tiddlywinks, Martin Gordon, Curved Air, Alison O'Donnell, Sex Clark Five, Vespero, Phil Rambow, Justin Hinds, Traffic - Goldmine Magazine
Paolo Sala Feb 16, 2018
Nadir, by Paolo Sala
Paolo Sala Feb 02, 2018
Rock Radio UK
Paolo Sala Jan 22, 2018
I'm in the show!
Paolo Sala Jan 14, 2018
Ocean Heaven [Tim Smith - Cardiacs - cover]
Paolo Sala Nov 16, 2017
I'm very proud to annouce that my song "A Wise Old Owl" has been included in this Vv.Aa. compilation released by Mega Dodo Records. Mind you, the profits of this limited edition album are being donated to Save The Children, so there's a very important cause behind it. Enjoy!
Paolo Sala Sep 14, 2017
Paolo Sala - Lullaby (To Stay Up All Night)
Paolo Sala Jul 20, 2017
Twenty years after its conception we finally managed to push this baby out! I was the drummer here (and remastered it)!
Paolo Sala Apr 07, 2017
Almost six years ago
Paolo Sala Apr 04, 2017
Wouldn't this be an interesting live set? Looking for musicians to give the project a go.
Paolo Sala Feb 26, 2017
The origin of the obsession. It was 2010 and used my first rough string arrangement in a Senpai song; I therefore felt bound to include it in my String Quartet Project, which is not happening yet, but hope springs eternal. So here it is, with some adjustments, but basically with the same arrangement made seven years ago. Problem: it is the best of all. Did I go downhill then?
Paolo Sala Dec 20, 2016
This is approximately the same price of a pack of cigarettes, but there's no scientific evidence that it causes harm to your health.
Paolo Sala Dec 11, 2016
The title track from the last album. Play and sing along to it!
Paolo Sala Dec 02, 2016
"It’s going to be thrown into the psychedelia bag because that’s probably its closest living relative" Wow! Now this is lovely! Thanks so much, Dave Thompson
Paolo Sala Nov 28, 2016
New digital album called 'Foam' is available on Bandcamp! Listen to it for free in streaming and/or buy it at a very nice price!
Paolo Sala Nov 27, 2016
Paolo Sala Nov 25, 2016
Promoting the new album Foam from inside my bedroom. Out on November the 28th!
Paolo Sala Nov 21, 2016
Seven days left!
Paolo Sala Nov 16, 2016
In the Bunker Studio playing live an acoustic version of Stormy Clouds from the upcoming album 'Foam'
Paolo Sala Nov 06, 2016
I have made a little unfashionable and unseemly teaser to... ahem, promote the new forthcoming album "Foam". Share it if you like.
Paolo Sala Oct 30, 2016
Where do the dead ones 'live'? Perhaps in a big villa somewhere in the countryside? Learn more about the afterlife in my Halloween single, out now on Unearth Music!
Paolo Sala Oct 22, 2016
My new album has had a last minute name change. Instead of "Foam Of Consciousness" it's going to be called, more simply, "Foam"; now it's up to you to decide what kind of substance it is all about. Out on November the 28th on Bandcamp!
Paolo Sala Oct 22, 2016
Paolo Sala
Paolo Sala Oct 16, 2016
Apparently I've made a new album. A 9 track album about having no control on anything, not even the language. It's called Foam Of Consciousness and will be released on November the 28th (only digital version on Bandcamp). It's a Monday, in case you wonder. for previews, click here: and here: More teasing in the next days (hopefully)
Paolo Sala Sep 29, 2016
And eventually I got pretentious! This all started in last June as a private experiment; I just wanted to see how far I could go with a virtual orchestra, trying to compose music only by “thinking”(with the essential help of all devices available, like sequencers, samples and score editors) instead of playing. Of course there was still a big part for randomness, but the fact that I couldn’t actually play any of these instruments, forced me to think in advance of what I’d like to hear. The result was this sort of soundtrack for an imaginary motion picture I had in mind throughout the composing time, about a ten year old kid spending his summer holidays in the countryside. I’ve been doubtful about the result for a while, but then I thought that, despite the overall naivety, I had to submit the result of so much effort to the judgement of an audience (otherwise I would have completely wasted my time). So in the end I decided to be so rash and bold to upload this Summer Rhapsody for you to hear. Feel free to criticise it, to mock it, to despise it; or, alternatively, to give any kind of feedback, advice and opinion. There probably are a million flaws to fix in the score, too (I myself have already spotted a few); feel free to point them out! I’m open to any feedback. Last thing I want to say is that as a self-taught pop music maker I don’t have the knowledge nor the expertise to handle any musical language but pop’s. So, in my view, this is still pop!