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Live At Dynamo Open Air 1998
The Great Southern Trendkill (Remastered)
The Great Southern Trendkill (20th Anniversary Edition)
Far Beyond Bootleg: Live from Donington '94
The Pantera Collection
Vulgar Display of Power (Deluxe Video Version)
The Best of Pantera: Far Beyond the Great Southern Cowboys' Vulgar Hits! (Remastered)
Reinventing the Steel
Official Live: 101 Proof
Far Beyond Driven
Vulgar Display of Power
Cowboys from Hell
Pantera Aug 24, 2019
Info on Rex Brown's solo record #2. Check it out!
Pantera Aug 23, 2019
Last Limited Edition Pantera shirt for August! This shirt is available now for ONE WEEK ONLY. Available in S – 4XL. Order yours today: (live link in profile)
Pantera Aug 22, 2019
Today is your last chance to purchase this "Stronger Than All" shirt! Available in Sz S - 4XL. Get one today before they are gone forever!
Pantera Aug 20, 2019
Thanks for all the amazing memories. Dimebag Darrell
Pantera Aug 20, 2019
Today would have been Dimebag Darrell's 53rd birthday. Celebrate him by listening to some tunes or doing a black tooth grin! Here he is showing off his talent at just 18 years old. Forever missed!
Pantera Aug 20, 2019
The late, great Dimebag Darrell would have turned 53 years old today. Thanks to all of you who keep his memory alive by listening to his music! Keep it up! And make sure you throw back some Black Tooth Grins in Dime’s honor! #dimebagdarrell #happybirthday #drinkitorwearit #blacktoothgrin
Pantera Aug 17, 2019
Parenting done right! 🤘🏻💖🤘🏻P!nk Carey Hart #Repost @hartluck ・・・ This kid loves Pantera 😂😂.
Pantera Aug 16, 2019
Another Limited Edition Pantera shirt! Stronger Than All Shirt is available now for ONE WEEK ONLY. Available in 3x & 4x. Order yours today: #pantera #strongerthanall #limitededition #getitbeforeitsgone
Pantera Aug 14, 2019
Thinking of Dime & Dave “Stage” Williams, who passed away on this day in 2002. Little did we know that Dime would join him 2 and a half years later 💔
Pantera Aug 14, 2019
Available for a few more days! Pick yours up today. #pantera #backtoschool #metal
Pantera Aug 13, 2019
Pantera Aug 09, 2019
Available Now for ONE WEEK ONLY. Order yours today:
Pantera Aug 08, 2019
We previously shared videos of Aaron O’Keefe’s students performing Pantera & we just saw this video. Glad that he’s still teaching his students Pantera! 🤘🏻
Pantera Aug 04, 2019
🤘🏻🐤🚶🏻‍♂️ #Repost @rio_bigbird ・・・ @panteraofficial @dimebagdarrell @philiphanselmo @rexbrownofficial @vinniepaulabbott #sunconure #pantera
Pantera Aug 03, 2019
Happy Birthday, James Hetfield!
Pantera Aug 01, 2019
Hear Philip Anselmo's acoustic "Depression Core" project En Minor on REVOLVER Magazine's website.
Pantera Jul 30, 2019
The Official Rex Brown Of Pantera Shop on REVERB is now LIVE! Rex is selling more than 70 pieces of music gear (Basses, Guitars, Amps & More)! A portion of the proceeds will go to UpBeat Music and Arts and Young Musicians Unite Shop HERE 👉
Pantera Jul 29, 2019
Official Live 101 Proof was released on this day, 22 years ago. Check out this footage of Pantera live in Chile in May of 1998. How many of you were at this show?
Pantera Jul 28, 2019
Rex Brown is ready to unload a career's worth of amazing gear on Reverb and "play it forward." More details here:
Pantera Jul 27, 2019
Happy 55th Birthday, Rex!
Pantera Jul 24, 2019
On this day 29 years ago, Cowboys from Hell, Pantera's major label debut, was unleashed onto the world. Do you remember the first time you heard it?
Pantera Jul 23, 2019
It´s here! Rex Brown is putting out a new Rex Brown plug-in for DAW’s and studio applications! He teamed up with Joey Sturgis Tones to bring you his classic bass tones you’ve come to know and love with a JST twist. Available now!
Pantera Jul 18, 2019
#Repost @jimdunlopusa ・・・ AVAILABLE SEPTEMBER 2019 Dimebag Darrell combined a cowboy’s swagger with high-gain riffs and squealing pinch harmonic-laden leads. One of the most significant elements of his sound and dynamics was the Cry Baby Wah, and at a time when wah pedals had fallen out of fashion, Dime flew his wah flag high. Armed with his hard-earned expertise and insight from years of touring, he helped us devise the most versatile wah in our lineup: The Dime Cry Baby from Hell Wah. Work on this pedal first began some 20 years ago when Dime, a long-time user of the super customizable Cry Baby 535Q Multi-Wah, wanted even more freedom when setting up his rig on stage. Starting with the 535Q, we carried over its Q control, 6-way range selector, and adjustable kick-in boost. Next, we hot-rodded it with a wide sweep range for Dime to dig deep and fly high, a control to adjust the pedal’s toe-down frequency, an extra output for splitting your signal to a separate FX chain, and back-mounted LED indicators to conveniently show whether the wah is on and whether the boost is engaged. Finally, we replaced the standard rubber tread with skateboard skid tape so that your foot doesn’t slip on any spilled beverages. The Dime Cry Baby from Hell Wah is the ultimate wah pedal for your touring rig, and with its new black camo finish, it’ll have you wearing a black-toothed grin in no time. • @dimebagdarrell #summernamm2019 #namm #dimebagdarrell #crybabyfromhell #crybabywah #builtinthebay #jimdunlop #performanceiseverything
Pantera Jul 18, 2019
Pantera Tour Manager Guy Sykes: Getting It Done By Any Means Necessary
Pantera Jul 14, 2019
Far Beyond Headbanging 🤘🏻🐴