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Xenon District
Neptune Visions
Blue Grotto
Frequency Bath, Vol. 5
Frequency Bath, Vol. 4
Soft Terminal
Disintegrating Landscape
Cortex Meridian
The Baroque Atrium
Sub-Aquatic Meditation
Panabrite/Norm Chambers Apr 17, 2019
Panabrite/Norm Chambers Apr 01, 2019
New LP up for pre-order, out at end of April:
Panabrite/Norm Chambers Jan 16, 2019
Ten years ago this week I self-released my first Panabrite cdr, Paramount Hexagon, in an edition of 25.
Panabrite/Norm Chambers Jan 09, 2019
Panabrite/Norm Chambers Oct 06, 2018
You can purchase a Graphic Means OST cassette here. Will ship next week:
Panabrite/Norm Chambers Oct 04, 2018
Graphic Means OST, 2017. Edition of 50 tapes with hand-printed j-card (courtesy of film director Briar Levit)!
Panabrite/Norm Chambers Oct 04, 2018
Speaking of tapes... there is a limited run of 50 tapes of the Graphic Means documentary soundtrack from last year. Available from the official film site and will also be available from my bandcamp in a week or so! This comes in a hand-printed sleeve by the film's director Briar Levit!
Panabrite/Norm Chambers Sep 28, 2018
Idea Region tapes have been delayed a few days due to weather around Japan, but you can stream/dl the whole thing.
Panabrite/Norm Chambers Sep 25, 2018
New N. Chambers cassette, Idea Region, will be released by Muzan Editions on Sept 30th. You can pre-order here:
Panabrite/Norm Chambers Sep 07, 2018
Sad to report I will have to cancel my performance at Delta Wave Festival next month.
Panabrite/Norm Chambers Aug 13, 2018
Performing at the Delta~Wave festival this October alongside Guenter Schlienz, Riccardo Sinigaglia,Fia Fiell and many others.
Panabrite/Norm Chambers Jul 29, 2018
Fifth and final volume of the Frequency Bath series. "Upbeat" material from 2015-2017 including some previously issued on the continuous mix format tape "Recovered Frames", here presented as stand-alone tracks.
Panabrite/Norm Chambers Jul 09, 2018
Finishing up work on my first cassette in a few years. Definitely been a while. Also, LP still in the works for later in the year.
Panabrite/Norm Chambers Mar 30, 2018
Some words about Eight Informal Lines via Tiny Mix Tapes.
Panabrite/Norm Chambers Mar 10, 2018
Panabrite/Norm Chambers Mar 09, 2018
Panabrite/Norm Chambers Feb 22, 2018
's cover photo
Panabrite/Norm Chambers Feb 22, 2018
Panabrite/Norm Chambers
Panabrite/Norm Chambers Feb 18, 2018
Panabrite/Norm Chambers Jan 03, 2018
Posted a few recent "jams", both are quite different and lean toward some new realms I'm traversing...
Panabrite/Norm Chambers Oct 07, 2017
Music For The Dome available for download again:
Panabrite/Norm Chambers Jun 21, 2017
My 2012 ambient album Blue Grotto is up on the label's (Love All Day) bandcamp, and they also have some cassette copies:
Panabrite/Norm Chambers Jun 14, 2017
Jonas Reinhardt/Jurgen Muller split LP is now available at Norman Records (UK) and comes recommended: "Jürgen Müller -- aka Panabrite -- sets his modular synths to M. Geddes Gengras mode and sounds like the post-party chill that the foreign rulers of northern Egypt (‘Hyksos’) in the 15th dynasty may have made, had they invented electricity... and synthesizers. I guess we’ll never know. It’s certainly the more relaxing and spartan sounding of the sides; ‘Garden of Nephthys’ consists of lovely layers of watery, almost Gamelan-like metallic percussion and washes of minor chord ambience. It’s gorgeous. As is the packaging, with Egyptian colours (sand, electric blue) making up the colour scheme in a traditional letterpress design. Also includes 10-page fact-filled historical booklet with images of Egyptian landscapes and artefacts. Totally beautiful."