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The Stars Seemed Brighter
Before There Were Pictures
Pale Lights Aug 10, 2019
Pale Lights Aug 09, 2019
Pale Lights soundchecking Barcelona. Nice red wall.
Pale Lights Jul 28, 2019
These people in Derbyshire, England are happy because they’re about to see The Catenary Wires. Come August 16, in New York, at the Berlin venue on Avenue A, this could be you. With the added bonus of Pale Lights, Jeanines, and Kevin Hairs.
Pale Lights May 31, 2019
Pale Lights and Jeanines open for Catenary Wires (Talulah Gosh, Heavenly) at Coney Island Baby, August 16. Catenary Wires are Amelia Fletcher and Rob Pursey. Here’s their new promo, Sixteen Again.
Pale Lights May 21, 2019
Pale Lights Mar 23, 2019
Brooklyn Bandstand
Pale Lights Mar 21, 2019
Tomorrow! Pale Lights /Kiwis at Heliogàbal, Barcelona!
Pale Lights Mar 19, 2019
4/5ths of Pale Lights have arrived in Spain! And already they’re scrumping. This is what happens when I’m not there to mind them! Phil
Pale Lights Mar 14, 2019
Think pink! Tonight! We'll have new vinyl of the 2nd LP for sale too.
Pale Lights Feb 27, 2019
Tapete Records, home to Robert Forster, Lloyd Cole, Comet Gain, The Monochrome Set, Simon Love and many more hitmakers, has copies of our LP The Stars Seemed Brighter in their online store! Get one while they’re fresh!
Pale Lights Feb 25, 2019
Heliogàbal, Barcelona, with Kiwis, 3/21. Go see our Madrid Popfest buddies Young Scum play with Freak Slug the night before, 3/20. One ticket for two shows offer too!
Pale Lights Feb 10, 2019
Pale Lights feature in this great mix for the Madrid Popfest 2019. Includes Young Scum, Martha, Peaness and many more.
Pale Lights Feb 08, 2019
If you are in the US you can buy the 2nd edition of our LP direct from the band - you get a free button too!
Pale Lights Feb 08, 2019
You can buy the second edition of our LP “The Stars Seemed Brighter” direct from our label KUS.
Pale Lights Feb 05, 2019
We're working on our contribution to this now, so stay tuned. Though Phil being British, it might be sunshine pop with a chance of showers.
Pale Lights Jan 30, 2019
Pale Lights Jan 26, 2019
Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten
Pale Lights Jan 26, 2019
2nd pressing coming soon!
Pale Lights Jan 22, 2019
Pale Lights | The Stars Seemed Brighter (KUS011). Second vinyl pressing. Available soon. Cover star Isabella Theil of Zimt. Sleeve by Frederik Jehle of The BV’s. Thank you, Isabella and Fred!
Pale Lights Jan 18, 2019
Indieshop Radio
Pale Lights Jan 15, 2019
Pale Lights Jan 13, 2019
We are very excited to say that Pale Lights will be playing Heliogàbal, Barcelona, Spain, March 21.
Pale Lights Dec 18, 2018
tapete records
Pale Lights Dec 17, 2018
This week’s The Big Takeover Show includes a spin for our new release, taken from the KUS comp “Glaspalast.” I played it to my Uncle Ebeneezer. He declared it “an excellent Christmas gift, I’ll be bound, packed with a surfeit of pop tangerines, musical nuts, and more tuneful sweetmeats besides, Mr. Pip!” He’s really into Christmas. Buy it here:
Pale Lights Dec 12, 2018
Happy release day!