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In the Passing Light of Day
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Remedy Lane
The Perfect Element, Pt. I
One Hour by the Concrete Lake
Pain of Salvation Apr 29, 2019
See you on the cruise!
Pain of Salvation Mar 06, 2019
Just a few days left!
Pain of Salvation Feb 28, 2019
See you there!!
Pain of Salvation Feb 04, 2019
Lowered prices on basically ALL merch for a few weeks still! Handwritten quotes, signed photos, tour shirts, LPs, mediabooks, rarities...
Pain of Salvation Nov 30, 2018
NOW you can buy the handwritten quotes! It’s been a tedious process of narrowing down all your suggestions to just 50 and deciding on lengths etc, but now it’s done and ready for ordering!
Pain of Salvation Nov 29, 2018
We will keep having awesome deals on basically EVERYTHING throughout December, so this is the perfect opportunity to get yourself (or someone else) signed copies of the limited Mediabook version of the new album, tour shirts and LPs at special prices. Come in for a visit!
Pain of Salvation Nov 14, 2018
SHOP IS OPEN – all prices are lowered during November and December and we are adding new stuff as we go along. Signed high-quality photos, tour shirts, rare oddities, handwritten quotes... Come and take a look! 🙂
Pain of Salvation Oct 18, 2018
Due to unexpected logistical issues beyond our control, we will need to change the two Russian show dates to March 2019. The new dates will be: March 9, Zil Arena, Moscow and March 10, Zal Club, St Petersburg. All the purchased tickets are valid for the new dates, of course! If you want to return your ticket, you can do that at the point of purchase. We are sorry for any inconvenience. Be very ready for us in March!!
Pain of Salvation Sep 27, 2018
Både kontanter och Swish funkar ikväll – vi har massor av udda prylar från både nu- och dåtid. Hoodies? Check! Grön vinyl av Scarsick? Check! Gul vinyl av Entropia? Check! Gamla demoinlagor och BE-program? Check! Sverige har alltid varit lite marginaliserade med vår merch, men nu jäklar kan ni shoppa järnet!
Pain of Salvation Sep 22, 2018
We are home from the tour. After every tour leg bittersweet feelings remain. Sadness and emptiness because the tour is over, but wonderful feelings of fulfillment because of the moments we have shared together and with our fans, and happiness because we are soon home again with our loved ones. This tour has been a great success and a fantastic experience for us. We wish to thank everyone in our team who made this possible. We also want to thank the wonderful guys of Kingcrow, delivering the goods every show and being great tour mates. Last but not least we want to thank everybody who came to the shows! You rocked, danced and sang along with us. There were crazy mosh-pits during several shows, and lots of beautiful tears. We are very grateful to have such great fans. THANK YOU! We have 5 more shows this year (Stockholm, Istanbul, Athens, Moscow and St.Petersburg) and in the meantime we are also focusing on writing a new album, to be recorded next year. And so the journey continues.
Pain of Salvation Sep 19, 2018
Thursday September 20, La Laiterie Strasbourg! See you there!
Pain of Salvation Sep 19, 2018
Last two shows of this tour. Tonight we're disco dancing in Lyon!
Pain of Salvation Sep 15, 2018
Tonight’s show in AMSTERDAM will be PACKED, so make sure to come early if you plan to buy your tickets at the door! And don’t forget to bring your best disco gear! 🤘🤩🙃🤪
Pain of Salvation Sep 13, 2018
Are you ready London?!
Pain of Salvation Sep 12, 2018
Watch out Manchester, we're heading your way!
Pain of Salvation Sep 09, 2018
Thank you Kultrock Festival!
Pain of Salvation Sep 07, 2018
Aschaffenburg! (in our minds we always hear the city names pronounced as the first exclamation in Eminem’s “White America” – try it, it adds a certain validity and weight to any city name – Aschaffenburg!)
Pain of Salvation Sep 07, 2018
Colos-Saal Aschaffenburg tonight! Who's with us?
Pain of Salvation Sep 06, 2018
Thank you Budapest! #soldout
Pain of Salvation Sep 04, 2018
The show in Budapest is almost sold out! Only 25 tickets left online. Tomorrow there will be a final 20 tickets at the door entrance of the A38, for last minute emergencies. Thank you and see you all tomorrow!
Pain of Salvation Sep 04, 2018
Tonight MMC in Bratislava!
Pain of Salvation Sep 02, 2018
Pain of Salvation Aug 31, 2018
The tour starts today! See you this evening at the Columbia Theater Berlin!
Pain of Salvation Aug 28, 2018
Pain of Salvation Aug 26, 2018
Here are all dates for this year. Starting this friday. See you out there!