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Stop Talking
Pacific Air May 09, 2019
Mating Ritual just announced their first ever headline tour!! Tickets go on sale tomorrow morning at 10 AM Oh also, no big deal, but our album comes out tomorrow as well!!!!!
Pacific Air Apr 03, 2019
Mating Ritual
Pacific Air Feb 07, 2019
New Mating Ritual single and album!
Pacific Air May 08, 2018
Physical is the new digital Mating Ritual
Pacific Air May 04, 2018
The new Mating Ritual album Light Myself On Fire is out NOW!! Stream it, buy it, playlist it! Spotify: Vinyl: Apple Music: PS. Pacific Air is now Mating Ritual if you hadn't heard ;)
Pacific Air May 01, 2018
Pre-order the boys insane new vinyl, which comes with custom handwritten lyric sheets and album art matchbooks (complete with black and pink matches). PS: Pacific Air is now Mating Ritual if ya hadn't heard.
Pacific Air Apr 16, 2018
Here we are performing one of the songs from our upcoming album (psst, we’re called Mating Ritual now if ya hadn’t heard)
Pacific Air Apr 12, 2018
Mating Ritual’s tour starts today!
Pacific Air Mar 23, 2018
The boys just put a new song out
Pacific Air Mar 02, 2018
The brothers of Pacific Air are officially back together, but we're now making music under the name Mating Ritual! We're proud to announce our new album, Light Myself On Fire, coming May 4. Listen to the first two singles here:
Pacific Air Jun 09, 2017
Today Mating Ritual released his debut album! For those of you who might not know, Mating Ritual is Ryan's new band after Pacific Air went on hiatus. Listen now over at Spotify
Pacific Air Jun 08, 2016
HEY EVERYONE this is what Taylor has been doing in his spare time during the absence of Pacific Air go get freaky w him and check out his new solo EP !
Pacific Air Sep 23, 2014
Taylor shared some heartfelt statements about our hiatus
Pacific Air Sep 18, 2014
I just read through all your comments and messages, and it makes me so happy looking back at all the memories we got to share. You have no idea how wonderful it feels to know that some dumb little songs I wrote in my room brought so many people together. I can't wait to do it all again (and more) with Mating Ritual. I think that's enough gooey shit for one post, now I'm going to eat grocery store sushi and watch outdated cable mob TV. #cowboybaby #JohnWayneSoprano
Pacific Air Sep 18, 2014
Listen to 2 new songs from Pacific Air singer Ryan Marshall Lawhon's solo project, Mating Ritual
Pacific Air Sep 17, 2014
Pacific Air has come to its end, for now. However, I'm beyond pleased to announce my new solo project Mating Ritual and to give you the first taste of whats to come with 2 new songs, 'Toxins' and 'Game'.
Pacific Air Sep 15, 2014
Pacific Air Sep 15, 2014
Who wants new music?
Pacific Air Sep 11, 2014
My cat is goddamn adorable.
Pacific Air Jul 08, 2014
Taylor is 22 today so he's finally old enough to smoke hookah
Pacific Air Jun 09, 2014
Check out our dear friends The Gromble's tight first single
Pacific Air Apr 05, 2014
This new records so good y'all gonna piss ya selves
Pacific Air Feb 14, 2014
man, fuck mcdonalds
Pacific Air Feb 12, 2014
Our Facebook page likes currently rival that of the projected 2016 population of the one square mile surrounding the highlander building in Redmond, Washington Congratulations everybody