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Ozma Oct 10, 2018
Big Savings, Deals and Otherwise for Vinyl at Enjoy the Ride Records. Capitalize on This, Capitalize Every Word In Your Posts. Again: Stock Dwindling On Three Ozma Albums On Vinyl. Supplies "Won't "Last"?" ?"
Ozma Sep 07, 2018
Our first 3 albums are still available for sale at Enjoy the Ride Records ! Stop by and get one “while supplies last” - hurry “this offer won’t last long!”
Ozma Aug 13, 2018
Spending Time Vinyl Almost SOLD OUT!
Ozma Aug 09, 2018
Our first three albums all on vinyl! Available tomorrow!
Ozma Jul 19, 2018
I feel like mailing shirts this weekend. Do you feel like sprucing up your summer fashion? 😉🏖️ will mail with free sticker and pin combo for the rest of the year. ALL SIZES IN STOCK
Ozma Jun 26, 2018
Happy Belated Birthday to our awzome guitar player jose galvez - !
Ozma May 01, 2018
Ozma Apr 28, 2018
Currently listening to this awesome band from Indonesia named after Star! Check it out!
Ozma Apr 15, 2018
so many solid/great ozma bedroom covers out there! a friend just sent this one to me and it has similar energy to how we used to play it - good job.
Ozma Feb 17, 2018
Vinyl edition of RRP3 is available for purchase now! Great care and attention to detail went into the design and art for this limited edition pressing.
Ozma Jan 23, 2018
This shirt and other assorted items available via our bandcamp site IF YOU NEED ANYTHING.
Ozma Dec 23, 2017
Excited about tonight's xmas show with The Vandals. Some info that may help you: 1. House of Blues Anaheim is no longer on the disney property, it moved not too far from it's OG locale. 2. Plenty of tickets at the door so pop on in! 3. Ozma plays right at 8:30pm for a 60 minute set! 4. It's Tiki-themed, so don't freak out if you see us all looking like we work at Trader Joes. 5. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
Ozma Dec 18, 2017
Ozma Sep 23, 2017
Medium Sizes Now Available!
Ozma Aug 28, 2017
Ozma Jul 22, 2017
New Classic "Reissue" T-Shirt now available! Comes with free sticker!
Ozma Jul 18, 2017
Ozma Jul 17, 2017
Thanks for all of those who traveled far and wide to make last night's sold-out show really great. Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KENN SHANE!!
Ozma Jul 15, 2017
This are the official set times. There might be a misprint on your ticketfly tickets. Please plan accordingly. Parking may be a pain and our set list is front loaded! Get there early! Ps show is sold out!
Ozma Jul 15, 2017
Ozma Jul 13, 2017
Always love seeing where you guys are coming from to see the show... Geography Roll Call? #ozma #july15 #troubadour #nerfherder #punchpunchkick
Ozma Jul 12, 2017
Ozma Jul 12, 2017
Ozma Prime Day will be this Saturday at the Troub: We'll be selling our classic red/yellow re-issue t-shirt as well as these beauties: Classic Toddler T and Onesie. We're also cooking up an awesome show poster along w/ some brand new decals/pins. Items will be available at our bandcamp-store online next week. Happy Shopping! #merch
Ozma Jun 21, 2017
Ozma Jun 04, 2017
We aim to please!!! Take 3 minutes to fill out this lil form and send in your votes for which OZMA songs you want to hear in our live set at upcoming shows like July 15 @ Troubadour w/Nerf Herder. Thanks in advance!