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Altered State
OVERWERK Jun 03, 2019
"Virtue" is out now! Listen: - Put on your headphones, close your eyes, and enjoy the ride.
OVERWERK Jun 01, 2019
I look forward to sharing my next song, "Virtue". It's a single 22-minute track intended to take you on a journey ♡ - 06.03.19
OVERWERK Apr 14, 2019
OVERWERK Mar 22, 2019
"Altered State" remix album, out now! Listen :
OVERWERK Mar 18, 2019
"Altered State" out now! Listen:
OVERWERK Jun 21, 2018
Check out my new playlist “Day Drive” , A collection of bright/groovy tracks, just in time for summer! Spotify : Apple Music: Google Play :
OVERWERK Apr 17, 2018
Another WIP for the remix album...
OVERWERK Apr 03, 2018
Happy to announce a “State” remix album in the works. It will include some remixes by me + a few other cool artists.
OVERWERK Mar 16, 2018
Introducing "Reign", the official music video from my album State. Thanks to everyone who made this short film a reality. - Enjoy Spotify : Apple Music : Google Play :
OVERWERK Jan 17, 2018
Night Drive - My essential driving playlist. Featuring my friends / artists you should know : Spotify : Apple Music : Google Play :
OVERWERK Dec 19, 2017
The new OW Shop is now up! -
OVERWERK Nov 14, 2017
Tomorrow (Wed), I'll be doing a live Q&A on my Instagram - This will be a rare chance for you to ask, or tell, me anything you want... Live at : 1PM PST (4PM EST / 22:00 CET)
OVERWERK Sep 27, 2017
State - Full Album : Now Streaming! Spotify : Apple Music : Google Play :
OVERWERK Sep 17, 2017
My debut album ‘State’ is out now! A lot of time, thought and energy went into this ; I hope you enjoy it. Listen now :
OVERWERK Sep 03, 2017
OVERWERK Aug 22, 2017
My debut 12 track album, STATE, is coming. Thanks for your patience.
OVERWERK Feb 09, 2017
I'll be joining Black Atlass on his North American tour. I will follow his LIVE performance with a FULL OVERWERK set. - I'll be playing many new tracks and exploring an exciting direction my sound has been taking. For tickets visit :
OVERWERK Jan 30, 2017
Over the next two weeks I’ll be putting the finishing touches on my album. Then, from the 17th onward, I’ll be joining my friend Black Atlass on his North American Tour. - Visit : for dates/tickets.
OVERWERK Dec 21, 2016
I made this animated artwork to accompany the WYWF Remix. The track can be downloaded for free :
OVERWERK Dec 06, 2016
I’ve been known to release an EP around this time of year, but I’ve broken that tradition because I’m working on a full length album. It will include a greater variety of songs, allowing me opportunity to share more range. Here is the first of a few tracks I’ll be releasing while I finish the album. - Enjoy
OVERWERK Sep 13, 2016
Now available wherever you stream music - iTunes/Apple : Spotify : Google Play :
OVERWERK Aug 23, 2016
I had a lot of fun making this song and video. Download FREE @ --- Enjoy!
OVERWERK Jun 20, 2016
OVERWERK - Move Your Body (Sia Cover) ft. MARS - Out Now! - iTunes/Apple : Spotify :
OVERWERK Apr 19, 2016
Working on a collab with @blackatlass
OVERWERK Mar 04, 2016
My WIP : Canon Pt. II -