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Future Vintage Soul
Big Trouble
Nights Like These
Nights Like These
Outasight Dec 18, 2018
hope ur doing well. today TL C tweeted me with the lyrics to my song, so thats how im doing. happy holidays!
Outasight Dec 07, 2018
the last of the acoustic series. the other day a friend asked me, "how much do you love your album? would you play it for kanye west?" i emphatically said yes. so as the year winds down, thank you to all those who listened and supported my favorite piece of work yet. ps im not even into kanye like that anymore but you get into the point.
Outasight Nov 27, 2018
please help! i need a caption. new vid our now link in the biographical
Outasight Nov 23, 2018
The Bounce” video is out now! We really wanted to make a video that captured the energy of the song and most importantly made people smile and have a good time. ❤️❤️. Watch The Video Now! -
Outasight Nov 14, 2018
leave a 🖐 if you u wanna see The Bounce” video!!!drops this week!!
Outasight Nov 07, 2018
Not everyday you can say your song is in a @google commercial. “The Bounce” out now. #futurevintagesoul #Repost @awkwafina with @get_repost ・・・ #HeyGoogle , what does a healthy succulent look like? Never had much of a green thumb 😑 @google #ad
Outasight Nov 03, 2018
nyc friends show tonight at mercury lounge. doors at 730, early show. gonna be fun. limited tix left here - there will be some at the door as well. lets celebrate!
Outasight Nov 02, 2018
new york friends, only a few tickets left for tomorrows nights show. lets celebrate my new album and my first NYC show in a while! get ur tickets here-
Outasight Oct 31, 2018
"lost" my album future vintage soul. this song is a tip of the hat to frank sinatra, who i grew up listening to growing up as an italian kid from new york. one of my faves off the album too. what are some of your faves?
Outasight Oct 30, 2018
if you wanted to a little more background on the inspiration behind the album.... i did a little thread on twitter.....check it out.... could be cool to an fb live this week too!
Outasight Oct 26, 2018
NYC friends....just a quick heads up tickets are moving fast for my album release celebration show. saturday. november 3rd. mercury lounge. here's the link (dont use others they're charging 3x times the price)
Outasight Oct 25, 2018
let’s hang tomorrow and play the album
Outasight Oct 24, 2018
Honesty Time - I never usually like posting pics of myself performing because I get a bit self conscious. I know it sounds funny but sometimes having your face all scrunched up isn’t the most flattering thing in the world. But this shot right here is me in my element. Between a new album and some great shows, I have a lot to smile about. NYC you’re next, see you 11/3. Tickets are at And thank you to all the lovely folks who came out to the shows, means so much. Hope you’ve had a chance to listen to the album, I love it, and it feels like people are digging it too….
Outasight Oct 19, 2018
This is it!!! I am proud to present my 4th album, Future Vintage Soul. Listen- This is the first album I’ve ever done where I had the concept first. The title came to me in a dream and it felt right. From there I went on a sonic journey to make an album that you could play and dance to forever. Inspired by the classic dance records I grew up with, Future Vintage Soul will hopefully be the soundtrack to your good times for a long, long time. I want to thank all the people who helped make it possible. 9 out of the 11 songs were produced by my longtime collaborator and friend @cookclassics, with of course a ton of help and creative spark from the homie @shiben. Thank you guys for making a vision become reality. @GroovelineSosa provided the horns, and well this record wouldn’t be what it is without them. Big shouts also to @iamevangartner who produced “Old Time’s Sake” and @goldhouse who produced “Can’t Wait”. You guys crushed it. Much love to the two mixing engineers who made this album sound insane. Seriously. @RyanLipman @GeoffSwan, thank you a million times over. Finally FVS was mastered by the wonderful @colinleanord. Of course big shouts to the team who made this thing go - Without further ado, I present to you, Future Vintage Soul. Play it, share it, tag me, and let the world hear it if you love It as much as I do. Thank you!!!!
Outasight Oct 18, 2018
i feel alil emo today. new album drops tonight. its like givng a piece of yourself to the world. at the end of the day you just hope people hear it and love it. just a bit of nerves. la friends hope to see u tonight.
Outasight Oct 16, 2018
This Friday I drop my 4th album!!! Pretty exciting. There’s a lot going on in general and I never know how to balance the promoting a million things at once thing. I’m not trying to bombard people, but I got a new album coming out, shows in LA, Chicago, NYC, and a lot more. This album took alot of hard work and more than anything I’m just really proud to share it with the world. You ready?
Outasight Oct 10, 2018
I'm doing 3 shows to celebrate my album dropping on October 19th. Get your tickets now, I'd love to see you there! LA 10/18 - Chicago 10/20 - NYC 11/3.-
Outasight Oct 04, 2018
new song. higher. available on all streaming services tonight.
Outasight Oct 02, 2018
my song "The Boogie" in the new Spider Man trailer! so much fun.
Outasight Oct 02, 2018
my new song Higher drops Friday and will be featured in the video game Forza Horizon @forzamotorsportofficial dropping tomorrow. leave a 🚀 if you’re ready to go higher
Outasight Oct 01, 2018
october is my favorite month. i miss the fall in new york so at night when it gets cool in LA i walk around with a light jacket and just pretend the air is crisp enough. anyways im honored to drop an album during my fave month. yes october 19th i drop an album.
Outasight Sep 25, 2018
When I was a kid, I would play music loud in my room while crushing the air guitar, singing loudly to all my favorite bands…. day dreaming of being in front of a crowd. It was the only thing I ever really wanted to do. I first started performing around age 13/14. My friend would pick up his acoustic guitar and I would make up songs on the spot in my friend’s basement at the Friday night house party. By 17, it was on to NYC. I was out every night, rapping to anyone and everyone who got in my car. Any mic I could get on, I would. Next was a rock band, practicing countless hours in a dingy rehearsal room writing songs and making all our friends come see our shows. Finally, Outasight was born. Countless nights in the studio, rehearsing, writing, playing. Any open mic or showcase in New York City that would have me I did. I rocked every Sunday night in Brooklyn with really talented folks who went on to do their own thing. I kept going. Opening for anyone and everyone. Slept on a lot of couches. By then it had been an decade of building my craft. Then finally, a hit song happened. I spent the next few years learning how to really tour. The load ins, the long drives, the paying dues as an opener. No pay, no green room, all love. We learned alot. One day I looked out and saw 20 thousand people singing my song. This is what little man dreamed of. But no matter the size of the stage or crowd, just being up there, it’s still like a kid living out his day dream. I love to perform, and can’t wait to do these shows. We just announced some amazing supporting acts. LA we have @NickyBlitz and @ChelseaPerkins. Chicago we have @Goldhouse and @Mathien. Tickets are at I’ll see you there.
Outasight Sep 25, 2018
New song! Break out the roller skates this one is real funky. Future Vintage Soul coming soon! also dont forget to get your show tickets! LA Chicago - NYC -
Outasight Sep 21, 2018
today I dropped a new song “Extra Special” AND the pre order for my album Future Vintage Soul went live! it’s a big day! to support click the link in the bio! I am so excited to bring this album to everybody, its definitely my best work yet.
Outasight Sep 19, 2018
new song “Extra Special” out Friday! Click play to hear a preview of that 🔥. #futurevintagesoul