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Seconds to Save Her
Our Waking Hour Jun 14, 2019
Teaser 4! Just like the way I like my coffee, a little dark, a little heavy, and a little hell yeah. haha.
Our Waking Hour Jun 13, 2019
Teaser 4 incoming! #TheHeavierSide
Our Waking Hour Jun 09, 2019
Hope everyone's having a good weekend! Here's a little something fresh out of the music brewing pot!
Our Waking Hour Jun 06, 2019
It was brought to our attention that copystrikes have been sent out to content creators on YouTube that have used our music in their videos. This was not our intent and are working to rectify this issue. If you have received one of these copystrikes, please send us a note here on facebook.
Our Waking Hour May 21, 2019
Midnight lyric scripting in hotel rooms... sleep well friends
Our Waking Hour May 20, 2019
Just keeping you on your toes
Our Waking Hour May 11, 2019
Writing scratch tracks deep into the night my friends... gaining some traction. Cheers to the weekend!
Our Waking Hour Apr 16, 2019
Does this really need a title?
Our Waking Hour Apr 06, 2019
Hope everyone has a great weekend! New tunes coming along nicely! #FunFriday #inthestudio #Keepingitheavy 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘
Our Waking Hour Mar 01, 2019
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Our Waking Hour Mar 01, 2019
Writing, writing, sleeping, coffee, writing, and more writing #MusicMaking #SorryItsBeenForever #NeedMoreCoffee #WeAreStillAlive!
Our Waking Hour Oct 21, 2017
Tonight was a special night… One of our bandmates said “I Do” to the women of his dreams. As a band we have always encouraged to love... please congratulate Aaron on achieving one of life’s greatest milestones. Cheers from OWH Aaron Michael Harvey Sara Tatum
Our Waking Hour Mar 05, 2017
I know it's been awhile, but just wanted let everyone know what OWH has been up to the past couple of weeks! Between growing families and busy work schedules it's definitely been a challenge to maintain balance in our our personal lives and finding the time to create new music for the follow up OWH album. However! Don't let that overshadow our commitment and strong dedication to getting new music out! It's happening guys! And, I couldn't be more excited! As of recent, we've kicked everything into high gear, made investments into home studios, new gear and exchanging new ideas everyday! The new album is officially in production! The new music will be a continuation of the OWH signature sound, but also bringing new ideas and sounds to the table! I'm looking forward to sharing what we are working on with everyone and hope to reveal something very soon. We're currently in the writing and pre-production phase and will be writing as many songs possible to make up for lost time! You've waited, you've asked, and we're going to deliver! Thank you for everyone remaining dedicated and loyal to the OWH movement. 2017 is going to be a great year! -Our Waking Hour
Our Waking Hour Sep 23, 2015
Well we hit 1,000,000 views on our Adele cover today. Thank you as always for the support. Thank you also for your patience for more new material. We have had great feedback on our recent single Amongst The Fray and we thank you for that. After some time off with my son being born I am pleased to say we are gearing back up to get back at it. Erik is screaming at his new computer setup uploading Protools right now as we speak, Aaron is still rocking AMH Studios and is almost completely recovered from a broken bone in his hand and foot, Joey is amped as always, mike already started on new music.... Needless to say... We are ready to get at it. I do not want to promise a day or time but that we will work hard to deliver quality. Hope you are all well... The Movement continues...
Our Waking Hour Feb 26, 2015
Have you seen our new lyrical video to Amongst The Fray?...
Our Waking Hour Feb 26, 2015
If you havent had the chance, check out the new RED album... Great orchestration and emotion.
Our Waking Hour Jan 29, 2015
We are proud to announce that we have submitted our application to become an artist represented by Music Bed. Music Bed is a great company with a staff that supports and represents the art of great music. They do a fabulous job promoting musicians too many alternative venues. Please visit
Our Waking Hour Dec 11, 2014
To our Movement OWH Family... We have just released our official lyrical video for Amongst The Fray. Click the link to view and let us know what you think. Please repost to your pages!!! Graphic design by Colton Holiday of Skymap Creative and video by Jason Lugo. While OWH has been writing new material, we appreciate your patience. Blaine is expecting his first child and as a band that supports family we have honored the time he has spent preparing for his sons arrival. We are excited to be back in AMH Studios to continue recording after the new year!! Hope everyone is making the most of every waking moment and enjoying the holidays!
Our Waking Hour Sep 03, 2014
So my little sister and her friend Michael have a friend that is in the hospital and they decided to put together a little compilation to help their friend in the recovery process. Music is amazing and can heal in so many ways! Hope you are all doing well and enjoy this little compilation with my little sister. Let her know in comments how you think they did. Hope, Love, Music -Blaine
Our Waking Hour Jun 28, 2014
Our Waking Hour back in AMH Studios this weekend! Hope you are all blasting Amongst the Fray and ready for a great weekend!
Our Waking Hour Jun 14, 2014
Hope everyone is rocking out and enjoying the new single!! Thank you all for the support! We are truly lucky that you take the time to listen to our music. Do you like the direction of our new music?
Our Waking Hour Jun 13, 2014 NEW SINGLE IS NOW AVAILABLE ON ITUNES!!! Go grab your copy and please repost this link and help spread the news! Thanks again for the support!!! PLEASE RATE THE SINGLE AND SHARE YOUR REVIEWS ON ITUNES
Our Waking Hour Jun 13, 2014
Tomorrow!!!!! New single on iTunes
Our Waking Hour Jun 11, 2014
***OFFICIAL LYRICS FOR AMONGST THE FRAY*** We hope you continue to spread the word of the Our Waking Hour Movement. We are all soldiers fighting the same wars despite our differences. Share the lyrics and music with all of your friends and family. Burn it, Buy it, Download it, Upload it..... Most important LISTEN TO IT! Amongst The Fray out this FRIDAY!! AMONGST THE FRAY Verse 1 I see you there in the dark tracing shadows waiting for the sun to illuminate and release us from our nightmare Pre-chorus When all the royals have come undone we will still remain Intro Chorus After all wars are over what will they say Will they truly understand Verse 2 So let’s make a change to our ways driving misery apathy sadness destruction and pain We will elevate to a new strength that will lead to take back everything our hope and our innocence They will endure for our screams they turned silent Pre-chorus When all the royals have come undone We will still remain Full Chorus After all wars are over what will they say will they truly understand That we’ll fight for forever and all that we are trusting the hopes of the distant of hearts Amongst the fray Bridge I see your eyes you’ve been crying I know you’re scared of what could become Well don’t lose your way Our love must keep fighting In this world locked by gravity we must find a way just to fly away When the sun forgets to rise the stars explode the oceans dry Heaven and hell’s collide displays the truth of earth’s demise We will face the fray and seize the day and you and I will still remain This is when our hearts have won Outro Chorus We will fight for forever and all that we are trusting the hopes of the distant of hearts Amongst the fray
Our Waking Hour Jun 10, 2014
Our new song, AMONGST THE FRAY, is released on iTunes on Friday... Should we post the lyrics early?! Let us know if you want the lyrics posted! Hope you are all having a great week!!