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Otto Knows Jul 12, 2019
Got to make it to this week's shows...Full steam ahead!
Otto Knows Jun 27, 2019
Final preparations for the upcoming shows this weekend!
Otto Knows Jun 20, 2019
Hard to focus on your yoga with these happy little buggers snuggling up...
Otto Knows May 30, 2019
2 old wooden skis found below deck. 2 x 700 hp. Captain Theodore says full steam ahead!
Otto Knows May 15, 2019
Capt & Robert may not be the sharpest tools in the shed. Nothing beats sudden engine failure on open water like a 2h debate about what to do and who’s to do it… in an engine room that looks like the inside of HAL 9000!
Otto Knows May 06, 2019
Birthday swim! Thank u for all your kind wishes!
Otto Knows May 01, 2019
Shout-out to master navigator Theodore! Sometimes I feel he pretends to be lost just so that we can hug it out when he’s found…
Otto Knows Apr 25, 2019
Don't you just love it when you try out a new song and everyone instantly fall asleep... Robert's cooking just knocks people out.
Otto Knows Apr 16, 2019
Tiger fever on the boat!! Tiger Woods
Otto Knows Apr 13, 2019
1°21′N, then 142°12′E, then a dogleg left and you’re right here… Captain been trying to find this X on his treasure map for weeks now. Better be worth it.
Otto Knows Apr 10, 2019
Anyone for tennis?
Otto Knows Apr 06, 2019
If you can see the camera, the camera can see you !
Otto Knows Mar 30, 2019
Otto Knows Mar 29, 2019
Otto Knows and @johannesklahr --> Something for nothing --> New record out now:
Otto Knows Mar 29, 2019
Otto Knows's cover photo
Otto Knows Mar 27, 2019
Something for nothing. OUT FRIDAY!
Otto Knows Mar 24, 2019
Happy times! Stay tuned for new music.
Otto Knows Mar 23, 2019
Captain Theodore insisted on helping out. Turns out three’s a crowd...
Otto Knows Mar 20, 2019
Awesome session with my main man Johannes Klahr who just came onboard M/S Vanessa for a while, making some serious beats together...
Otto Knows Mar 17, 2019
Yup. Definitely something funky in the food.
Otto Knows Mar 16, 2019
Oh, just another morgning at sea... no big deal. I SWEAR Robert is putting something funky in our food.
Otto Knows Mar 14, 2019
Softest pillow in rock ‘n’ roll.
Otto Knows Mar 10, 2019
Catch and release! Sometimes you just don't want to know...
Otto Knows Mar 09, 2019
Really heavy and looks surprisingly weird.
Otto Knows Mar 08, 2019
Reeling in the Strangeling... Capt.Theodore is always on the lookout for wierd things in the water. Below the surface. Underneath us. Whatever it is he's imagining we're going to find out there.