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Tamer Animals
Other Lives
Other Lives Sep 21, 2017
Last week Jesse went inside Jonathon's interactive creation Ilios with him and a friend to make some music together, this is what it sounded like. If you're in the Portland area go check it out tonight at Ron Toms. (listen with headphones for bass)
Other Lives Aug 18, 2017
Today, our Other Lives brother Josh released his beautiful debut solo album under the moniker New Mystics. The album is called "Smile with your Teeth", and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did!!! Check out all of the links and info from Josh below. iTunes: Spotify: Black Magic short co-directed//Art Direction by Emily Greene and Josh Onstott. Additional camera work, editing, and vision by Michael Curtis and Chris Dunn.
Other Lives Jul 21, 2017
aside from being a multi-instrumentalist in Other Lives, Jonathon has always been the designated band nerd/science guy for the last 14 years and has always been the first name that is uttered when there are technical difficulties. This year he's taken that role to a new level by combining his love for music and light design and creating his first interactive light and sound installation. It will be premiering in Portland on August 10th. Here's a video of what it's all about.
Other Lives Apr 03, 2017
Heya friends, we are excited to share a new video for "Curtain Call" done by our good pal Andrew Stonestreet! To hear 'The Price' Soundtrack - Enjoy!
Other Lives Mar 17, 2017
We’re happy to announce the release of a broadway score we’ve been working on for the last few months — The Price by Arthur Miller. It’s been an honor to be a part of this project! We will be donating 1/3 of all proceeds to the International Rescue Commitee ( It’s a resettlement for refugees in America. Feel free to donate what you want and if you don’t have the dough, please just take it and share. Much love, Jess
Other Lives Jan 19, 2017
New Mystics
Other Lives Jul 10, 2016
If anyone wants to watch us perform live at Montreux Jazz Festival in 15 minutes, here's the link!
Other Lives Jul 09, 2016
💡🎹💡 Tonight at Kulturfestival St. Gallen Tomorrow at Montreux Jazz Festival
Other Lives Jun 21, 2016
Emily Ulmer Photography
Other Lives Jun 21, 2016
Excited to announce the very talented Sandy Loam will be joining us for our upcoming show at Star Theatre on July 6th!
Other Lives Jun 07, 2016
Chers amis en France, Nous avons appris avec regret que l'émission radio Label Pop de notre ami Vincent Théval ne sera pas renouvelée à la rentrée par France Musique. Si vous avez déjà écouté l'émission ou lisez les papiers de Vincent dans la presse musicale, vous savez qu'il travaille de façon acharnée à soutenir et à donner une place à tout un monde d'artistes, de labels et de salles de concerts indépendants, duquel nous faisons partie. La musique indépendante a besoin du travail de passionnés tels que Vincent. Nous avons d'ailleurs participé à son émission il y a un an, en Juin 2015. Face à cette nouvelle, des auditeurs fidèles ont lancé une pétition pour sauver l'émission. Si vous souhaitez soutenir Label Pop, tout comme nous l'avons fait, vous aussi pouvez signer la pétition à ce lien: Un grand merci et à bientôt, – Other Lives
Other Lives Mar 22, 2016
Other Lives Photos and Videos
Other Lives Mar 11, 2016
Other Lives Mar 10, 2016
See you soon Switzerland💘
Other Lives Mar 07, 2016
💡🎻🎹🎻💡 2 EU shows left ⚡️Mascotte Club Zürich & Fribourg at Fri-Son #OLritualstour
Other Lives Mar 07, 2016
2 EU shows left ⚡️Mascotte Club Zürich & Fribourg at Fri-Son #OLritualstour #LeapYearTour
Other Lives Mar 04, 2016
We're so happy to welcome the newest addition to the Other Lives family, Mel Guerison. She plays violin, guitar, and sings for us. Also, her band Merō is currently supporting us throughout Europe. #OLritualstour
Other Lives Mar 04, 2016
Final French performance in Lyon tonight at Epicerie Moderne and Montpelier tomorrow at le rockstore💡🎻🎹🎻💡 #OLritualstour #LeapYearTour
Other Lives Mar 01, 2016
A bientôt Paris💘 #OLritualstour #LeapYearTour
Other Lives Feb 28, 2016
Demain à Paris avec Merō 🎻🎤🎹🎺🎸 #OLritualstour #LeapYearTour
Other Lives Feb 27, 2016
"Just because I rock doesn't mean I'm made out of stone" -Jon Mulhouse, France before the show. #olritualstour
Other Lives Feb 24, 2016
Hangin around the morning after in Munich... #OLritualstour⚡️
Other Lives Feb 23, 2016
The full moon over the French countryside is completely hypnotic #OLritualstour
Other Lives Feb 21, 2016
Come and see us throughout Germany, France, and Switzerland this month! We also have a new B-Side album of unreleased tracks that will only be available at shows. Video by Liz Tabish.
Other Lives Feb 19, 2016
We're excited to be back in Europe this month....kicking off our German dates in Hamburg tonight with our new supporting band, Mero... For more tour dates/info: Video by Liz Tabish