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Dirty Mind (feat. Mung)
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Some, But Not All Cheese, Comes from the Moon
Ost & Kjex, Hanne Kolstø, and Frøkedal at Godthåb (June 22, 2019)
Venue: Godthåb (Oslo, Norway) Find tickets
Ost & Kjex Jun 15, 2019
Ey! Thanks to Nemone at BBC 6 Music for playing our new tune, Olympia (Late Night mix) ❤️
Ost & Kjex Jun 14, 2019
Had a small chat with We Are Machine about our new EP "Olympia".
Ost & Kjex May 31, 2019
Hey friends! New EP - Olympia feat. Hanne Kolstø & Anne Lise Frøkedal coming soon on Snick Snack Music
Ost & Kjex May 31, 2019
Ost & Kjex
Ost & Kjex May 31, 2019
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Ost & Kjex May 25, 2019
Oslo, vi spiller på åpningsfesten til Oslobiennalen i kveld. Nydelig venue, nede i Myntegata v Festningen, kl. 20:00. Har med a WHALESHARKATTACKS 🥓💅🏻🍷 Info her:
Ost & Kjex May 24, 2019
Check it our dear friend WHALESHARKATTACKS new ep! That girl is on fire!! Catch her live with Ost&Kjex at Skaugum / Oslo tonight: Ost&Kjex feat Whalesharkattacks Live I Tomas Silva I Jan Sverre
Ost & Kjex May 07, 2019
Ost & Kjex @ Sunkissed Blå.
Ost & Kjex May 05, 2019
Good afternoon, Sunday, sofa ravers! Here is a video of the last show we did at Sunkissed / BLÅ in April. Thanx to our smashing band: Hanne Kolstø, WHALESHARKATTACKS, Tracee Meyn & Tore Brevik! And thanks to the lovely, Sunkissed and Blå crews:) For all you long time party planners. Tickets are now available to our 9th annual Christmas party, with Mungolian Jet Set:
Ost & Kjex Apr 27, 2019
This is Snick Snack Music, our label run together with our mates Trulz An Robin. Please like our page, Ost & Kjex and Truls & Robin tunes coming up! Artwork by mister incredible: @Øivin Horvei.
Ost & Kjex Apr 27, 2019
We are coming to Sommerøya 2019!
Ost & Kjex Apr 06, 2019
Looking forward to tonight Oslo ❤️ Sunkissed @ Blå
Ost & Kjex Apr 05, 2019
Look what we found in the crypt: Bandulu - live at Berghain / Panorama Bar in 2008. 👁
Ost & Kjex Mar 21, 2019
Ost & Kjex feat Tracee Meyn live at Bachstelzen stage Fusion 2011. Photos by Gu
Ost & Kjex Mar 13, 2019
Koffert pakka og klar for THE VILLA på lørdag! Kjex=1kr🤑 🧀🍪
Ost & Kjex Mar 13, 2019
Very happy to be back at @thevillaoslo on saturday with madame @whalesharkattacks 🔊🔊🔊 #ostenkjexen #thevilladancing #housemusic #ost #kjex
Ost & Kjex Mar 13, 2019
Very happy to be back at @thevillaoslo on saturday with madame @whalesharkattacks 🔊🔊🔊 #ostenkjexen #thevilladancing #housemusic #ost #kjex
Ost & Kjex Feb 05, 2019
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Ost & Kjex Dec 31, 2018
Happy new year dear friends, familly and partygoers!🤩 Wish you a peacefull 2019😍
Ost & Kjex Dec 19, 2018
Our lovely audience at Parkteatret last weekend :) With Tracee Meyn, Hanne Kolstø, WHALESHARKATTACKS & Tore on drums filming
Ost & Kjex Dec 17, 2018
From behind the scenes at Parkteatret this weekend :) With WHALESHARKATTACKS, Hanne Kolstø and Tracee Meyn
Ost & Kjex Dec 08, 2018
Ace poster & ace place🎩 Playing @folquecafe Skien tonight👠 @ Folque Café
Ost & Kjex Nov 21, 2018
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Ost & Kjex Nov 15, 2018
Hello Moscow ❤️ What a nice surprise with our tune playing on the radio:) Come on down to the show at Бессонница tonight !
Ost & Kjex Nov 13, 2018
Some fine visitors in the studio today ❤️ With Anne Lise Frøkedal & Hanne Kolstø