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oskar ohlson Jun 25, 2015
last night was great! Ceschi Ramos is such an amazing songwriter, it was just sooo much fun performing these songs with him! Jeffrey Lewis and the jrams were awesome too. what a fun evening!
oskar ohlson Jan 28, 2015
knertz releases are now available through FLIGHT 13 Recordstore!
oskar ohlson Oct 16, 2014
supernice review for the Denticles / Hildegard von Binge Drinking split 10" in the new Trust Fanzine.
oskar ohlson Jul 07, 2014
first review for the debut 10" of my new project Denticles! in german.
oskar ohlson Jul 04, 2014
a very good review for "the crane engine" by keith kawaii was posted on the "words on sounds" blog by Scott Scholz. check it out, and while you're at it, check out his other reviews as well. a very good site for discovering new music!
oskar ohlson Jun 05, 2014
"knotted swirls" is another song from our new 10" vinyl. the lyrics for it were written by EVAK1! check it out.
oskar ohlson Jun 02, 2014
yes! today my new band Denticles finally releases their debut via knertz! check out this song with lyrics by mildew of papervehicle.
oskar ohlson Jun 01, 2014
today is the last chance to pre-order the bundle deal for the new Denticles / Hildegard von Binge Drinking split 10", the keith kawaii tape and the super limited split tape by Johannes Lauxen and me. get it via knertz or check out the bandcamp link below.
oskar ohlson May 12, 2014
really cool bundle deal from knertz. the new Denticles / Hildegard von Binge Drinking split 10" + The Crane Engine by Keith Kawaii (aka Giant Claw) on tape + the super limited split-single tape by Johannes Lauxen and me. first in a series of split tapes. only 40 of those split tapes were made! and this bundle deal is the only way to get one of them bad boys!
oskar ohlson May 09, 2014
oskar ohlson May 08, 2014
ok, so for a while now we have been secretly working on a new project. we performed some of the songs over the last 2 or so years in our oskar ohlson live set. but really we are: (the fabulous mechanical) Denticles! our first record, a split 10" with Hildegard von Binge Drinking will be released on june 2nd via knertz. the artwork was done by the fantastic Shaky Kane!!! pre-order starts now! (there's a super cool bundle deal!) check out the first two teaser tracks, as well as the gorgeous artwork:
oskar ohlson Apr 14, 2014
left fields is a music documentary, focusing on underground hip hop. babelfishh and me are featured in this, as well as lots of other great artists... you can now stream it for free or download it.
oskar ohlson Apr 14, 2014
the latah movement was one of the first bands i played in. you can now get our first and only album for free on bandcamp.
oskar ohlson Apr 12, 2014
paulina stulin has done artwork for fnessnej/fnfn and sebe and is a dear friend of the collective. now she's crowdfunding her 2nd graphic novel "the right here right now thing". so if you're into comics or us oder both, see if you can find a few coins under your matrace, carpet, pillow or knertz record pile and support her:
oskar ohlson Sep 13, 2013
heute abend!
oskar ohlson Sep 05, 2013
ceschi and fake four need help! please check out this link!
oskar ohlson Aug 24, 2013
oskar ohlson's cover photo
oskar ohlson Aug 24, 2013
a new babdphoto, collaged by meike winter:
oskar ohlson Aug 24, 2013
oskar ohlson's cover photo
oskar ohlson Aug 03, 2013
oskar ohlson's cover photo
oskar ohlson May 01, 2013
oskar ohlson's cover photo
oskar ohlson Jan 11, 2013
dead magazine reviewed we'd rather not. nice one! in german...
oskar ohlson Dec 20, 2012
we'd rather not made the 2nd place of beats, breaks & big smiles' top ten of 2012 list! third place is david ramos latest album, which has some of my beats! yay!
oskar ohlson Nov 08, 2012
another review for "we'd rather not". and a real nice one! in french...
oskar ohlson Sep 12, 2012
here's a second review for we'd rather not. on and in french.