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Sahara (Remastered)
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Mabool - The Story of the Three Sons of Seven
Orphaned Land Aug 25, 2019
Having the 'All Is One' pendant was not actually our idea, back in 2013, on the incredibly long 2 months "All Is One" release tour, a fan reached out and gave us the first version of that very unique pendant. The requests are endless till this day. Do you have one? Show us! You don't have one? GET ONE :) it's on SALE!!!
Orphaned Land Aug 19, 2019
Orphaned Land Aug 19, 2019
The Orphaned Land School of Oriental Metal is on its way :) הזדמנות נדירה וראשונית ללמוד בפרויקט היוקרתי של אורפנד לנד. שעורי כלי, הרכבים הרצאות שיעורי תיאוריה והיסטוריה מהצוות של להקת אורפנד לנד. בן 12-18 ומנגן/ת בגיטרה/בס/קלידים/תופים או שר/ה? לאודישנים התקשרו למרכז המוסיקה העירוני ת"א-יפו 03-6828393 (מענה מ13:00 עד 21:00)
Orphaned Land Aug 18, 2019
This story began before I was born.. Last night in the Orphaned-Air concert in the ancient city of Jaffa. You're beautiful!
Orphaned Land Aug 18, 2019
The Orphaned Land family. And still growing.. Last night in the ancient city of Jaffa. Words can not describe how you make us all feel. 📸: Victor Zi עיריית תל-אביב-יפו
Orphaned Land Aug 18, 2019
Today, 16 years ago, We had performed our debut Unplugged concert which was later released as part of the Mabool special addition album.
Orphaned Land Aug 17, 2019
Tonight!! Orphaned Land - OPEN-AIR in the ancient city of Jaffa.
Orphaned Land Aug 14, 2019
Your ORPHANED LAND tattoos!
Orphaned Land Aug 14, 2019
Good morning ladies & gents! Do you remember those times when you commented "I missed it" or "I didn't see the post!" ? Well, those times are gone :) The future is here. Join our newsletter and keep yourself updated on deep dark Orphaned Land matters you might miss out through social medias!
Orphaned Land Aug 12, 2019
The amazing Hellscore choir getting ready for the upcoming Orphaned Land Open-Air concert in Jaffa! FYI - there are so many stuff we want to share with from what's going on in the rehearsal rooms, can only find out most at BackMyArt! הלסקור המדהימים בניצוחה של Noa Gruman מתכוננים לשבת הקרובה :) בואו בהמוניכם - הכניסה חינם!!!!
Orphaned Land Aug 08, 2019
#TBT The Prince of Darkness has spoken. We often get the chance to meet our idols when we tour. The stories we have? You'd be amazed :) We might tell some of you guys. Join the cause. BackMyArt
Orphaned Land Aug 07, 2019
The Orphaned Land Family is growing!
Orphaned Land Aug 05, 2019
Remember that time that we won the Global Metal award from Metal Hammer? At that particular moment we just thought that we should share that award with Khalas, a Palestinian band and our dear friends. what was the point of all that? Well..we will always believe in our cause to unite, to show the world a different side of things, where people think there's only bloodshed and wars - we would show that it's possible to get along, to live side by side. That's the Orphaned Land cause, has always been. Will you join that cause? Be part of it at BackMyArt It's more than just art.
Orphaned Land Aug 01, 2019
Kobi getting arrested, Taj-Mahal, The ending of 'Ocean Land'. Have you heard that story? Well, now you can - there he is telling you all about it! Exclusive for BackMyArt :)
Orphaned Land Jul 29, 2019
We never said we're right. But do you think that we are? Does this cause worth all of our efforts? We think it's worth it all. We want YOU to be part of that cause. Will you become the compass who navigates this ship? Join us at BackMyArt
Orphaned Land Jul 29, 2019
Thank you Russia & Folks Summer Fest! It wasn't easy to get through that show due to endless of sound issues, but thanks to YOU beloved and amazing fans - it was another one for the books :) Spasibo bolshoe. #orphanedland
Orphaned Land Jul 29, 2019
Happy birthday to the one and only - Mr. Uri Zelha :)
Orphaned Land Jul 26, 2019
We're off to Russia this weekend :) See y'all there!
Orphaned Land Jul 25, 2019
We need YOU.
Orphaned Land Jul 22, 2019
This little prince is a year-old today! Already attended our concerts while being in moms belly :) Happy birthday! Shmuel Dean Elmas
Orphaned Land Jul 19, 2019
We wanted to thank you all for being part of our inner circle and... For those of you who aren't there yet? this is what you get for being part of it! Hear it all from Kobi! Exclusive for @BackMyArt Shabbat Shalom folks.
Orphaned Land Jul 18, 2019
23 years ago, we released "El Norra Alila". Happy birthday, you're getting older ;)
Orphaned Land Jul 18, 2019
We can hear his drum routine every. single. day on tour.. But... can you? :) Luckily, our dear Matan is here to show y'all how he's getting all warmed up before hittin' the stage (and everything else). Catch this exclusive content on: BackMyArt !
Orphaned Land Jul 15, 2019
Here we are in Kobi's living room, two bands ( ANNA RF ) from Israel from a totally different genre of music - jamming along, babbling about life and all around.. We give you a little glimpse of the full thing. Be part of it, be part of us. Join us at BackMyArt *New content incoming* !!!
Orphaned Land Jul 11, 2019
Sometimes we all see our favorite artist and look at them as they're beyond reach, they're something else. But the truth is? We are watching our fans just the same, observing every reaction, what makes you smile, shed a tear, dance and what so. Your reaction as fans pushes as further and further. Hear some more from what our dear Chen has to say about that one at @BackMyArt