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The Opposite Side of the Sea
Oren Lavie Dec 10, 2018
1 million streams on Spotify 2018 !! Never had to leave home.
Oren Lavie Oct 11, 2018
I was delighted to be asked to participate in Israeli Creators, a web series that spends time at the working space of some of israel's finest artists. Created by Shachaf Dekel, I recommend to check out all episodes. But especially mine.
Oren Lavie Aug 01, 2018
radioeins, my favorite Berlin station has started to publish its 'All time best 100' lists in different categories. I was flabbergasted to find 'Did You Really Say No' at #76 on the Duet category. Mind you this is an *all time* top 100. The ENTIRETY of time, a subject Einstein devoted his life to make sense of, is hereby divided to 100 time units, of which I inhabit unit #76. The full Spotify playlist is on the first comment. It's a pretty good list accept for the questionable choice here and there, but the duet is a somewhat questionable format, let's admit. And thank you Radioeins!
Oren Lavie Jul 31, 2018
Second Hand Lovers just won the Grand Prix award at the St Petersburg Film Festival!!
Oren Lavie Jun 24, 2018
I am happy to report that this Thursday I've received the YDA award at Cannes Lions Fetival. It is an award given by the jury to new directors who have done extraordinary work in their fields, and I've received the silver screen award for directing Second Hand Lovers. A night earlier I was in Athens where I was awarded the first prize for best music video at the LifeArt festival. All things considered, not a bad week. If u haven't watched the video so far, what more needs to happen?? Please find it in the comments. Love, Oren
Oren Lavie Jun 21, 2018
The French Riviera from a bird's eye view. On my way to Cannes Lions Festival. Using my phone strictly against landing regulations.
Oren Lavie May 24, 2018
Last night Second Hand Lovers won the Berlin Music Video Awards! Category: Best Concept. I stormed the stage excited yet composed, grateful but collected, to receive this useful statue. Thanks to everyone in the festival and the SHL video team!
Oren Lavie May 21, 2018
Second Hand Lovers is nominated for best concept video at the Berlin Music Video Awards! The successful American musician, Beck, and the successful British act, alt-J, were worried upon receiving the news that the almost successful Israeli artist, Oren L, will compete in the same category. The festival is this week. I am already in Berlin marking the territory. Video link on first comment.
Oren Lavie May 10, 2018
רז ישראלי כתב מלים יפות על שירי LOOK AT HER GO בישראל היום. הסמקתי פעמיים ומיד האדמתי. השיר הזה שונה משאר שירי האלבום והם, כל אחד שונה זה מזה, כך שהם דומים מהבחינה הזאת. האזינו לשיר: האזינו לאלבום: האזינו ללבכם!
Oren Lavie May 05, 2018
My jaw dropped when I discovered a Deezer playlist by Francoise Hardy, one of my all time beloved French singers, titled 'Songs of my life' and among names like Barbara, France Gall, PJ Harvey, I've discovered a song by myself! What a lovely gift from the Universe. Sending my love right back with one of my favorite Hardy's songs. (The aforementioned deezer list on first comment)
Oren Lavie Apr 04, 2018
A lovely article and album review of Bedroom Crimes in the Jerusalem Post. I remind myself not to believe everything I read in the paper.
Oren Lavie Mar 26, 2018
בשבוע שעבר התארחתי אצל ירון לונדון. תמיד רציתי לשוחח עם ירון, מאז שלא עברתי את תהליך הסינון למסיבת גן. הייתי אז ילד עצוב ובלתי צפוי. בינתיים הפכתי להיות גבר עצוב ובלתי צפוי. ועל זה כבר עושים קריירה. תודה לירון לונדון על שיחה נעימה ותודה לעורכי התכנית.
Oren Lavie Mar 21, 2018
גלריה הארץ ועכבר העיר הכניסו את Bedroom Crimes לרשימת עשרת האלבומים הישראלים המומלצים לפסח, וגם כתבו יפה. כמדומני שאני האלבום היחידי ברשימה בשפה האנגלית ואני שמח שהכניסו אותי פנימה אחרי 40 שנה במדבר. תודה לעלמא אליוט הופמן וטל אורן על המלים. להאזנה לאלבום כאן: הכתבה המלאה: טל אורן Alma Elliott Hofmann Haaretz הארץ
Oren Lavie Mar 14, 2018
last night Second Hand Lovers won the SXSWJury award for best music video! This is fun!!!
Oren Lavie Mar 11, 2018
Not every day a man wakes up to being nominated in the same category as Jay Z. This morning that man woke up to be me! Second Hand Lovers is nominated for best music video at SXSW! Last year's winners were Tame Impala / video directed by Canada. Nominated this year : Jay Z, Amanda Palmer, The Shins, JIL, Yours Truly. If you haven't yet watched the video that keeps Jay awake at night, don't be crazy! Watch it here:
Oren Lavie Mar 06, 2018
"Second Hand Lovers" in now featured on VIMEO STAFF PICKS! This is the second video i've directed on this album that has received that digital honor and it makes me digitally happy. If you have not watched it, have faith in The Staff and watch it here:
Oren Lavie Feb 23, 2018
פלייליסט לילה בגלגלצ! ככה פתאום שיר שלי חביב נכנס לפלייליסט הלילי. אני במכונית באיטליה בדרך לפסטיבל, משקיע 12 דקות בלהוריד אפליקציה שיודעת לצייר עיגול אדום מסביב לשורת המחץ. כגודל המאמץ כך גודל הסיפוק.
Oren Lavie Feb 20, 2018
All my italian friends, I will be playing this Friday at the Terni Jazz Festival from my new album. Details and tickets in the event. Come, it'll be an evening to write home about.
Oren Lavie Feb 18, 2018
זה נכון שהוצאתי אלבום בשבוע שעבר, *אבל* בשבוע שעבר יצא לאור גם ספר ילדים חדש פרי עטי בשם ״ספר השתיקות (הממש חשובות!)״. אני גאה ואוהב את הספר הזה, שהתחיל כשרבוט של כמה שורות על גבי מפית בקפה של תולעת ספרים והתגלגל להיות שיר רב-בתים בחרוזים, ולבסוף ספר. אם אתם מבוגרים, מהרו וקנו אותו לילדכם. אם אתם ילדים, תרדו מיד מהפייסבוק יש פה מלא שטויות שאתם לא צריכים לקרוא. תודה לכל המעורבים בהוצאת כתר/מודן ותודה ענקית לאיתי בקין המאייר הנפלא. אורן.
Oren Lavie Feb 13, 2018
BEDROOM CRIMES is coming out in Israel this week in physical form! A box of CDs and Vinyls has landed at my doorstep this morning. I have taken two of the out with me for a day in the town.
Oren Lavie Jan 25, 2018
SECOND HAND LOVERS. I have worked on this video for over a year. I have been writing this song my entire life. A new single from my new album. Full video:
Oren Lavie Jan 23, 2018
Hitting all the spots! From: SECOND HAND LOVERS What is: A NEW SINGLE When: THIS THURSDAY!
Oren Lavie Jan 21, 2018
Oren Lavie
Oren Lavie Jan 18, 2018
Next Thursday I will release the second single from my album BEDROOM CRIMES with a new music video!!! It will look like this:
Oren Lavie Nov 16, 2017
I just won the best music video award at the Miami Short Film Festival. This is for a video that isn't out yet, the next single from my album titled "Second Hand Lovers." Sadly, i could not be in Miami to receive the award. Nor was i able to make photos of myself dressed in my white suede suit, sipping a cocktail with Don Johnson. The video will only be available next year. So, basically, all i have to share with you is this laurel. Yes, and the song.